Super Paper Mario game script

Super Paper Mario

                                              Game Script

                                            By: Super Slash

                                             Version: 1.1




                                      VERSION HISTORY


                                   v 1.1 - Fixed a few spelling errors

                                   v 1.0 - Submitted the guide

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                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS



                               II.........Game Script

                              ...........Game Intro  [GNTR]

                              .............Prologue  [PRLG]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 1  [BLK1]

                              ..........Chapter 1-1  [CH11]

                              ..........Chapter 1-2  [CH12]

                              ..........Chapter 1-3  [CH13]

                              ..........Chapter 1-4  [CH14]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 2  [BLK2]

                              ........Peach's Event  [PCHE]

                              ...Before Chapter Two  [BFC2]

                              ..........Chapter 2-1  [CH21]

                              ..........Chapter 2-2  [CH22]

                              ..........Chapter 2-3  [CH23]

                              ..........Chapter 2-4  [CH24]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 3  [BLK3]

                              ........Luigi's Event  [LGIE]

                              .Before Chapter Three  [BFC3]

                              ..........Chapter 3-1  [CH31]

                              ..........Chapter 3-2  [CH32]

                              ..........Chapter 3-3  [CH33]

                              ..........Chapter 3-4  [CH34]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 4  [BLK4]

                              ..Before Chapter Four  [BFC4]

                              ..........Chapter 4-1  [CH41]

                              ..........Chapter 4-2  [CH42]

                              ..........Chapter 4-3  [CH43]

                              ..........Chapter 4-4  [CH44]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 5  [BLK5]

                              ..Before Chapter Five  [BFC5]

                              ..........Chapter 5-1  [CH51]

                              ..........Chapter 5-2  [CH52]

                              ..........Chapter 5-3  [CH53]

                              ..........Chapter 5-4  [CH54]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 6  [BLK6]

                              ...Before Chapter Six  [BFC6]

                              ..........Chapter 6-1  [CH61]

                              ..........Chapter 6-2  [CH62]

                              ..Chapter 6-1 (Pt. 2)  [C612]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 7  [BLK7]

                              .Before Chapter Seven  [BFC7]

                              ..........Chapter 7-1  [CH71]

                              ..Chapter 7-1 (Pt. 2)  [C712]

                              ..........Chapter 7-2  [CH72]

                              ..........Chapter 7-3  [CH73]

                              ..........Chapter 7-4  [CH74]

                              .Castle Bleck Scene 8  [BLK8]

                              .Before Chapter Eight  [BFC8]

                              ..........Chapter 8-1  [CH81]

                              ..........Chapter 8-2  [CH82]

                              ..........Chapter 8-3  [CH83]

                              ..........Chapter 8-4  [CH84]

                              ...............Ending  [ENDG]

                              III.........Email Info




I. Introduction


Welcome to my Super Paper Mario game script. I made this guide because this

game has been out for awhile now, and no game script has been created yet. I

figured I should make one, since I really enjoy writing these. =P This guide

contains the script for the entire story, from the beginning to the end. If

you're like me and enjoyed the script in the game, then you will enjoy this

guide. Let's get busy.



II. Game Script


In this section, I will list the entire script for the story of the game, from

the beginning to the end. Enjoy.


Game Intro  [GNTR]


"Ahem! Today..."

"I'll tell you the story of the lost book of prophecies."

[A book known as the Dark Prognosticus is drawn on the screen]

"This prophetic book was a mysterious tome full of stories of future events."

"Of course, many people craved this book, wishing to glimpse their futures."

"But no person, after obtaining this amazing book, ever found happiness."

"The reason? The book held frightful secrets not meant for people's eyes."

"That book came to be called the Dark Prognosticus and was sealed away."

" the tale of that forgotten book's last owner. It is a tale of


[The pages flip and the screen fades out]

Voice #1: Ooh... Oooooh... What happened to me... What is this place?

Voice #2: Bleh heh heh heh heh... Oh, you're awake, Princess!

Voice #1: ...Huh?

[The princess opens her eyes and sees a caped figure, who wields a staff.

 Bowser and Peach are then shown getting married at an altar]

Voice #3: BOWSER!

[The crowd is shown]

Princess Peach: Wh-What's going on here?!

[A strange girl named Nastasia appears]

Nastasia: Count! Yeah, um, 'K, so preperations are complete...

Count Bleck: Mmm... Then it shall be Count Bleck!

[A bell starts ringing]

Count Bleck: Bowser... Ferocious and fearsome, evil king of the Koopas... Do

             you take Peach to be your lawfully wedded wife 'til your games be


Bowser: Bwah ha ha! Will I marry Peach? Are you kidding me? The answer's


Count Bleck: Peach... Noble princess, pure of heart... Do you take Bowser to be

             your lawfully wedded husband 'til your games be over?

Princess Peach: Now, wait just a second! You will explain to me what is going

                on...RIGHT NOW!

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... Is it not obvious? This is your wedding,


Princess Peach: But...why in the WORLD am I marrying Bowser?!

Bowser: Bwah ha ha! Hey, no gripes from THIS side of the altar, Bleck old boy!

        I don't get the details, but the count here has gone to a lot of

        trouble planning this! Just relax! We'll get married, we'll be in love,

        it'll be awesome! Finally!

Princess Peach: No! And who picked this dress out? It's AWFUL! Take me back to

                my castle immediately!

[Nastasia brainwashes her]

Nastasia: Yeah, um, being rude to the esteemed count is sort of frowned on, 'K?

          So, yeah, Princess Peach, I'm gonna need you to answer the count

          now... Do you, Peach, take Bowser to be your wedded husband 'til your

          games be over?

Princess Peach: Unh... Nuh... No...

Nastasia: Gee... You sure are a fighter. But yeah, no one withstands my super-

          hypnosis, sorry. "I do." Say it now, 'K?

[She brainwashes her even more]

Princess Peach: Oooh... Ooooh oh... ......I.....

[The altar rumbles and a black light emits from it]

Bowser: WH-WHAT?!?

[The crowd is shown, along with Luigi, who is on the ground. He gets up, then

 he looks around]

Luigi: What in the world...? Eh? What am I doing here?

Luigi: Huh? Is that...Princess Peach over there??? And that guy is...HEY!

[The Chaos Heart appears, then it rises up to Bleck]

Count Bleck: BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! Yes, all precisely as written in the Dark

             Prognosticus! Already it is unleashed! The Chaos Heart!

Nastasia: Oh, yeah, um, congratulations, Count...

Luigi: HALT!

[Luigi steps in]

Count Bleck: And just who are you? ...Asked Count Bleck.

Luigi: Oh, no! I don't give my name to scoundrels! Just watch as Luigi punishes

       you for your badness! HERE I GO!

Nastasia: Yeah, I'm gonna need you to stop right this second, 'K? If you

          interrupt this now...

[Luigi jumps on top of Bowser, then the Chaos Heart]

Luigi: Here's where Luigi rescues Princess Peach! Eh?

[The place rumbles violently and the screen fades out, then it fades back in,

 showing the Chaos Heart. Bleck appears with the Dark Prognosticus, and

 Nastasia also appears]

Nastasia: Um, yeah, so are you all right, Count?

Count Bleck: Fools... Pointless acts like these will earn you only pain...from

             Count Bleck! Very well. As the Chaos Heart is secured, this ragtag

             group now lacks use.

Nastasia: Um, so, yeah, Count... This means you may turn to a new page of dark


[Bleck spreads out both of his arms]

Count Bleck: Open your mouth, darkness! Consume everything and destroy all

             worlds, as told in the prophecy! BLECK!

[The screen flashes, then the screen fades out. The title screen appears at

 this point]



Prologue  [PRLG]


[When the game starts, Mario and Luigi's house is shown, and the inside is

 shown with the brothers sitting at their dining room chair. Luigi yawns]

Luigi: ...Wow, sure is peaceful today, eh, Bro?

[Mario nods]

Luigi: Makes a guy feel lucky, having a peaceful day... Yup, reeeeeal peaceful.

       It's so peaceful, it's almost a little bit boring. It makes you just

       want a...KERBLOOEY! Y'know? Some kind of shocking event...

[Mario thinks, then replies]

Luigi: ...Ooh, at Princess Peach's place, maybe? That'd be cool, huh, Bro?

       Maybe we should go visit Mushroom Castle! It has been a while. I'm sure

       the princess would be happy to see us.

[The brothers get up and head outside, where they hear a voice]


[They walk over towards the voice, who turns out to be Toad]

Luigi: T-Toad?! What? What happened? Why are you so crazy?

Toad: It's sh-sh-sh-sh-shocking... Mushroom Castle...RAIDED! Princess Peach...


[Mario and Luigi are surprised by this]

Luigi: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! Why, that's ridiculous! Who in the world would do such a


[Luigi gets a thought]

Luigi: Wait a second... Yeah... I think I've got it! Bro, this must be the work

       of that guy! That bad guy!

[Mario thinks, then gets a thought and nods]

Luigi: I won't stand for this... We'll have to sneak into his castle and rescue

       Princess Peach! Let's go, Bro!

[They both head out]

Toad: We're counting on you, Mario...Bros.!



Bowser's Castle


[Bowser's castle is shown, and inside, Bowser is seen]

Bowser: BWA HA HA! Listen well, my elite minion task force!

Bowser: It's time to initiate my awesome plot to invade Mushroom Castle! Today

        is the day that I make my beloved Princess Peach ALL MINE! And if that

        weren't awesome enough, I'll ALSO stomp her little mustache buddies!

[Bowser's minions are shown in a crowd full of cheering]

Minions: YEEEAH!

[The minions are shown cheering]

Bowser: Bwa ha ha ha ha! "We're under attack!" You jokers are the best!

[He notices two men in the midst of the crowd]

Bowser: Hey! Who are those hair guys in the back? We SHAVE around here,


[He jumps towards the crowd and they flee, and the two men happen to be Mario

 and Luigi]

Bowser: Blargh! Mario! ...AND Luigi?! How'd you get in here?

[Mario responds]

Bowser: What? My front gate was open?!

[He stomps the ground]

Bowser: How many times have I told those idiots?! If you're the last in, LOCK

        THE GATE!

Luigi: Quiet, you big Bowser! We know you kidnapped Princess Peach! Now where

       you'd put her?!

[Bowser is confused]

Bowser: Where'd I... Wait, what? We're only now about to launch our atta--


[Peach is shown in a block near Bowser's minions, in the middle]

Luigi: Princess Peach?!

[The block moves, and a caped figure with a hat appears]

Count Bleck: BLECK! Your princess has been Count Bleck!

Bowser: You... Wait, by WHO?!

[He is shown up close]

Count Bleck: By me...Count Bleck! The chosen executor of the Dark

    Count Bleck! The fine fellow prophersied to come

             to this also Count Bleck!

Bowser: I'll tell you who doesn't even make a bit of sense... Count Bleck!

        Enough! Release Princess Peach, right now! I'm on a schedule over here!

Count Bleck: Count Bleck says NEVER! This princess is integral to fulfilling

             the prophecies... She will be brought to Castle Bleck and used to

             destroy all Count Bleck!

Luigi: Destroy all WORLDS?!

[Mario attempts to attack him, but to no avail, due to a protective barrier

 guarding Count Bleck. Bleck then uses his magic to put Mario in a dark aura,

 then he falls over]

Luigi: Big Bro!

[Bleck puts his hand over his chin]

Count Bleck: This man deserves ridicule... Weaklings cannot face Count Bleck!

Bowser: Hey, here's a thought: you calm down and free the princess...OR ELSE!

[Bowser's troops gather a bit]

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh... Your princess shall NOT be Count

             Bleck. In fact, Bowser, evil king of the Koopas...Count Bleck will

             take you, too!

