Super Paper Mario game script


Before Chapter Three  [BFC3]





[Mario and the others come out of the orange door]

Merlon: Oh ho, welcome back, friends!

Merlon: How was your journey this time? Did you find Merlee and obtain the Pure


[Mario nods]

Princess Peach: Yes, as a matter of fact, we did.

Tippi: Merlee said that we would need the power of four heroes to save the

       world... Yes, Merlee said that...

Merlon: Oh ho, is that so? There is more than one hero? Well, if Mario and

        Peach are two such heroes, then you still need two more...

[The entire area shakes]

Tippi: Look... Over there...

[The Void expands]

Merlon: The Void has grown...

Merlon: Hmmm... I fear that our time grows short, dear friends... I will return

        to the Light Prognosticus. You young ones seek the next Heart Pillar.

[Merlon walks off, then remembers something]

Merlon: But first... Allow me to tell you of something that mystical book has

        already divulged to me.

Merlon: One person will determine whether the Light or Dark Prognosticus

        predicts truly... Both books refer to him as the "man in green", but I

        know not what this means... I must return to my study to solve this


[Merlon walks off. Mario and co. search around Flipside for the next Heart

 Pillar, and they eventually find it with the help of the Pixl friend, Slim. It

 makes a yellow door appear when the Pure Heart is placed inside of it, then

 Mario and friends head to the tower and enter the newly revealed door]



Chapter 3-1: When Geeks Attack  [CH31]


"Mario and his new friends opened the door, unsure of what they would find. All

 the while, Merlee's words about finding the "other two heroes" rang in their

 minds. Were these other heroes somewhere in this new world? If not, where?

 Meanwhile, the creeping void grew larger in the skies above Flipside. The

 hopes of all worlds rested on the heroes finding the next Pure Heart..."


The Bitlands


[The stage gets drawn out, then Mario and the others come out of a yellow door]

Tippi: So this is where that door leads... I suppose the next Pure Heart must

       be nearby...

Tippi: That's odd... I can feel it nearby, but where could it be...

[As Tippi goes to speak, a tongue snatches her]

Voice: Ner-herrrr herrr herrr herr!

[A lizard-like creature appears]

Francis: HI-TECHNICAAAAAAAL! I caught a super-rare pixelated butterfly! My

         friends at digibutter.nerr are going to freak when they get word of

         this find!

Francis: I must bring it home. I can't miss this week's episode of "The Grodus

         Chronicles"! No way am I going to entrust my digital Recordmeow to

         tape an episode so epic. This is so hi-technicaaaaal!

[Francis disappears, and Mario looks confused]

Voice: Whoa-ho-ho! A kidnapping! Ohhhh, the despair! The awful spectacle of it


[A bush shakes]

Voice: The shocking scene occurred right before my very own tender eyes! Well,

       I guess that's a wrap for that Pixl. Now that that freak Francis has got


[As Mario and the gang explore the Bitlands, they eventually hear a voice

 coming from up ahead]


[A troop is shown on top of a castle]

Koopa Troopa #1: Yeah, you! This is Bowser's castle! And His Burliness doesn't

                 like chumps like you geekin' up the place! You're about to get

                 a complimentary nose job, courtesy of my shell!

[He turns the other way

Koopa Troopa #1: Come on out, fellas!

[He calls troops]


[Some troops appear]

Koopa Troopa #1: Come and get some!

[Mario attacks Bowser's troops spreaded throughout this area, on some castle

 walls. On the last castle wall, he places Boomer by an X on the wall, then the

 castle blows up]


[Bowser falls from the sky]

Bowser: BWARRGH! Please tell me someone didn't just blow up my awesome lair...

[He notices Mario, then gets up]

Bowser: HEY! I know that 'stache from somewhere...

Bowser: MARIO! ...and Princess Peach?!

[He shakes his head]

Bowser: Why do you ALWAYS have to do that?! That's like the 100th time you've

        shown up at my castle and screwed everything up! BWARRRG!

[In anger, he slams the ground, causing Peach to go flying and some walls to

 appear, granting Peach from interfering]

Bowser: But now you've entered a fortress of PAIN, Mario! No more sequels! It's

        gonna end right here, right now. ONCE AND FOR ALL!

[Using the help of Boomer, Mario defeats Bowser soon enough]

Bowser: Nooooo! I HATE Mario! It's... It's not fair!

[The walls disappear]

Princess Peach: Mario!

[She walks over to him]

Princess Peach: Are you OK?

[Mario nods, then Bowser gets up]

Bowser: Ahhhhh! Princess Peach!

Bowser: My lovely wife!

Princess Peach: Your...WIFE?!

Bowser: WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! How could you forget our big day?!

