Syndicate business card and propaganda locations guide

Milestone 16: Human Resources (1 propaganda)

Propaganda 1: After hopping out of the Vitruvian, walk straight ahead and use your overlay on the large EuroCorp logo.

Milestone 17: Corporate War (2 cards, 1 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 17

Card 1: Step out of the elevator at the start of the level and head right. There’s a card on the counter.

Card 2: Check this large, circular counter. This is in a room where you’ll have to fight several waves of enemies, so it may be best to take them all out first.

Propaganda 1: On the wall near card 2 there will be a EuroCorp logo. Look at it with overlay activated to find some propaganda.

Milestone 18: Spire Access (1 card, 1 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 18

Card 1: Soon after defeating Crane, you’ll find yourself in a room full of bodies. Check behind the overturned bench for a card.

Propaganda 1: Near the end of the level, you’ll have to breach some controls in order to extend a bridge. Walk onto the bridge, turn around to your left, and look at the side of the building. There should be a EuroCorp logo just below.

Milestone 19: Burning Tower (2 cards, 2 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 19

Card 1: Soon after the level’s first firefight, you’ll pass through a small hallway and enter an observation room. The card is to your left.

Propaganda 1: After the elevator ride, proceed through the are killing enemies until you see this large EuroCorp logo on the wall in front of you.

Propaganda 2: After clearing the long hallway of enemies, walk to the end and look for some stairs on your right. At the top of these stairs you’ll find a EuroCorp logo on the wall.

Card 2: Now on the second floor, continue forward, killing enemies as you go. You’ll come upon another staircase to your right, but make sure to check near the corpse underneath for the last card of the game.

Milestone 20: Jack Denham (1 propaganda)

Propaganda 1: The final propaganda of the game will reveal itself if you look at the EuroCorp logo on these glass doors while your overlay is activated.