[Bowser has a scared look on his face, then Bleck raises his wand and makes it

 float in the air, spreading out both of his arms]


[Using his magic, Bleck creates a big dark portal that sucks everyone in the

 castle into it, except for Mario, who is still unconscious]

Count Bleck: BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! Count Bleck's preperations are now in

             order! All that remains is for the dimensional void to appear, as

             foretold in the prophecy... Bleh heh heh heh heh... BLEH HEH HEH

             HEH! BLECK!

[Bleck disappears, then the screen goes blank and a voice is heard]

Voice: ........................................................................



[Mario wakes up, seeing a strange rainbow-colored butterfly in front of him]

Butterfly: Are you awake?

[Mario responds]

Butterfly: My name is Tippi... I am what is known as a Pixl... A sort of

           fairy... Mario... I came to find you...

[He mistakes Tippi for an enemy]

Tippi: I am no enemy... You met Count Bleck...and he captured a princess and an

       evil king... Is this not so?

[Mario nods]

Tippi: Then that means Count Bleck is even now beginning to form The Void... We

       haven't much time... You must come with me... Yes, if your friends are

       to be saved, you must come...

[A box is drawn around Mario, and he looks confused]

Tippi: Let us go...

[Mario and Tippi disappear]





[Mario and Tippi appear on top of a tower by a strange wizard]

Merlon: Oh ho! Well, well, well... Back so soon, Tippi? And who might this be?

        Red shirt. Blue overalls... And a magnificent 'stache! Tippi, you have

        truly outdone yourself...

Tippi: He matches the description of the hero in the Light Prognosticus

       perfectly... And his name is Mario...

[Mario is confused]

Merlon: I welcome you, Mario! This is the town of Flipside. You have come far

        from the Mushroom Kingdom of your dimension... Of course, our fair

        Flipside is in no dimension at all! No! It is BETWEEN dimensions!

Merlon: My name? Merlon! I am a descendant of the Ancients who created this

        town. I busy myself studying musty, ancient texts to forestall the end

        of all worlds!

[Mario responds]

Merlon: Ahh... You want to know about the end of all worlds? What's happening,

        you ask? So Tippi has not yet told you, I gather... Well then, Mario...

        The answer hangs above you.

[A purple circle of dark energy is shown above, directly in the center]

Merlon: Do you see the gathering darkness in the sky?

[It's shown up close]

Merlon: It is a hole in the very dimensional fabric of space! Such a strange

        phenomenon... Is it near or far? None know. It may appear small now,

        but it will only grow. And in the end, it will swallow all existence...

        All worlds, all dimensions... This void was created by our enemy, Count

        Bleck, who wields the Dark Prognosticus.

[The Void is taken out of view]

Tippi: "A fair and lovely princess... A furious monster king... The union of

       these two will call forth the Chaos Heart, the consumer of worlds... And

       the Chaos Heart will ravage the sky, and so bring forth The Void."

Merlon: Yes... The passage Tippi just quoted is from the Light Prognosticus of

        my ancestors. The book also says this: "The Void will swallow all...

        Naught can stop it...unless the one protected by the dark power is

        destroyed. The hero with the power of the eight Pure Hearts will rise

        to this task." ...So it is written.

[He takes out a Pure Heart]

Merlon: This is one of the eight Pure Hearts. You are surely the hero spoken of

        in the pages of the Light Prognosticus. You are the only one who can

        defeat Count Bleck and save all worlds!

Merlon: Mario! Take this and save all worlds from destruction!

- I will!

- Nah.

[If "Nah." is chosen, and then you refuse again, you get a Game Over. However,

 if "I will" is chosen...]

Merlon: Excellent! You truly are the hero of the book of legend! My eyes never

        deceive! So... *clearing his throat* Ahem! Mario, our brave hero!


[He gives Mario the first of the eight Pure Hearts]

"You got a Pure Heart"

"This Pure Heart has been thrust into your possession!"

Merlon: Now, great hero Mario... Your first task awaits. You must take this

        Pure Heart... You must place it in the Heart Pillar in this town. Tippi

        will lead you there. Return to me when you are through with this task!

Tippi: This way...

[Tippi heads over to the left]

"When D-Pad Up appears, press the red direction on the D-Pad to examine things

 or talk to people."

[Mario heads over to Tippi and takes an elevator down to the main area]

Tippi: This way, please... Come along...

[He follows Tippi to the right and takes another elevator up]

Tippi: The Heart Pillar is this way... Come on, please...

[Tippi goes to the left where the Heart Pillar is, and Mario follows her]

Tippi: This is the Heart Pillar... Now, get close and place the Pure Heart..

[Mario walks up to the pillar and takes out the Pure Heart, then it gets

 inserted into the heart-shaped indention of the pillar. This causes a red door

 to appear on Flipside's tower]

Tippi: Well done... Now, let's return to Merlon...

[They head back down the elevator and proceed towards the left. Tippi locates a

 Save Block near Merlon's house]

Tippi: Perhaps you should strike this block before we head back to Merlon...

[Mario uses the block, then heads back up to the tower of Flipside]

Merlon: Ah, the two of you return!

[They go up to Merlon]

Merlon: Look! A door has appeared! This "dimensional door" was made to lead the

        hero to another Pure Heart. Yes, somewhere beyond this door lies one of

        the seven other Pure Hearts... ...Tippi. You must use your power to

        help Mario find this Pure Heart and return here.

Tippi: Of course...

Merlon: And Mario... I have something to give you that will aid you on your


[He takes out a red pipe with red and white streaks on the top, then gives it

 to Mario]

"You got a Return Pipe!"

Merlon: With this, you will be able to return to Flipside from anywhere in the

        universe! Use it whenever you feel you must return in a hurry.

"To use your Return Pipe, just go to "Important Things" on the menu screen.

 Just remember that in some areas, the signal from Flipside might not reach..."

Merlon: ...The Light Prognosticus foretells that the hero will meet a

        "dimension governor". And from him, the hero will learn the dimensional

        technique... I am almost certain this refers to my friend, the Flip

        Wizard, Bestovius. So go now through this door, and seek out Bestovius!

[Mario nods]

Tippi: Well, let's get going...

[Mario and Tippi enter the red door]



Castle Bleck Scene 1  [BLK1]



Castle Bleck


[A dark castle is shown with Count Bleck, the Dark Prognosticus, and all of his

 loyal minions]

Count Bleck: BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! The Void has been ripped in the

             dimensional fabric!

Count Bleck: Yes, Count Bleck is pleased. All has gone as foretold in the Dark

             Prognosticus. Now it's just a matter of time until all worlds meet

             their demise! Bleck!

O'Chunks: Wow, that's just super, Count! Yeah, first you'll erase all these

          naughty worlds... And then you're gonna build a perfect world without

          war and all that other icky stuff!

Dimentio: Yes, yes, no one likes the icky stuff... Yesss... A perfect world...

          Sounds magical... Ah ha ha. I can hardly stand the wait.

Voice: Sorry I'm late!

[Another O'Chunks appears, and he notices his carbon copy]

O'Chunks: What in blazin' bog rats...? How'd I beat meself 'ere?! What's goin'


O'Chunks (Fake): Mimimimimimimimimimimimi! Oh, O'Chunks, you big silly! Didja

                 oversleep or something?

[He turns into Count Bleck]

Count Bleck (Fake): I guess it's kinda hard to be on time, though, when you've

                    got muscles instead of brains!

[O'Chunks gets agitated]

O'Chunks: 'EY! Yeh can't fool me wit' that crazy shape-shiftin' hooliganry!

          It's Mimi, innit?! Show a little respect fer the count! Yeh can't go

          a'borrowin' 'is face, lass!

Count Bleck (Real): Bleh heh heh heh heh... How delightful, Mimi. Almost as

           Count Bleck!

[Mimi turns into Peach]

Princess Peach (Fake): Aw, golly, thanks, Count! With you around, it's nothing

                       but big smiles all the time! Hanging out with the count!

                       That's MY idea of a perfect world!

Dimentio: And here I thought Mimi's ideal world was a gem-filled pool with

          hunky lifeguards...

[Mimi turns into Bowser]

Bowser (Fake): Hey! Dimentio! Have you been reading my diary? I mean... Umm...

               Never mind.

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh heh... Well, different strokes for different


Count Bleck: After these rotten worlds are ended, Count Bleck will make all

             your dreams come true! But for that to happen...we must follow the

             instructions of the Dark Prognosticus.

[Nastasia, Count Bleck's most loyal follower, speaks]

Nastasia: Yeah, about that, just an FYI? I've got an urgent memo for your


Nastasia: Apparently there's been some unapproved interdimensional activity

          lately. Yeah... I'm thinking it's the hero of prophecy. We're gonna

          need an action plan for this guy...

Count Bleck: A dimensional interloper! And possibly the hero?! You are sure of

             it, Nastasia? Interesting, mused Count Bleck. We must put an end

             to this nuisance...

O'Chunks: Count Bleck!

O'Chunks: Lemme get this right in me brain. The 'ero Nastasia's goin' on

          'bout... He yer enemy? Then yeh gotta cut me loose on 'im! Yeh gotta!

          I'll give 'im a nice taste o' O'Chunks!

Count Bleck: Very well, O'Chunks. I'll leave the hero-chunking to you. Do not

             fail Count Bleck.

O'Chunks: Yeh can count on me, Count! I'll rain down like a fat thunderstorm! I

          swear it!

[He turns to Mimi and Dimentio]

O'Chunks: Mimi! Dimentio! Yeh should tag along! Yeh could witness a proper


[O'Chunks leaves]

Dimentio: Mmm... I do enjoy a good chunking... Well, then... I believe I'll

          head out as well.

[Dimentio leaves]

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... So, hero... You would defy Count Bleck?

             Then hurry, for your world's end draws near... BLEH HEH HEH HEH!




Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds  [CH11]


"Mario was called upon once again to save the small task. Could he

 prevent Count Bleck from pulling off his sinister plot? Would Mario reunite

 with Princess Peach? A truly interdimensional adventure was about to begin..."


Lineland Road


[The stage's background is drawn, then Mario and Tippi come out of a red door]

Tippi: I feel the Pure Heart. But it's still far from here...

[Mario turns to Tippi]

Tippi: Merlon told us to find his friend, Bestovius, to learn that dimensional

       technique. We'd better go find him...

[Mario nods]

Tippi: One more thing... If you want to learn about anything, just use my

       power... I know about many things...

[A Wii Remote appears onscreen]

"Simply point your Wii Remote at the screen and Tippi will focus on where you

 point. Then, just press A over anything framed in red to hear more about it.

 Feel free to ask Tippi about anything or anyone you want!"

[Mario makes his way through the area, stomping Goombas and the like. He

 eventually comes to a house, then enters it. It appears empty. He looks

 around to no avail]

Tippi: This is not an empty house... There's something in this room. I can feel

       it... I can help you find hidden things. Why don't you use my power to

       look around?

[He uses Tippi's powers to find a hidden door]

Tippi: There's a hidden door here... Let me make it visible for you...

[The door appears]

Tippi: It's a door... Let's go inside...

[They enter the door]

Voice: Hmmmmmmmm?

[A weird wizard-like person is shown. This is Bestovius]

Bestovius: What is this meager mustache that stands before me? And how does it

           have the audacity to address my multicolored glory? ...How did these

           flimsy whiskers detect my secret door...

[He notices Mario's clothes]

Bestovius: Wait right there! Red shirt...conspicuous white gloves...jaunty

           cap... Hah! You are garbed in the rich cloth of the hero of

           prophecy! You must be the great...

[Mario points to himself]

Bestovius: HERO...impersonator!

