Ayelet Zurer replaces Julia Ormond in Man Of Steel

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is set to replace Julia Ormond in Man Of Steel , playing the role of Lara Lor-Van (aka Superman's mum).

No explanation has been given for the last-minute casting change but Zurer is expected to begin filming this week.

She has previously appeared in Dan Brown's religious potboiler Angels & Demons and also played Eric Bana's wife in Steven Spielberg's Munich .

This time she'll be cosying up to Russell Crowe, who plays her Kryptonian husband Jor-El.

While TF would love to crack a joke about how a quick change in a Superman movie usually takes place in a phone booth, we really don't want to dishonour Supes' dead relatives.

Even if we think Kal-El would probably handle the joke better than a certain orphaned billionaire we know.