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Syndicate business card and propaganda locations guide

If you’re like us, you’ll spend a lot of time using your digitally enhanced neural abilities to turn your enemies into gun-wielding puppets of destruction. But there’s more work to do if you’re looking to get everything you can out of Syndicate’s campaign.

Over the game’s 20 milestones (aka chapters), there are a total of 30 business cards and 60 pieces of propaganda. The cards are usually easy to spot, as each one emits a prominent orange hologram. The propaganda, on the other hand, can only be revealed if you’re using the DART overlay. The videos and screens below show the most efficient way to find both the cards and propaganda simultaneously, without having to do any replaying or backtracking.

Milestone 1: Wakeup Call

Milestone 2: Assault on Aspari

Milestone 3: Aspari Extraction

Milestone 4: A Train to Catch

Milestone 5: Escape from LA

Milestone 6: EuroCorp

Milestone 7: Voyeur Central

Milestone 8: Cayman Global

Milestone 9: The Floating City

Milestone 10: Behind the Scenes

Milestone 11: Ramon

Milestone 12: Downzone

Milestone 13: Betrayed

Milestone 14: The Wall

Milestone 15: Kris

Milestone 16: Human Resources

Milestone 17: Corporate War

Milestone 18: Spire Access

Milestone 19: Burning Tower

Milestone 20: Jack Denham