[Mario falls over]

Bestovius: What a costume! You look like you leaped out of the pages of the


[Mario gets up and explains]

Tippi: This is Mario! He's dressed like this because he IS the hero... Merlon

       told us to find you.

Bestovius: Merlon?! Only his full-bodied beard rivals my hairy magnificence...

           If Merlon thinks you are the true hero, you probably are. *quietly*

           I think... Well, then. As the ancient prophecy fortells... I,

           Bestovius, will bestow upon you the ancient secrets of dimensional

           flipping. ...For a nominal fee of 10,000 coins!

Tippi: But that's preposterous! You can't charge to teach the hero of the


Bestovius: Why not? Even the great and splendiferous Bestovius has certain...

           expenditures. Why should the hero get the world delivered to him on

           a well-garnished platter? These heroes think they can get away with

           shaking people down for free skills! A mere 10,000 coins should be

           nothing for a hero of the universe. What do you say?

- Yes

- No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Bestovius: I see. So be it. I will settle for just taking all the coins in your

           pocket. Do we have a deal?

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

Bestovius: Fantabulous! Wait a moment. You lack 10,000 coins?! I should have

           expected such cheapskatery from a hero with a scrimpish mustache!

           Now that I know you are determined to cheat me out of my tribute...

           I will settle for just taking all the coins in your pocket.

- Yes

- No

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

Bestovius: Scintillating! Let us begin!

[If "No" is chosen...]

Bestovius: Still you refuse?! So be it. Though it makes me ill, I will waive

           the nominal fee and teach you for free. Do you agree to this?

- Yes

- No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Bestovius: How dare you! I have never suffered such an assault to my splendor!

           Begone! You are unfit to stand before my shining magnificence!

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

Bestovius: Scintillating! Let us begin!

[He floats over to Mario]

Bestovius: Flimmidy flammidy flooom! Diggidy daggidy dooom! Zibbidy zabbidy

           zooom! SHABOOOM!

Bestovius: FLIPPOW!

[He enduces Mario with magic]

Bestovius: I, Bestovius, have granted you the ability to flip between

           dimensions. Press A to slip between the very fabric of space and

           flip between 2-D and 3-D! Well, what do you think? Mind blowing,

           isn't it?

[Mario responds]

Bestovius: What is this A I speak of? I assure you that if we are being watched

           from another dimension... Those beings will understand. But you lack

           the mustache for full comprehension. Just remember that you can use

           this ability to find hidden items and secret paths. But beware: use

           your new ability too long, and you will lose HP.

[Mario and Tippi continue out of the building, and keep going through the

 Lineland Road. Eventually they reach the level's end, and hit the star block

 to end the chapter]



Chapter 1-2: Afoot in the Foothills  [CH12]


"And so Mario came to earn the stupendous ability of flipping between

 dimensions. But there was no time to celebrate: Mario still had a Pure Heart

 to find. The trail ahead was overrun with savage beasts. "Follow me," Tippi

 said, as she flew toward the mountain that loomed ahead. The Pure Heart was

 hidden somewhere on the other side."


Mount Lineland


Tippi: I feel that the Pure Heart is beyond this mountain...but it's still far,

       far away. Something tells me you'll need to put that new skill of yours

       to use.

[As Mario and Tippi continue their trek through the foothills, they come to a

 house in the background, using a pipe to reach it. Inside, Mario flips into

 3-D to find a person on a bed]

Red: Hey! HEY! You can see me!

[Mario nods]

Red: This is unbelievable! I've been freaking out here for days, and finally

     someone sees me!

[Mario responds]

Red: A couple mornings ago, I roll out of the wrong side of bed... ...and once

     I get my coffee, I realize I'm stuck in some freaky parallel dimension!

     I've been hollering and flailing for days, but nobody could hear me...or

     even see me. Just when I was starting to think I'd be here forever, I see


Red: You just blipped in here out of thin air! I was thinking, if you can do

     that, maybe I can hitch a ride back with you? Just stand next to me and

     flip back to 2-D. I'll hold on!

[Mario flips back to 2-D with Red]

Red: WHUH! We did it! I'm back to normal! Listen, you really bailed me out

     there. That 3-D business was freaking me out! The name's Red. Nice to meet


Red: Say, uh...any way I can repay you?

[Mario nods]

Tippi: Actually, there is one thing... There's a huge chasm outside that we

       need to cross.

Red: So you want to cross the chasm, huh? Well, you found yourself the right

     guy! But hey, I've got to warn you. You know this place is called Impasse

     Pass, right? I'm only allowed to let a choice few cross the bridge. It's

     in my job description. I mean, that's why they pay me to stand here. You

     sure you want to pass?

[Mario nods]

Red: Yeah... Well, you did save me from being trapped in a parallel dimension

     and all... OK! I'm going to ask you a question. Get the right answer, and

     I'll let you pass. Sound good? Here we go. What's the most manly color in

     the entire universe? Red or green?

 - Red!

 - Green!

 - Both!

[If "Green!" is chosen...]

Red: ...GREEN?! You're out of your mind! There's no way I can let a crazy like

     you pass!

[He then kicks Mario out of the house. If "Both!" is chosen...]

Red: What?! ...BOTH?! We can't have any wishy-washy types like you hanging

     around town!

[He then kicks Mario out of the house. If "Red!" is chosen...]

Red: Yes, you are SO right! I knew it! You and me, we see eye to eye on

     fashion. I'll throw the bridge down. Hang on a sec.

[He jumps over his bed and flips a switch on his wall, which causes a bridge to

 appear outside]

Red: All right, you should be good to go. You take 'er easy!

[Mario and Tippi head out of the house and they cross the bridge that Red made

 appear. They come to Yold Town, a small town with an item shop and some other

 houses. Eventually they come to another house in the background, in which they

 find a man clothed in green inside]

Green: Heya, Mr. Red Shirt. You want me to flip the bridge down for you? Can't

       do that. Nope. You need special permission from high up. It's the law.

       No way am I doing hard time. You need the OK from Old Man Watchitt. Good

       luck with that. That Yold-timer is more crab than man.

[Mario exits the house and goes back to the foreground, and then finds Watchitt

 inside of a house]

Watchitt: Whoozit?! I'm the elder around here, so watch it! What do you want?

          Get off my rug!

Tippi: Actually, we were hoping to pass through town.

Watchitt: Nothing but desert past here. There's treasure, but you'll get grit

          in your grunders. That's what here is for. Yold Town. Keeps the

          treasure safe from YOU. Watch it! Can't let you pass. See this little

          guy in my pocket? He's got something to tell you. Know what he says?

          WATCH IT! So give it up.

[Mario responds]

Watchitt: Whuzzat?! Whizzit?! You're the hero?! Dumplings! If you were, you'd

          have a Pixl that's shaped like a hand. I might believe you're the

          hero if you have one, but you don't. See this beard here? It's got

          something to tell you. Know what it says? WATCH IT!

[Mario enters another house and finds a pipe in 3-D. He enters it, and soon

 enough he comes to a room where the door behind him locks]

Tippi: Oh, no... The door... Now we're locked inside...

[Mario examines the big chest in front of him]

Chest: Sweet freedom!

[The chest opens, revealing a hand-shaped object]

Pixl: Wait a moment... If I have been set free, the legendary hero must have

      done it! I express concern when the Ancients stuffed me in that chest

      1,500 years ago... But it seems my fears were quite unfounded. The hero

      has finally arrived!

Tippi: Are you...a Pixl?

Pixl: Why...YES! I am indeed a Pixl! My name is...Thoreau! You are a Pixl as

      well? But you don't look familiar... Are you a newer model?

Tippi: I... Well, I... Ummm...

Thoreau: No matter! Details do bore me! What is important is the fact that I

         have waited AGES to lend my skill to the hero. And, glorious day, here

         you are! Do take me with you.... You simply must! You will, then?


[The Pixl joins Mario]

"The throwing Pixl, Thoreau, has joined you! Use him to pick up and throw

 objects and enemies! You can even throw while you jump."

Thoreau: With me at your side, one may grasp objects with great vigor! Simply

         press 1 to use my throwing ability!

[Mario responds]

Thoreau: What's this 1, you say? You need not worry. The great being that

         watches us will know what it is. Just remember that I can grasp

         objects and enemies and hurl them with gusto. Grab something with 1

         and press 1 again to throw it. Why not take a moment to get

         acquainted with my useful talent? You will need to use my ability to

         get out of this room. Read, steady, GO!

[Mario uses Thoreau to pick up a nearby block, then he uses it to hit the blue

 switch in the room, unlocking the door]

Thoreau: Glorious day! Consider me fully at your disposal. Now, to adventure

         and beyond!

[They go back to Old Man Watchitt's house]

Watchitt: If you had that Pixl, I might believe you're the hero. Whuzzit?! You

          do? 'Course you do! You're the hero! Knew it all along, watch it.

          I'll give that Green feller a call. He'll let you across that bridge.

[He takes out his cellphone and calls Green]

Watchitt: Hello? Green? It's me, Watchitt. I said Watchitt... WATCH IT! WATCH

          IT! I said Watchitt, not botch it! This hero feller wants to get

          across the bridge. Yes, I told him about the grit. Ah... Yes. Let's

          just keep that between us. Just let the mustache guy through.

[He hangs up]

Watchitt: Just get off my rug and go talk to Green at the edge of town...WATCH


Watchitt: Well, looks like I can finally retire, 'cause my job is done! When

          you're in that desert, keep a watchful eye out for some ruins. The

          treasure is there. Nasty beasts too. SO WATCH IT!

[Mario goes back to Green's house]

Green: I got a call from Old Man Watchitt. So you're that hero guy then, huh?

       Right on! I'll put the bridge across for you straightaway!

[He flips a switch by his bed, making a bridge appear]

Green: There you go!

Green: Mind if I ask you a question? Red or green. What's better?

 - Green!

 - Red!

 - Both!

[The outcome is the same either way. Mario crosses the bridge and hits the star

 block to end the chapter]



Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold  [CH13]


"With a bold quiver of his magnificent mustache, Mario let loose a heart

 sneeze. A single grain of sand had flown along the warm wind and tickled the

 hero's nose. It wasn't long before Mario and Tippi found the source of the

 sand: the Yold Desert. Along the endless, sunbaked expanse, Mario and Tippi

 continued their search..."


Yold Desert


Tippi: Didn't Old Man Watchitt say something about there being some ruins

       around here?

[Mario nods]

Tippi: The Pure Heart can't be far now... We'd better not waste any time...

[They go through the Yold Desert, defeating lots of dangerous enemies. They

 eventually come to a Save Block, then they go through a door and hear the

 voice of someone]

Voice: GRAH-GOOGLY! So yer the lad stickin' his 'stachy in me boss's


[Mario looks around and doesn't find anyone, then O'Chunks lands onto the

 ground and makes the door in front of him disappear]

O'Chunks: Yeh shouldn't 'ave crossed the count! Now I'm gonna 'ave teh get

          chunky on yeh!

Tippi: You... You're one of Count Bleck's thugs, aren't you?!

O'Chunks: O'Chunks is me name! An' I'm no common thug, lass. I thug for the

          count o' counts, Count Bleck hisself! One word from me Blecky-boy,

          an' I come teh make yeh feel some hammage!

[Mario responds]

O'Chunks: Hammage? Ehhh... Make that "damage!"

[O'Chunks thinks for a moment, then gets annoyed]

O'Chunks: Whatever, then! Not that it matters a pinch o' stew in a sandstorm.

          Yer a goner!

Tippi: Do you even know what Count Bleck is trying to do...?

