Syndicate business card and propaganda locations guide

Milestone 1: Wakeup Call (2 cards, 3 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 1

Card 1: Immediately after falling down the stairwell, turn around and check the top of the staircase for the game’s first card.

Propaganda 1: You’ll spot the first propaganda piece on a bulletin board in front of you. The game will tell you to use RB to search for it. Killing the hobo is not necessary.

Card 2: Through the door to the right of the first propaganda poster you’ll find a card on the table.

Propaganda 2: After picking up the assault rifle, continue until you reach some stairs leading down. The poster is on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Propaganda 3: This third poster is found very soon after the second. Head through the door and kill the two enemies. Before heading up the stairs in this area, check the wall nearby for a poster.

Milestone 2: Assault on Aspari (2 cards, 3 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 2

Propaganda 1: As soon as you hop out of the dropship, pull a 180 and run up to the wall. Use your Dart Overlay on the Aspari logo displayed against a red background.

Card 1: After Merit executes the two guards, turn left and check the sofa for a card.

Card 2: Upon entering the storage room via the security hatch, you may notice a card on one of the high shelves. Climb the nearby ladder and circle around, jumping across the shelves to reach the card.

Propaganda 2: Soon after using the Gauss Rifle on the chilled glass, you’ll enter a large room with many enemies. Clear the area, then look for this room to your right. Use your Dart Overlay on the Aspari logo displayed against a grey background.

Propaganda 3: In the same room as propaganda 2, look through the glass double door at the Aspari logo with the Dart Overlay on.

Milestone 3: Aspari Extraction (1 card, 3 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 3

Propaganda 1: As soon as the level begins, jump across the gap in front of you, turn around, and look at the Aspari symbol on the far wall. Turn on your overlay to find the propaganda.

Card 1: In the bar area, a set of shield-carrying enemies will burst through a locked door. Take them out and go through the door. Instead of heading up the stairs, turn left to find a card on the counter.

Propaganda 2: From where you find the business card, go up the stairs and through the next set of doors. Head straight ahead to the glass double doors at the other end of the room, taking out the two guards as you go. Use your overlay while looking at the Aspari symbol.

Propaganda 3: From propaganda 2, turn around and head down the escalator. On the left side of the room’s central red structure you’ll see another set of glass double doors. Look through them at the Aspari symbol with your overlay activated.