SWITCH How The Witches Cast Their Spells

ITV2’s new show Switch (from the production outfit behind Being Human ) follows a very modern “coven” of four young witches living in London, played by Lacey Turner, Nina Touissant-White, Phoebe Fox and Hannah Tointon. But how are the spells cast?

SFX got to see for ourselves on set, as we watched the filming of a scene where the witches (each of whom represents one of the four elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire) cast a resurrection spell on… a dead cat! (Fear not, no animals were harmed…) Afterwards, we got Nina Toussaint-White (Mels in Doctor Who ), who plays the bolshy Jude, to talk us through the process:

“Phoebe, who plays Grace, is Water. She’s more into the spells than anyone else – she has more of a solstice background, and her mum, who Caroline Quentin plays, is really into making her a traditional witch, whereas we’re really modern. So Phoebe gets the book out and kinda gives us a nudge and tells us we all can do it, tells me I’m Fire, and then we all go and get an element.

“So Hannah is taking feathers out of a pillow to make Air. I then try and light a lighter – doesn’t work, “Bollocks!” – and go off and get some matches. Lacey, who’s Earth, gets a plant pot and just starts hitting it. And then we stick some water in from a vase. So you just find what you can to make the elements of the pot. And we all have to be together to do a spell.”

Switch kicks off on ITV2 in October. Read more about the show in the new issue of SFX , on sale now. Switch features in our 24-page Awesome TV Preview bonus mini-mag, alongside all of the big new shows starting between now and Christmas.

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