O'Chunks: DEH! Me boy's usin' powers an' whatnot teh bring back some order teh

          this 'ere world! An enemy o' Bleck an enemy o' mine! They all get


Tippi: This O'Chunks is a lot scarier than the other enemies we've faced so

       far... Maybe you should use my power to investigate him when we start

       the battle...

O'Chunks: Enough is enough already! It's time teh thunder down from on high 'an

          deliver a beatin' o' the ages. CHUNK ON IT!

[Mario battles O'Chunks. Once he's defeated...]

O'Chunks: I'M CHUNKED!

O'Chunks: Me chunks...yeh failed me! I got pummeled an yeh barely sweat yer

          brow. 'Ey... What kind o' strange li'l man are yeh?

Tippi: This "strange li'l man" is none other than...the legendary hero, Mario!

O'Chunks: Maria, 'ey? 'Tis an odd name, yeh, but yeh can bet yer bebby I'll

          remember that!

[Mario shakes his head]

Tippi: His name's not "Maria"... It's "MARIO"!

[O'Chunks gets up and stomps the ground]

O'Chunks: Yeh remember this, Maria! If yeh didn't look like such a wee toddler,

          I wouldn't 'ave taken it so easy on yeh! But 'ey, I have teh give it

          up fer yer effort, so let's call it a tie. Yeh better get some chunks

          o' yer own for next time, though, 'ey! And while yer at it, why don't

          yeh wax that bonny 'stache o' yours, Maria!

O'Chunks: 'Til we meet again, 'ey! CHUNKS AWAY!

[O'Chunks leaves and a door appears]

Tippi: Did you understand a word of what that goon was saying...?

[Mario and Tippi keep going through the desert, eventually solving a puzzle.

 This reveals a star block, which Mario hits to end the chapter]



Chapter 1-4: Monster of the Ruins  [CH14]


"Somehow, Mario had found the strength to cross the desert's sweltering dunes.

 Ahead was a sprawling complex of ruins rising out of the sand. Thankful for

 the shade, Mario and Tippi ventured deeper inside. They were the very ruins

 Old Man Watchitt had warned them about. What dangers lurked in the shady

 corridors ahead?"


Yold Ruins


Tippi: Mario, I can feel it calling... The Pure Heart is nearby... But, wait...

       I sense something else emanating from the sand dunes. Be careful now,

       Mario... Something else is waiting for us ahead...

[Mario and Tippi explore the ruins together. Eventually they find a switch

 which is unreachable. Mario uses Thoreau to throw an enemy against the

 switch, triggering something]

Tippi: Something happened outside the room...

[They continue to make their trek through the ruins, and eventually they take a

 pipe that leads them outside. Mario eventually hears a voice]


[Mario notices a huge dragon that appears]


[He examines Mario more closely]




           DATA BANKS...

[He searches]







Voice: Ah ha ha. It won't be that easy, oh no...

Fracktail: WHO SPEAKS?

[Dimentio appears]

Dimentio: So very nice to meet you...and your mustache! I am Count Bleck's

          master of dimensions, the pleaser of crowds... I am...Dimentio!

          Remember the name well...

Tippi: I know you. You're that...

Dimentio: It would be so very DULL if your journey ended so easily... Instead,

          it ends with...magic!

[He uses his magic on Fracktail]

Fracktail: BZZZRRRRT.

Dimentio: Yes, much better... Now you and this robotic guardian can spend some

          quality time... Yes, quality snack time! When he snacks...on you! For

          you...ARE the snack! Ciao!

[Dimentio leaves]

Tippi: What did he just...






           TO GO, GENIUS. WAITING FOR PROCESSORS. "404 computer hamsters not


[Fracktail lowers his head a bit, then raises it back up]

Fracktail: BEEEBLEBLIP! C:/  run query identification

                        C:/  run insult generator

                        C:/  results: go away yeti-lip!

           CTRL ALT DEL!

[He sinks into the sand, then rises back up. Mario then fights Fracktail. When

 he goes out of view, Tippi speaks]

Tippi: Looks like Fracktail is charging straight at us... Better watch out...

[After a rather long battle, Fracktail gets defeated]

Fracktail: SYSTEM CRASH!




[Fracktail's body blows up, and his bones fall down. Then, a door appears,

 which Mario enters. He's in a strange dark hallway, and as he goes down the

 hallway, he hears a voice]

Voice: Welcome, hero. My name is Merlumina.

[Mario looks around, then a wizard's spirit appears]

Merlumina: I am a dormant soul... I have waited long to give you the Pure

           Heart. Yes, I have been waiting for 1,500 years.

[The spirit floats down]

Merlumina: Your presence here must mean that all worlds have begun to


Tippi: Yes, they have, in fact... That's why we're here...

Merlumina: Before I give you the Pure Heart, you and I must speak. Listen well,


[Mario nods]

Merlumina: Long, long people built a civilization hailed as a beacon

           of culture. Sadly, despite our power, there was one thing we were

           powerless to stop: The Dark Prognosticus.

[Mario nods]

Merlumina: Nobody knows who authored the dark book. It foretold the events of

           the future. On the last page, it was written that a chaotic power

           would devour the world.

Merlumina: We knew it had to be stopped. Our greatest minds devised a grand

           plan to stop the tragedy before it happened. We needed something

           with the pure essence of love to confront this chaos. Researchers

           set to work...and they created the Purity Heart. We divided the

           Puirty Heart into eight pieces and hid them in different dimensions.

           We hid them for their own protection, waiting for the day the hero

           would arrive. Everything was going as planned...or so it seemed. But

           the wheels of destiny began to spin wildly out of control. It began

           with a very small incident... At that time, I was young and quite

           beautiful... It started the day I met two very fetching young men.

           And, you see, my life set sail toward a maelstrom of love.

           You see, I asked one out, but... However... It was...well, you

           know... And then, I said... And he said... And

           then... ............................................................



[Mario falls asleep. Later that day...]

Merlumina: ....................................................................



           And THAT is why we hope the Purity Heart will have the power to

           defeat chaos. To save all worlds, we must find the eight Pure Hearts

           that form the Purity Heart.

Merlumina: And that is all I have to say on the matter. Were you listening


[Mario wakes up, then nods]

Merlumina: Excellent... I did tell the short version, so I wasn't sure if you

           would fully understand. It is up to you to find the Pure Hearts, for

           they are our last and only hope. Go forth, hero, and save the

           worlds... We are all depending on you!

[Merlumina gives Mario the Pure Heart]

"You got a Pure Heart"

"Before disappearing, Merlumina had entrusted Mario to save every world. She

 had waited 1,500 years to deliver the message to the legendary hero. With the

 second Pure Heart in ahnd, Mario was in great spirits. But six Pure Hearts

 still remained to be found, and the journey had just begun. With a flutter,

 Tippi said, "I think we'd better return to Flipside..." The weight of every

 world's fate once again rested on Mario's shoulders..."



Castle Bleck Scene 2  [BLK2]



Castle Bleck


[The scene starts with O'Chunks standing by Count Bleck, kneeling down]

Nastasia: Yeah, so... I guess the hero went ahead and stomped you and sent you

          back here?

O'Chunks: Yeh gotta forgive me, Count! I've failed yeh! I've never felt less

          chunky in me life!

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh heh... So our hero is real... Yes... A force

             to be reckoned with...

[He turns to Nastasia]

Count Bleck: Nastasia, the prophecy. Consult it and learn where the hero will

             go next... We will lay a devious trap for him and bring him to his

             very KNEES! BLECK!

Nastasia: Yeah, um, I already sent Mimi to a site picked for that purpose...

Count Bleck: This pleases Count Bleck. Excellent work, Nastasia. I have granted

             Mimi powers potent enough to ensure that she will obliterate this

             hero. Yes, he will be helpless against her.

[He spreads out his arms]

Count Bleck: I depart! Alert Count Bleck when this "hero" is no more! BLEH HEH

             HEH HEH! BLECK!

[Bleck and the Dark Prognosticus disappears]

Nastasia: Yeah, I'll fire off a memo on tht...but for now, we have another item

          on the agenda... O'Chunks, you got a sec?

Nastasia: Yeah, so some minions in the Bowser orginization are still resisting

          assimilation? So I'm heading out to squash the resistance...and while

          I'm gone I want you to stay here. Yeah... You just sit tight and

          think about your recent job performance, 'K?

[O'Chunks looks annoyed, then Nastasia leaves]

O'Chunks: Aw... I... Gah, this really tweaks me chin hairs!



Peach's Event  [PCHE]



Castle Bleck


[Meanwhile, somewhere in the castle, Princess Peach is shown lying on the

 ground unconscious. She wakes up]

Princess Peach: Nnnn... Hmm?

[She gets up and looks around]

Princess Peach: What? How did I end up napping here? Wait... Didn't that nasty

                Count Bleck try to make me marry...BOWSER?! And then Luigi,


[She notices Luigi and Bowser aren't here]


[She looks around]

Voice: You're the only one of the wedding party left standing, it

       looks like.

[She notices a Hammer Bro and a Koopa Troopa]

Hammer Bro: So you finally woke up, huh, Princess?

Princess Peach: Oh, you guys! Are you all right?

Koopa Troopa: Yeah, but who knows what happened. That was one CRAZY wedding! We

              can't even find His Groomness! You remember... King Bowser? Oh...

              And that guy with the mustache... I think he had a green tux on

              or something? Yeah, erm...Luigi, that's the guy. We dunno where

              he ended up either.

Hammer Bro: Thing is, most of us minions got all brainwashed by that Bleck

            guy's assistant. Yeah, everybody's half-nuts! It's not safe here!

            We've gotta clear this area, NOW!

[He talks to the Koopa Troopa]

Hammer Bro: Private Koopa here will escort you, OK? You guys make a break for


Princess Peach: But what about you?

Hammer Bro: What am I gonna do? I'll TELL you what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna go

            help my men! King Bowser would burn me to a crisp if I left 'em!

            Leave no Koopa behind! Good luck out there, Princess! HAIL BOWSER!

[The Hammer Bro leaves]

Princess Peach: Farewell...

Private Koopa: OK, lady, we've gotta EVAC this zone! Let's roll!

[Peach follows the Koopa Troopa through a door to another room]

Voice: You. Give up. There is no hope for escape.

[Peach looks down]

Koopa Troopa #1: All hail the glorious count! Do not resist... Submit to his

                 rule. You will love it.

Hammer Bro: What's this insubordiantion?! Johnson! I am your CAPTAIN! Drop and

            give me twenty!

Voice: Yeah, you know what? I'm gonna have to tell you that your orders mean


[Nastasia walks in]

Nastasia: See, they've already sworn eternal allegiance to Count Bleck, 'K? And

          now you need to, so I'll just go ahead and pencil you in for a 10

          o'clock brainwashing.

[He gets his hammer ready]

Hammer Bro: You just messed with the wrong Koopa! I serve Bowser! You tell this


[Nastasia brainwashes him]


Hammer Bro: HAIL BLECK!

Nastasia: Hm-mm-mm... Yeah, there, isn't that better? So listen, there are

          still a few problem minions that haven't sworn allegiance... You, be

          a lamb and round them up for me... 'K? Thanks.

Hammer Bro: YES, MA'AM!

[The troops walk off, and Nastasia does so as well]

Private Koopa: Oh, man, this is going downhill fast! Did you SEE that?! They

               even broke the captain!

Private Koopa: Look, lady, if they find us, it is GAME OVER! We've gotta clear

               this area, STAT!

[Peach nods. She continues through a door on the left, then goes down the hall

 and enters another door. This leads to an outside area, and a dead end]

Private Koopa: No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dead end!

[Peach walks up a bit]

Princess Peach: Well, staying here won't do us any good... Let's turn around

                and keep looking.

Voice: Oh, turn back? Your friend there had it right. This is your

       dead end.

[Nastasia and some brainwashed troops are shwon]

Princess Peach: Wh-Who ARE you, anyway?!

[The Private Koopa walks up to them]

Private Koopa: Find cover, lady! I'm trained to handle scum like this!

[Nastasia brainwashes him]

Private Koopa: BYOOOOORT!

[He gets sunglasses on]


Nastasia: Wow, Princess, you sure are lucky. I thought the wedding explosion

          finished you... Yeah, but this is the end of the road...and your luck

          runs out...right here.

[She walks up]

Nastasia: It's time you came on over and got with the program... Come and serve

          the count!

Princess Peach: Never!

Nastasia: Yeah, that's great and all, but my hypno-powers kinda say otherwise.

          Just sit tight a sec, 'K? 'Cause I've just got to brainwash you real


[As Nastasia goes to brainwash her, a box surrounds Peach and she vanishes]

Nastasia: What?! That wasn't on my schedule! Where'd she go?

Nastasia: Well, that's really not a deal breaker... Our prophecy-fulfillment

          plan is running smoothly. We have no need for her. Yeah, and it

          doesn't matter where she runs, since all worlds are about to fall...

[The screen fades out]

"I remember that day well... The room was warm. The whole place was at peace."

"Ugh... Uuugh..."

"You're awake at last?"

" I? Is this...a human's home?"

"Bleccch! Don't wiggle like that. I found you at the cliff base. You took quite

 a fall."

"You're a human, correct? I don't...repulse you? I am of the Tribe of


"Why would that matter? Anyone with a heart would not ignore an injured soul!"

"That was the day our paths crossed... That day... That was the day our tragedy

 was set in motion."



Before Chapter Two  [BFC2]





[Mario and Tippi come out of the red door]

"If you get a Pure Heart, you can choose to visit specific sections in each


Tippi: First, to Merlon's place...

[Mario nods. He heads down the elevator]

Voice: You return so soon?

[Merlon is shown standing by his house]

Merlon: I can see from your faces that it went well, indeed... Let's head back

        to my house so you can tell the details. Please, step right in.

[He enters his house, and Mario and Tippi follow him]

Merlon: So, how was it, dear friends? Did you find a Pure Heart?

[Mario nods, then takes out the Pure Heart]

Merlon: Oh ho, such pure brilliance... This is a true piece of the one true

        Purity Heart!

[He puts the heart back up]

Tippi: Yes, we met Merlumina... She gave it to us...

Merlon: Wh-What?! Lady Merlumina?! You were well met. She is an ancestor of

        mine. She was the one who wrote the Light Prognosticus to counteract

        the dark one... Merlumina and those who followed her built this town.

        They are why we are here.


[A villager enters]

Merlon: What is it?! Get ahold of yourself, lad...

Villager: Y-Y'see...
















          Um, y'see... A girl fell outta the sky!

Merlon: What? A girl fell out of the sky? What in the worlds?

Villager: I dunno! Just, please! Get on the elevator and come up there to see


Merlon: So it shall be! And you, Mario, come along. We may need your presence

        as well!

[The villager and Merlon exit the house to go see the girl. Mario follows them

 up an elevator]

Villager: Um, yeah, so I was just looking up at the tower, and she fell outta


[The girl happens to be Princess Peach, who is unconscious]

Merlon: Hmmm... She does not look at all familiar to me... Who could this be?

[Mario walks up to them, and he notices Peach]

Tippi: What's the matter?

[Mario responds]

Merlon: Princess Peach?! So this is the princess that Count Bleck kidnapped?

[Mario nods]

Merlon: Well, the poor girl seems to have had a rough time, of that we can be

        sure. She doesn't appear to be conscious... And she is shivering

        uncontrollably... What could the problem be?

[After a few seconds...]

Merlon: Oh ho! I know!

Merlon: Mario. You must go to the chef named Saffron on the first floor of


[Mario is confused]

Merlon: I am sure she knows a warming and revitalizing recipe for this poor

        girl... Once she revives, we will be able to ask Princess Peach

        exactly what happened. Now, off with you! Find Saffron the chef on the

        first floor!

[Mario nods. He goes to the first floor and enters the kitchen, then speaks

 with Saffron]

Saffron: Welcome to Sweet Smiles! Ooh, sugar, our dishes will turn that little

         frown right upside down!

[Mario responds]

Saffron: What? A friend of yours is out cold? Oh, mercy!

Saffron: Well, listen here, sugar... She sounds like she needs some Spicy Soup!

         All I need is a Fire Burst to make a pot of soup that'll warm her up

         in a jiffy! Some stores sell Fire Bursts, so just check the shelves

         wherever you like to shop. You bring me one, sugar, and I'll make you

         some tasty Spicy Soup!

[Mario goes to the item shop to buy a Fire Burst, then he takes it to Saffron]

Saffron: Ooh, now THERE'S the Fire Burst I need! Now let's just get started on

         making that Spicy Soup! Hand me that Fire Burst...

[He gives her the Fire Burst]

Saffron: So, sugar, you want me to create a dish for you with a Fire Burst?

 - Yes

 - No

[When "Yes" is chosen, she takes the item]

Saffron: One Spicy Soup, coming right up, sugar!

[She then gets to cooking the soup]

Saffron: Sorry about the wait, sugar...but it turned out just right!

[She gives Mario the Spicy Soup]

Saffron: This ought to wake that sleeping beauty of yours, sugar! Get it to her

         just as quick as you can!

[Mario goes back to the unconscious Princess Peach, then gives her the soup]

Princess Peach: Ugggghhh...

Merlon: Oh ho... It seems to have worked.

[She wakes up and gets up, then yawns]

Princess Peach: Mmmm... I feel like I just ate the most delicious thing... I

                haven't had a dream about such tasty food in ages...

[Mario responds, then Peach becomes aware and notices Mario]

Princess Peach: Oh! Mario?! You're OK?!

[She looks around]

Princess Peach: But where exactly are we?

Tippi: This is Flipside...

[She looks around some more]

Princess Peach: Umm...OK. And who are you?

Merlon: My dear, I am called Merlon. And that is what is known as a Pixl. Her

        name is Tippi. Come, let us adjourn to my house. I would be grateful if

        you would tell us more there.

[Mario nods. Later, inside Merlon's house...]

Princess Peach: ...And then before I knew it, I awoke and saw Mario, you, and


Merlon: Well, my dear... That is most assuredly a tale of woe and troubles.

Princess Peach: Oh, Mario... What do you suppose happened to Luigi and Bowser?

[Mario responds]

Princess Peach: Mm, I suppose you're right... There's just no way to know. I

                just hope they're safe...

[Mario thinks]

Tippi: Merlon... What should we do next?

Merlon: "And one Pure Heart shall lead the way to the next..." So it is

        written. There are still more Heart Pillars to be found in Flipside,

        young ones. When you find the next Heart Pillar, you must set a Pure

        Heart in it. And when you do so, a door to the world containing the

        next Pure Heart will appear.

[Mario and Peach nod]

Merlon: intuition tells me the next door may lead you to the

        mysterious Merlee.

Merlon: Like Bestovius and I, Merlee is one of the Ancients... We are like

        long-lost cousins. Yes... I have heard that Merlee has guarded an

        ancient and secret treasure. If my instincts are correct, it may be the

        next Pure Heart we seek. I must tell you, the Light Prognosticus also

        speaks of her magical powers...

Princess Peach: So... We just need to find this Merlee person, is that it?

Merlon: Oh ho, are you going as well? You should not tax yourself. You've only

        just may be dangerous.

Princess Peach: Well, I can't just sit here and let everyone else go off to

                save the worlds, now, can I? After all, The Void that is

                spreading in the sky is my fault. Mine and Bowser's...

[She turns to Mario, and he shakes his head. She turns back to Merlon]

Princess Peach: So I'm going, and that's final! I've made my decision.

"Peach has joined your party! Now you can control not just Mario, but Princess

 Peach, as well!"

Tippi: I guess we need to find that next Heart Pillar...

Merlon: Hmmmmm... This princess is headstrong, to be sure. How very refreshing.

[He walks up to Peach]

Merlon: I insist you take this.

[He gives her an Old Key]

Merlon: There are secrets in this town that even I do not know... This may be

        one of the keys to unconvering them. Quite literally, in fact. Please,

        use this key wherever it fits here in town. My intuition tells me you

        should be able to use it very near my house...

[He walks back]

Merlon: I will continue to read the Light Prognosticus and look for any clues

        that may help. I am sure that musty old tome still has much to teach

        us. Yes, very much indeed. Now, Mario, Princess Peach... Do all you can

        to stop the count's evil plans!

Princess Peach: Let's go, Mario! Come on, Tippi!

[Mario nods, then they exit Merlon's house]

"When playing as Princess Peach, you can use her umbrella in a few ways. Press

 and hold 2 while jumping to float slowly down. In addition, press the D-Pad

 down to use your umbrella to guard against enemy attacks. When you want to

 change your character, choose him or her on the menu screen."

[Mario looks for a place to use the Old Key, and finds a gate to use it on in

 the 3D dimension. He eventually finds his way around to a Heart Pillar, then

 inserts the Pure Heart into it. This reveals an orange door on the tower of

 Flipside, then Mario and his group enters it]



Chapter 2-1: Bogging to Merlee's  [CH21]


"With Princess Peach at his side, Mario set out once again, bound for

 adventure. This time, our heroes were tasked with finding the mysterious

 charmer, Merlee. If Merlon was right, then Merlee was the key to finding the

 next Pure Heart. Never one to flinch from danger, Mario set out to find

 Merlee's mysterious mansion. But little did he know, the evil works of

 dastardly Count Bleck awaited at every turn..."


Gloam Valley


[The stage gets drawn out, then Mario and the others emerge from the door]

Tippi: The Pure Heart is somewhere up ahead... Yes, it must be... But it could

       be a ways...

Tippi: Let's go...

[Mario nods. They explore the gloomy valley, and eventually Mario enters a

 pipe. This leads to what appears to be an empty room]

Tippi: This room... There's something about this room...

[He uses Tippi's abilities to find a hidden blue switch, which he hits even

 though it's invisible. This makes a pipe appear, which he takes down into

 another room. He defeats an enemy in that room, then a big chest appears. He

 examins the chest, and it opens. Mario is confused because nothing happens]


[A Pixl shaped like a bomb appears]

Pixl: Good vibes! Them vibes set off my blow-stuff-up sensors! You like

      explodin'? Sss-POW! I ain't sensed real good blow-stuff-up vibes in...

      1,500 years! Sss-POOOM! I gotta check those vibes out a little more

      close-like! Sss-CRAAAACK!

Pixl: Check it out: just answer a couple questions real quick. Sss-BLAAAAM!

[Mario points to himself]

Pixl: OK, sss-BOOOOM? Here we go, sss-BWAMMO!

Pixl: You stay up wonderin' if anyone ever gives presents TO Santa Claus.

 - Yes!

 - Totally!

[The outcome will be the same for all of the questions, regardless of the

 answer you choose]

Pixl: For some reason, you clean your room before a test.

 - Absolutely!

 - Uh-huh!

Pixl: When someone says, "Let's just be friends," you think, "Yeah, whatever."

 - And how!

 - No doubt!

Pixl: You don't really understand why I'm askin' you all these weird questions.

 - You got it!

 - Truer than true!

Pixl: You think shoppin' online is a wonderful and magical experience.

 - All my life!

 - Right on!

Pixl: You once put on a shirt inside out but didn't bother reversin' it before

      goin' out.

 - Yeah, I remember that.

 - All the time!

Pixl: You wanna be sleepin' when you're awake, but when you're tired, you wanna

      wake up.

 - Exactly!

 - Always!

Pixl: You're gettin' real tired of these questions.

 - You said it, not me.

 - Umm...yeah.

Pixl: Got it, got it, GOT IT! SSSS-BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! You got some tasty vibes!

      Ssss-BLAM! My mind's made up now! Ssss-BLAPPOW! You guys...are worthy of

      my power!

[The Pixl, Boomer, joins Mario]

"The explosive Pixl named Boomer became your friend! Use Boomer's power to blow

 up foes and destroy blocks! When you want to switch Pixls, just go to the

 Pixls menu and pick another one."

Boomer: Each second explodes into the next! Ssss-BAMMO! Bombs away!


[Using Boomer's help, Mario and the others go through more areas of the valley,

 eventually hitting a switch. This causes a rumble]

Tippi: That was awfully rumbly... Something must have happened outside...

[Soon after, Mario comes to the star block and ends the chapter by hitting it]



Chapter 2-2: Tricks, Treats, Traps  [CH22]


"On the far side of a beast-ridden swamp, Mario and Co. found an imposing

 residence. "This must be Merlee's Mansion!" squealed Princess Peach with glee.

 If our friends could only find the Pure Heart quickly, their quest here would

 end. But when has fate ever set Mario on such a simple path? Brimming with

 anticipation, our plucky heroes plunged into Merlee's Mansion..."


Merlee's Mansion


[Mario and the others enter the mansion, and in the second room they find a

 weird lady]

Lady: Well, hi there! Big welcome! Welcome to Merlee's Mansion!

Lady: I'm Lady Merlee's handmaid. My name's Mimi! But you can call me Mimikins

      if you want! You're here to see Lady Merlee, aren't you?

[Mario nods]

Mimi: How super for you! Well, Lady Merlee is on the second floor, in the

      farthest room. Just head on up there whenever you're ready! Oh, golly,


      ELSE! Enjoy your visit, OK?

[Mario goes into the room Mimi told him to go into, but all it ultimately led

 him to was a trap, where a ceiling fell down with spikes on it. After making

 it through this room, he returns to Mimi]

Mimi: Hm? Lady Merlee wasn't in the room I directed you to?

[Mario nods]

Mimi: Oh, jeepers... Mimikins, you deserve a good spanking! Why must you be so

      silly?! Lady Merlee must be in the CLOSEST room on the first floor! Yes,

      of COURSE! Please head in and go alllll the way to the back!

[He heads into that room, only to find another trap. He returns to Mimi]

Mimi: You can't find Lady Merlee? Gee whiz, that's a real head-scratcher, huh?

      I KNOW Lady Merlee is somewhere in the mansion. Look wherever you can!

[Mario unlocks a door with a chain attached to the lock, which ties up a

 monster. The monster breaks loose]

Monster: GwwAARGH!

[It heads towards Mimi]


[She runs away]

Tippi: I wonder why that savage thing went straight for her and paid us no

       mind... I'd like to think we look rather tasty... What do you suppose it


Tippi: This mansion is quite odd... I feel certain it holds many secrets...

[Mario hits the star block he comes to, ending this chapter]



Chapter 2-3: Breaking the Bank  [CH23]


"Mario and his friends kept up their search, delving ever deeper into the

 mansion. Wherever they looked, though, they found no sign of Merlee. Where was

 this mysterious woman? "Ah, maybe...this way..." So said Tippi, trying to

 sense the Pure Heart's location... With dread dangling like a broken

 chandelier, our heroes hurried through corridors..."


Merlee's Mansion


[As Mario heads forward, he finds a coin block with a vase perched on top of

 it. He jumps and gets a coin out of the block, breaking the vase in the

 process. Mimi then screams]


[She runs up to Mario]

Mimi: You broke it! You broke my most favoritest vase!

Mimi: DOOFUSES! I loved that vase more than ANYTHING! And you BROKE it!


Mimi: Oh, you'll pay for that! Yes, you will... I'll have you know that that

      vase cost 1,000,000 Rubees...

Mimi: So hand over that money! Now! Or you're DONE FOR!

[Mario shakes his head in fear]

Tippi: Rubees? Oh, I don't believe Mario carries any of that particular

       currency... I don't suppose those are anything like coins, are they?

Mimi: Coins?! No one uses COINS anymore, you peasants! I SPIT on your coins!

      ...So what are you saying? Are you telling me you don't have any Rubees

      at all?!

[Mario nods]

Mimi: Well, guess what? You're just gonna have to work it off, then! Until you

      work off your debt, you naughty little things, I OWN YOU! ENJOY LABOR!

[She goes to walk off]

Mimi: Yes, so, you can earn Rubees in the generator room on the top floor. Once

      you earn 1,000,000 Rubees, you come pay it off in the room at the back.

      You can also check the balance of your debt there. So! Get to work,


[Mimi runs off]

"Mario is now saddled with a 1,000,000-Rubee debt! WHOA!"

[Mario heads upstairs and enters the first door, where he finds some prisoners

 hitting some blocks, and a warden]


[The warden is shown]

Warden #1: Work those skinny little flea legs! Unh! Make it burn! Jump like you

           mean it! Boss Mimi hates the dark like she hates brussels sprouts!


[Mario goes and speaks with the warden]

Warden #1: Yeah, this is the generator room. Hit blocks, make energy, earn

           Rubees! Unh! Rubees make the world go up, down, 'round and 'round!

           You wanna work here too?

 - Sure thing!

 - No way!

[If "No way!" is chosen...]

Warden #1: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You wanna live a slacker life, be my guest! Slacker.

           But you'll never get out of here unless you start working! Unh!

[If "Sure thing!" is chosen...]

Warden #1: Unh! LOVE the energy, kid! Just find an unused block and jump like

           you mean it! Another day, another Rubee! Unh! Rubees are life! Unh!

           Jump! Rubee! Jump! Rubee! When you're done jumping, come talk to me.

           I'll tell you how many Rubees you earned. Oh! And watch out for our

           "motivational sparks" that travel along the floor!

[Mario hits the one block that is free over and over, and when he gets very

 little Rubees, he talks to the warden]

Warden #1: You call that a day's work?! Wow. Worst peon of all time. Pro tip:

           get a work ethic. But a promise is a promise. For your sad amount of

           work, a sad amount of Rubees!

[If Mario gets a decent amount of Rubees...]

Warden #1: Want your Rubees, do you, little flea? Well, fine. For your utterly

           average work, here's an average sum of Rubees.

[Once Mario gets 100 Rubees or more, he goes to the lower floor and enters the

 door farthest to the left. Inside is a prisoner]

Prisoner #1: Hey, new gerbil. You wanna learn a little secret? Yeah, I betcha

             you do... Just slip me 100 Rubees. I'll tell ya somethin' good.

             Honest. It's prime info.

 - Pay the man!

 - No way!

[If "No way!" is chosen...]

Prisoner #1: What, you don't trust me? Pfft! You must lead a sad little gerbil

             life if you can't trust people.

[If "Pay the man!" is chosen...]

Prisoner #1: Your mom taught you to trust strangers, huh? Yeah, solid

             parenting, right there. Well, turns out she was a smart cookie.

             I'm gonna give you the VIP room passcode. The secret code is...

             5963! What good is it? That's a secret! Duh! Just remember 5963,

             gerbil. Thank me later.

[Mario uses this passcode to get into a secret room, where more prisoners are

 getting Rubees by running on wheels like a hamster]

Warden #2: RUN, GERBILS!

[The warden is shown]

Warden #2: 'Round and 'round and 'round she goes! When I'll retire, nobody

           knows! Big Boss Mimi hates the dark more than old ham! So move those

           gerbil legs! POOOOOOWERRRR UUUUUUUP!

[Mario talks to the warden]

Warden #2: This is the VIP generator room. Run in a wheel, make volts, earn

           some cash! Yeah, major upgrade from that other room! You'll earn

           crazy Rubees in here! Unh! So, a new gerbil, huh... Hungry for

           Rubees, gerbil? You wanna work here?

 - I'm ready!

 - No way!

[If "No way!" is chosen...]

Warden #2: Fine. Go sit in the dark and cry like the baby gerbil you are. What

           do I care, right? Wanna work hard? Great. Wanna cry about it? Fine.

           I don't care. Gerbil.

[If "I'm ready!" is chosen...]

Warden #2: Great, great, just hang on for one second for me... MOOOOOVE,

           GERBILS! MOVE! Y'know, sometimes I wonder why I do this...but it's

           simple: work is fun! You ready?

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Warden #2: Y'know, this latest crop of volt gerbils is pretty weak. I'd outwork

           them on one leg!

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

Warden #2: Good answer! Now get in there, gerbil! MOVE!

[The warden opens the empty wheel, and Mario jumps in. It then closes, and

 Mario begins running to the right to make the wheel roll. When he stops...]

Warden #2: Awwww, what's the matter? Tuckered out, little gerbil?

 - Yes

 - No

[If "Yes" is chosen, the warden will say the following things depending on how

 many Rubees you got]

Warden #2: You call that working, gerbil? Me, I call that a miserable excuse

           for labor. I guess you still have some pay coming, though. C'mere.

           Nibble a few Rubees, gerbil.

[She opens the wheel and gives Mario his earned Rubees]

Warden #2: Hmmm... I wouldn't call you the star of all gerbil-kind, but that

           wasn't too shabby. C'mere. It's not exactly a gerbil banquet of

           Rubees, but it's nothing to sneeze at.

[After you get a whole lot of Rubees at once...]

Warden #2: Whooo! You're just a little scamperer, aren't you? That's what I

           call a can-do gerbil! You ought to try out for the annual

           Gerbilympics, y'know? You could win medals! We reward scampering

           like that around here! C'mere for your payoff, Super Gerbil!

[Once Mario gets 10,000 or more Rubees, he goes to the middle floor and enters

 3D mode, where he finds a hidden chest. It opens]

Chest: *quietly* Know the secret?

[Mario gets confused, then a Pixl comes out]


Pixl: So, do ya know the secret, pard? Well? Do ya? Iffen you close yer

      peepers...and imagine real hard...that the world's gone... Why, it's just

      about the biggest dern thrill ever!

Pixl: WHUH-HUH?! My senses are tellin' me that you're the hero! Whoa... Hey,

      welcome, pard. Got some bad news, though. Looks to me like yer a bit

      lackin' in thrills. I can't give my power to anyone who's too skinny in

      the thrills department. So here's what we do, pard! I'll recharge yer

      thrill gauge over the next ten seconds!

Pixl: You ready? Here goes!



[Mario falls asleep]








[Mario wakes up]

Pixl: Now yer all chargified, pard! Yepper, now you've got yer thrills! Now

      remember, we Pixls got loads of power, so you'd best be real careful with

      us! We had a little dustup with them Ancients 2,000 years ago...but we're

      pards now. So let's go have us some thrills, huh?! C'mon!

[The Pixl, Slim, joins Mario]

"The sideways-turning Pixl named Slim is now your pard! You can use Slim's

 power to turn sideways and avoid traps or enemies! And when you're sideways,

 you won't take long as you stay still!"

Slim: So now ya now the secret, huh, pard? Don't ya? Playin' hide-an'-seek is

      the biggest thrill you can find! You oughta try it!

[Mario goes back to the prisoner room he was at earlier, and finds a hidden

 prisoner in 3D]

Prisoner #2: Fine timing, friend of mine! I just got hold of some verrry

             delectable info! You're timely, so it's yours! I was gonna charge

             10,001 Rubees, but for you...10,000! Sound good?

 - Sure...

 - No way!

[If "No way!" is chosen...]

Prisoner #2: Pfft. Know what you are, friend of mine? C-H-E-A-P. Take a hike.

[If "Sure..." is chosen...]

Prisoner #2: Thanks, buddy of mine! Listen, and listen good. Mimi was napping,

             OK? And I heard her start sleeptalking... And she whispered...

             41262816... Think it's her boyfriend's phone number or something?

[With this new passcode, Mario finds a hidden passage on the top floor near the

 prisoner's room. He finds a hidden ladder which leads to two electrical

 barriers. He uses Slim to get past the barriers, then he uses the passcode he

 discovered on the door to unlock it. It holds 1,000,000 Rubees]

"You got 1,000,000 Rubees!"

[Mario now goes to the door at the bottom-right corner of the room]

Mimi: Oh, hi there! Big welcome! So happy to have you here at Rubee Savings and


[He talks to her]

Mimi: First off, THANKS for taking out a special Rubee loan! Now, what can I do

      for you?

 - Pay off some Rubees!

 - Check my balance!

 - Dropping in for kicks!

 - I love you!

[If "Check my balance!" is chosen...]

Mimi: You have an outstanding Rubee balance on this loan of 1000000. Remember

      to make your payments on time! And remember...BIG SMILE!

[If "Dropping in for kicks!" is chosen...]

Mimi: You don't need anything? Well, golly, then how about you GET LOST RIGHT


[If "I love you!" is chosen...]

Mimi: Yeah, well, that's just super. Know what I love? Rubees. Go get me some,


[If "Pay off some Rubees!" is chosen...]

Mimi: Super! Let me just take all those Rubees off your hands! There you go!

[She takes all of Mario's Rubees. When he pays all 1,000,000...]

Mimi: Well, thank you SO much for paying off your Rubee loan in...full... ...?

Mimi: *shocked* WHAAAAT?! How did you earn enough Rubees to pay it off?! That's

      not supposed to happen! Nooo... You've broken my wonderful curse!

[She floats up in the air]


[A light shines]

Mimi: Aaaaaaaa......

[She explodes into millions of pieces, then a star block appears]

Tippi: So, that young imp put a curse on this mansion, then... But who was she,

       really? I'm worried about Merlee... We must hurry to her aid...

[Mario nods, then he goes inside the cage the star block is in using Slim. He

 hits it to end the chapter]



Chapter 2-4: The Basement Face-off  [CH24]


"The mysterious handmaid Mimi disappeared in a bizzare explosion... What

 exactly was her plan, and why did she try to enslave Mario and friends? After

 the incident, Princess Peach noticed stairs going down. "Here we go!" she

 said. "I wonder if Merlee is down here?" thought our heroes as they traded

 worried glances... The two solemnly made their way down, knowing there was no

 other path to follow."


Merlee's Basement


Tippi: The Pure Heart is near... I feel its tremors so much more strongly down


[Mario nods]

Voice: Ah! Hooray! Whoopee! Thanks for coming to look for me!

[Mario looks around, then gets confused. Merlee's spirit appears]

Merlee: Beautiful, mysterious Merlee! Mistress of the house, it's me! So glad

        it's you I see! So long I've waited for you. Your arrival is well past

        due. But we can't meet like this, oh no, for something's amiss. An evil

        one is after me, and safe and sound I cannot be.

Merlee: In the basement do I dwell, mazelike rooms are my cell, you will find

        me, I can tell... And...if you do, take care... For...your eyes...may

        err... Trust nothing...foul...or fair...

[She starts to fade out]

Merlee: No... I cannot...last... My The to find me? Beware...

        if you do, I plea... ...  .. ... ..  .  .  ..   ....  .. ...  .  ...

        ..  .. .... .. . . . ..   . .  .. .... . .

[She fades out]

Tippi: She's gone... Was that apparition really Merlee? Why do you suppose she

       was telling us to be so careful when we find her?

[Mario goes through the basement, and through a maze of doors. Eventually he

 ends up finding Merlee]

Merlee: Ahh, yes, how very nice... Thanks for coming! Thank you twice!

[Mario notices her]

Merlee: Mysterious and so lovely, mistress of the house you see... It's me,

        Merlee! I shine on, such is my lot, a sun to those fate to me

        brought... And I knew that soon I'd see you buzz on by, little bees.

        Hee hee hee hee hee!

[Mario walks up to her and responds]

Tippi: We've come seeking the Pure Heart...

Merlee: Oh, yes, of course, I know! The Pure Heart for Mario! ...And Co.!

[Mario nods]

Merlee: For you, yes, I'll gladly part with that purest Pure Heart. Mmm, but

        there is a wee fee: yes, yes, 10,000,000 Rubees! Quite a bargain, you

        agree? So, folks, if you'd be dears, sign this dotted line here, and

        it's yours, free and clear!

 - Sign

 - Refuse

[When you refuse...]

Merlee: If you lack the Rubees now, a smallish loan I could allow. You can work

        it off somehow. Just sign here, my dear...

 - Sign

 - Refuse

[When you refuse...]

Merlee: ...OK, here's what we'll do. Have I got a deal for you! Sign up for a

        loan, and boom! A free gift! Away with gloom! A Super Mega Ultra

        Shroom! Just sign here, my dear...

 - Sign

 - Refuse

[When you refuse...]

Merlee: Ugh, fine, you bargain hard, I'll also throw in Beardward, a Pixl made

        of oats and lard. Isn't that so nice of me? I'm the best, don't you

        see? Here, dear, sign and cheer...

 - Sign

 - Refuse

[When you refuse...]

Merlee: NYAAAH! Idiots, the lot of you! Turning down such a coup! None of you

        have a clue! Here it is: your last shot! Sign right now, on the dot!

 - Sign

 - Refuse

[When you refuse, the real Merlee appears]

Merlee (Real): Good choice, for my sake... This Merlee's a total fake... Listen

               not! She is a snake!

[She disappears]

Merlee (Fake): Mimimimimimimimimimimi... No point in trying to fool anyone


[She turns into Mimi]

Mimi: Gee, lookee here! The girl you thought was a handmaid or a Merlee

      imposter... She's actually the faithful servant of Count Bleck, master

      impersonator Mimi! Golly, I was hoping we could settle this peacefully,

      but...TOO BAD!

[She jumps]

Mimi: Oh, you want to make things ugly, huh? Well, that's super. Let's get



[The area rumbles, then her head snaps and spins around. She turns into a big


Mimi: Mimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimi



Tippi: YUCK!

[Merlee appears]

Merlee: Please, my friends, beware. A barrier protects her there. In fact, it's

        everywhere. I think attacks may well be useless against such as she.

Tippi: Attacks won't work? Ugh... What shall we do?


Merlee: I must suggest you flee. Come and find the real me. I am hiding, look

        and see! If you can, my magic may weaken her and win the day! Hurry,

        hurry, don't delay!

[Mario goes through more of the basement, while avoiding the spider form of

 Mimi. He eventually enters a female's bathroom, and opens one of the stalls,

 which contains Merlee inside a toilet]

Merlee: Hee hee hee hee hee!

[Mario is confused, then she comes out of the toilet]

Merlee: Hee hee hee hee hee! Found me! The real Merlee! I shine on, such is my

        lot, a sun to those fate to me brought...

[She jumps off and exits the stall]

Tippi: The real Merlee? Truly? In a place like this?

Merlee: I'm afraid that Mimi freak was too robust, and I too weak... The Pure

        Heart I quickly took and hid where she would never look... But now

        you're here; hooray! This bad tide will turn today! Soon that awful

        Mimi pays... You and I can now join up to teach that tiny, bratty pup a

        lesson: now let's power up!

[Mario nods]

Voice: Ooh, I don't think so...

[Mimi enters the room in her spider form]

Merlee: Mimi!

[Mimi walks toward Merlee, as a light flashes on the screen repeatedly]

Mimi: Mimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimi



[There ends up being two Merlees]

Merlee (1): Stop pretending to be me! Everyone knows you are Mimi! Come on,

            friends! Attack! We can drive her back!

Merlee (2): What is this you talk about? You're the faker! And a lout! Don't be

            fooled by her act! Get her now! Now! Attack!

Merlee (1): It's me! The real Merlee!

Merlee (2): No, it's me! The true Merlee!

[The first one turns to Mario]

Merlee (1): Look at us very closely. One of us has real beauty...and one is

            fake as can be.

Merlee (2): Oh, please, you make me gag. I am hot; no need to brag. And you...

            Well, you're a hag.

Merlee (1): Grrr! What a fib-maker! You're such a fake faker!

Merlee (2): Oh, now, come off it, dear! You're a dog from eye to ear! And your

            breath reeks, I fear.

Merlee (2): *quietly* BIG PIG!

Merlee (1): *quietly* CHOW COW!

[They start fighting, but eventually stop]

Merlee (1): This is going nowhere, see... Let's let them pick a Merlee and

            settle it; do you agree?

[Mario points to himself]

Merlee (2): Sounds like a good thought. 'Cause I'm the real me (hot) and you

            really aren't (not).

Merlee (1): Hee hee hee hee hee... Oh, how much do you amuse! You're a fake!

            You will lose!

Merlee (2): Hee hee hee hee hee... You're fake, you stupid fake! We all know

            you're the snake!

Both: IT'S ON, CON!

[A quiz arena appears]

Computer: IIIIIIIT'S the 66th Annual..."That's My Merlee!" show! How're you

          folks doing?

Computer: Let's get going! You're gonna ask these two Merlees a total of FIVE

          questions! Listen closely to those answers, 'cause at the end, you

          gotta pick the real one! Oh, but that's not all! Pick wrong, and

          there could be some di-SAS-trous results! Now, for our first


 - When's your birthday?

 - What's the best food?

 - What guy's your type?

 - What's the best animal?

 - What's the best smell?

 - What are you into?

 - What do you want most?

 - What's your nickname?

 - What do you wash first?

 - What's your best feature?

[If "When's your birthday?" is chosen...]

Computer: Let's make with the asking! Drrrrrrrrumroll, please! When is your


Merlee (1): What day did I arrive? Oh yes, March, day 25!

Merlee (2): I bloomed in May, the 5th was the day!

Computer: Ooh, VERRRRRY interesting! Now for the next question!

[If "What's the best food?" is chosen...]

Computer: Oh! A crucial question! What is your favorite food?

Merlee (1): Strawberries! Ooh, yummies!

Merlee (2): Tangerines! That's my scene!

Computer: Oh, indeed, indeed! Time for another question!

[If "What guy's your type?" is chosen...]

Computer: We'd all like to know this next one, am I right, fellas?

          Drrrrrrrumroll, please! What kind of guy's your type?

Merlee (1): Hee hee...I love them all, see... Nope! No type for me!

Merlee (2): Oh, how can I share when... ...the guy's right there.

Computer: Well, what do you know? Next question, please!

[If "What's the best animal?" is chosen...]

Computer: What a CUTE question! What is your favorite kind of animal?

Merlee (1): A little bear cubbie, just as cute as can be!

Merlee (2): An adorable little demon, all sweatin' and steamin'!

Computer: Now! Time for our final question, folks! Excitement! Which will it


[If "What's the best smell?" is chosen...]

Computer: Hmm, this one is sort of off the beaten path... What is your

          favorite smell?

Merlee (1): Fresh air, I swear!

Merlee (2): Old cheese, yes, please!

[If "What are you into?" is chosen...]

Computer: This one's about hobbies! What are you into lately?

Merlee (1): Catalogues for crystal balls, that's where my interest falls.

Merlee (2): I like watching rerun shows of "Super Ultra Goomba Bros.!"

Computer: Ooh, VERRRRRY interesting! Now for the next question!

[If "What do you want most?" is chosen...]

Computer: What a great QUESTION! What do you want most right now?

Merlee (1): Crystal ball. The newest kind! Nice ones are hard to find!

Merlee (2): I want a boyfriend, please! I'd love a guy to squeeze!

Computer: Oh, indeed, indeed! Time for another question!

[If "What's your nickname?" is chosen...]

Computer: This question might stir up some childhood trauma! What was your

          nickname as a kid?

Merlee (1): It is not a name to boast, but I was the "Bashful Ghost."

Merlee (2): Not to go and make a fuss, but I was the "Odd Propoise."

Computer: Well, what do you know? Next question, please!

[If "What do you wash first?" is chosen...]

Computer: Whoo! This question is a little risque, folks! What is the first

          thing you wash in the bathtub?

Merlee (1): Not that you should care, but I wash my bangs of hair.

Merlee (2): I start with the tile mold, then the faucets, hot and cold...

Computer: Now! Time for our final question, folks! Excitement! Which will it


[If "What's your best feature?" is chosen...]

Computer: Now here's one for the ages! What is your best feature?

Merlee (1): The lobes of my perfect ears. They got voted by my peers to be

            "Lobes of the Year."

Merlee (2): Well, that would have to be my effervescent personality. People

            seem to love it, see.

[After asking five questions...]

Computer: Well, folks, those were all five questions! So... Which one is the

          real Merlee?! Search your minds! LET'S HAVE A GUESS!

[Mario picks the one with flies around her]

Computer: Are you suuuure about that? Think good and hard, folks!

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen, you have to guess again. If "Yes" is chosen...]

Computer: Well, enough suspense! Let's see if the one you picked is the real

          Merlee... A fateful moment, folks! I'm on pins and needles!

[If you selected the right one, then after a few seconds...]

Computer: DING! RIGHT!

Merlee: Hee hee hee hee hee... Well, of course, obviously! Nobody could copy


Merlee (Fake): Stupid-heads... I'd mimicked her perfecty! You know it! ... I

               guess I'll congratulate tearing you to little bits like

               stupid confetti!

[She turns into Mimi, in her normal form. Everyone is back in the bathroom,

 then she transforms into a spider. Merlee gets scared]

Mimi: *quietly* U-Urr... URK! URK!

[Merlee runs off]

Merlee: I will cheer from over here! Rah! Rah! Whoosh-bing-bah! Hit 'er in the

        knee! ...If she has one. Does she?

Mimi: Heeheeheeheeheeheehee... She's a fast one, isn't she? Oh, golly, well,

      whatever. I'll finish you off first! MIMIMIMIMIMIMI!

[They battle Mimi. After she's hit once and takes no damage, Merlee breaks her

 barrier and she gets damaged]

Mimi: But...what? Why can you damage me?! I'm supposed to be all INVINCIBLE!

      Count Bleck's power was supposed to protect me!

Merlee: Rah! Rah! Whoosh-bing-bah! You can now hit her, dear! For this is no

        normal cheer! This cheer is magic, woo! Her magic barrier is through!

Mimi: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! When did this happen?! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I feel

      completely naked! How could you?!

[After a few legs have been broken off of Mimi...]

Merlee: Hee hee on you, dearie! Now you shall see the way a good cheer wins the


[After some more hits...]

Merlee: Yes! Yes! Our team's best! GOOO...TEAM!

[After she's been defeated, her head falls to the ground]

Mimi: Mimimimimiuuuuuurgh... B-But how could you... It's impossible... How...

[She explodes and turns back into her real form]

Mimi: Uurr-urrk... URK! URK! Don't think you've beaten me for good, dummies...

      Next time you won't be so lucky... Remember that... Stupid-heads!


[She floats up and disappears, then Merlee enters the room and walks to Mario]

Merlee: Fine job on that Mimi, yes! The Pure Heart's safe, evil's repressed.

[The outside of the mansion is shown]

Merlee: You know, the tenants here guarded it for 1,500 years, waiting for you

        to draw near! Finally, that duty's done, and I'm ecstatic, for one. But

        wait, ere we finish up. I must tell you something, yup.

[Back in the bathroom...]

Merlee: So, the Light Prognosticus was read by you, yes? It was written there

        that I and my ancestors waited by the Pure Heart, staying spry... But

        something wasn't written there, and of it you must be aware.

Merlee: There is another prophecy: a heart of chaos can only be beaten by four

        of mystery... Four heroes unite, their hope burns forth light to

        shatter the walls of blight. That is how despair, it dies, such is what

        we prophesize here in the home of the wise.

Princess Peach: Four...heroes...

Merlee: I am sure the pair of you, Mario and Peach, you too, are the first

        of heroes true. So, then, it falls to you, to find the other heroes

        two. I would guess, if I had to, the others might be known to you.

Merlee: Now, finally, let me be! I hereby do my sworn duty! There! From me it

        parts! Here, heroes! A Pure Heart!

[Merlee takes out the Pure Heart and gives it to Mario]

"You got a Pure Heart"

"Count Bleck's servant Mimi had laid a nasty trap for Mario and friends... But

 with the help of Merlee, faithful defender of the Pure Heart, the day was won.

 But who were the other two heroes mentioned by Merlee? With five Pure Hearts

 to be found, Mario knew this adventure had only begun..."



Castle Bleck Scene 3  [BLK3]



Castle Bleck


Nastasia: ...Yeah, so I just got a brief memo from Mimi? It says "I messed up

          bad!" ...That's the message in its entirety. Yeah...

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... She failed to best him, even with my gift

             of power? A Light Prognosticus hero... Descendants of the ancient

             tribe... Their strength grows.

Voice: Count Bleck!

[O'Chunks enters]

O'Chunks: I beg yeh, gimme the honor o' whalin' on this pack o' nambly-

          pamblies! I swear on me whiskers that I'll spank 'em like naughty

          little Cherbils, I will!

Nastasia: Oh, so, O'Chunks, yeah, you think you're all set to go? So I guess

          you finished up that report on your own inadequacy that I needed?

O'Chunks: Eah... Y'see... I...just got a wee bit left. I'm workin' on me

          conclusion. Yeh gotta gimme a break! Me writin' takes time, lass! An'

          1,000 pages be a lot!

Count Bleck: O'Chunks, calm yourself. Take a minion time-out. Count Bleck will


[He spreads out his left arm]

Count Bleck: Dimentio! Come to me...Count Bleck!

[Dimentio appears]

Dimentio: And so I arrive, like a sudden windstorm at a kindergarten picnic!

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... You'd like some playtime, I imagine,

             Dimentio? So you shall have it, but do not disappoint Count Bleck.

             Dispatch this hero.

Dimentio: Your wish is my command. Besides, this fool sounds like an amusing

          challenge. Now if there is nothing else, I'll just be on my way.

          Ciao, my count.

[Dimentio leaves]

Nastasia: Yeah, so, O'Chunks? Can you fill me in on why you're still not

          writing that report?

O'Chunks: A report?! What are yeh... Oh... Yeah. A'right, I'm goin', yeh great


[O'Chunks leaves]

Nastasia: Count, let me just bring you up to speed on the current state of the

          castle... I still have to root out a few unconverted rogues, but I'll

          report back soon...

[She leaves]

Count Bleck: Heroes... Trying to save these pathetic old worlds. Bleck, says

             Count Bleck! Bleh heh heh heh heh heh... Their efforts are in

             vain. No one can stop Count Bleck!

[Bleck leaves with the Dark Prognosticus]

Count Bleck: Just as no one can ease the tempest that rages in my suffering




Luigi's Event  [LGIE]



Castle Bleck


[Luigi is shown outside of one of the castle's rooms, just like where Peach was


Luigi: Ohh... My head...

[He gets up and looks around]

Luigi: ...Hey! Where am I?

[He stops for a moment]

Luigi: Oh yeah, now I remember! I was saving Princess Peach, but I screwed it

       up, and...

Voice: You awake, Green?

[Luigi turns around and sees two Goombas]

Luigi: Yeah... Hey there, uh, bad guys. You doing all right?

Goomba #1: Yeah, we're doing OK. Good to see you made it! (Figured he was

           done... Dude is tougher than he looks.)

Luigi: So yeah...kinda awkward... Say, have you guys seen the princess and


Goomba #2: Nope, not so much. You're the only one we found lying around here.

           Hopefully, they're both OK. (Get a load of this moron! Who cares

           about his friend?)

Goomba #1: Near as we can figure, most of the other minions got captured or

           something. And we're probably next! (Why is this dude so calm?!

           We're behind enemy lines!)

Goomba #2: Sooooo... Luigi, old buddy! What do you think about maybe getting

           out of here? We're thinking maybe you open up a path for us...and we

           all bail. Watcha think?

[Luigi shakes his head]

Luigi: No... I... I couldn't possibly! I've gotta save the princess!

Goomba #1: Did NOT expect that. All those stories about Great

           Luigi's daring exploits... We'd heard you were the defender of the

           helpless! We have no one else!

[Luigi is shocked]

Luigi: The G-Great Luigi, you say? A... A daring defneder? ...Me?

Luigi: Then I've got no choice! Luigi must spring into action! My fans need me!

Goomba #1: Oh, you are the BEST! (Man, that was waaaaay too easy. What a


Goomba #2: We're right behind you! (But the second the going gets rough, we


Luigi: Then follow ME,! Here we gooooo!

[Luigi goes through the castle via some doorways on the left side. He goes down

 a seemingly endless hallway, until...]

Voice: Great Luigi! Wait for us!

[Luigi turns around and the two Goombas appear. One of them walks up to a wall,

 which is a dead end]

Goomba #1: Uh oh... Looks like the end of the line here.

[Luigi walks up to him]

Luigi: Oh boy... Looks like you're right. Now what do we do?

Goomba #2: Uh... Shouldn't we look for another way out, maybe? (This guy's

           useless.) If we stay put, somebody is defenitely going to spot--

[He gets brainwashed]

Goomba #2: GAZOOOORT!

Goomba #2: HAIL BLECK!

[He walks off to the others]

Goomba #1: GARY! NO!

Voice: Hmm-mm-mm... I've been looking all OVER for you.

[Nastasia and some brainwashed troops are shown]

Luigi: YOU!

Nastasia: Yeah, you're that guy who really wasn't a team player back at the

          wedding... You're gonna need a little disciplinary action, I think...

          So let's get started, hm?

[She walks up to him]

Goomba #1: Oh, man... Poor Gary... All right! It's time for me to Goomba-up!

[He walks over to Nastasia]

Goomba #1: Hey, lady! Got room for one more on your team?

Luigi: Whah?! Hey! Wait a second! What are you DOING?

Goomba #1: What's it look like, genius? I'm getting with the winning team!

[Luigi is surprised]

Nastasia: Yeah, good call. Love the enthusiam, there. Go ahead and swear your,

          y'know, undying loyalty to the count, and you're on board.

Goomba #1: Hey, count me in, lady! HERE WE GO, COUNT, HERE WE GO! LOVE THAT


Luigi: You... You dirty TRAITOR!

[The troops walk up a bit]

Nastasia: OK, guys, new agenda? Hold this fool down so I can get his

          priorities on track...

Troops: YES, MA'AM!

[They pick up Luigi]

Luigi: Ack! Wh-Whoa! Hey! No! Mario, where are you? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

[Nastasia brainwashes Luigi, and the screen fades out]

"You're late. Did something happen?"

"Yes, my father caught me. Sneaking out of the castle wasn't easy after that."

"I was worried you wouldn't come..."

"You are a strange girl... You know what I am and yet you do not seem afraid."

"I don't care what you are. I just wanted to see you. Is that... Is that so


"No. No, of course not. I wanted to see you, too. Blumiere... Do you mind if I

 sit next to you?"

"Please do, Timpani. Let's return to our conversation. I must know more of



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