Princess Peach: That...sham was not a wedding! What are you doing here, anyway,


Bowser: How should I know?! I was locked up in Count Bleck's stupid castle...

        When all of a sudden, BAM! Me and the minions wake up facedown in this

        field. Then we found this awesome castle, and I thought, why not make

        myself a lair?

Princess Peach: Well, you see... Bowser... We really need your help. Why don't

                you come with us?

Bowser: Wait... WHAT?!

[Mario explains]

Bowser: Bleck got us married just to make a Chaos Heart so that he could

        destroy the world?!

[Mario nods]

Princess Peach: Yes, and that is why we need you to help us find the Pure


Bowser: No. I don't wanna. I'd think about it if it was for you, but there's NO

        WAY I'm helping Mario!

[Peach shakes her head]

Princess Peach: We don't have time for you to be a big baby about this! Come

                on, Bowser... Please?

Bowser: But... But I'm Bowser! I'm grade-A, 100% prime-cut final boss! I'm

        going to take over the world any day now! No way am I helping Mario!

        He's always trashing my awesome plans!

Princess Peach: Pleeeeeeeease? For me?

Bowser: No. I don't wanna.

[Mario responds, then Bowser turns around]

Bowser: What'd you say? If the world ends, there's not gonna be any world for

        me to rule?

[Mario nods]

Princess Peach: And what will happen to your poor minions who were caught by

                Count Bleck? They've been brainwashed! They now do HIS evil

                bidding, not your evil bidding... Now your minions will have to

                toil under a different cruel and merciless master...

Bowser: ...But... But... Why, you...


Bowser: BWAAAGH!

Bowser: FINE! I'll join your stupid quest. You happy?!

Princess Peach: Oh, thank you, Bowser! You're so sweet!

Bowser: NO! I'M NOT SWEET! And I'm not helping Mario just to save a bunch of

        worlds. I'm only doing it so I can rule someday. So don't get all

        cuddly with me, Mario!

Princess Peach: All right, Bowser! You big sweetie...

"Bowser joined your party! When controlling Bowser, press down on the D-Pad to

 breathe fire on your enemies! His breath is ferocious, so use it to drop any

 enemy that stands in your way!"

Voice: Lord Bowser!

[His troops appear]

Koopa Troopa #2: Your Crabbiness! Are you leaving us?

Bowser: What? Oh, yeah... Minions! Hold down the fort until I return.

Koopa Troopa #2: Your lair is safe with us, sir! Oh, sir, it seems that Count

                 Bleck has brainwashed some of your loyal henchpeople. They're

                 probably going to be forced to attack you, so feel free to

                 dole out punishment!

Hammer Bro #1: Of course, we'd love to come along and defend you, but... You

               know, we'd just, uh, get in the way, Your Heinousness...

Koopa Troopa #3: Clobber that count for us!

Bowser: Yeah! Anyone who wears a cape and a monocle is just begging for a


Koopa Troopa #2: Long live King Bowser!

Hammer Bro #1: We'll miss you, Your Surliness!


Bowser: Oh, you guys...

Bowser: Fine...c'mon. Let's get your stupid Precious Heart, or whatever you

        call it.


[Mario and the others encounter the star block ahead, hitting it to end this




Chapter 3-2: Bloops Ahoy  [CH32]


"With Bowser in the party, the three heroes made a most unlikely trio. Peach

 attempted to explain the quest to Bowser, but it made him grunt in confusion.

 As Mario walked ahead, he spotted something that made him briefly stop and

 stare... "What is it, Mario?" asked Peach, as she turned to see the blue

 expanse ahead. The great, glittering waves of the Tile Pool stretched as far

 as she could see. Fort Francis was somewhere across the water..."


The Tile Pool


[As Mario and the others explore the underwater area, they go through some

 areas and eventually get to a locked room full of enemies. Upon defeating the

 enemies, a chest appears and he opens it. A Pixl appears]

Pixl: HEY! In case you ain't heard, I throw a lot of girth around these parts.

      And I'm gonna check you out to make sure you got the weight to hang with


[He examines Bowser]

Pixl: All right. Let's start by checking that face of yours. Dude has shaggy

      eyebrows! That's not even kinda girthy! You get 50 girth points.

Pixl: All right, I gotta check the girthiness of those clothes of yours! What's

      more girthy than a giant spiky shell?! That's worth 100 girth points!

Pixl: Girth check on the body comin' up. That's where the real heavy comes

      from. Look at this guy! Look him up in the dictionary, and he's the

      definition of girth! A superheavyweight right here! Bam... 10,000 girth


Pixl: The sheer girthitude on display here is blowing my mind! There's no

      getting around it! You got heavy like I've never seen before! Any fool

      that gets in your way and you just HAVE to girth him up! Love it! Smash

      and squish those lightweights! You're goin' places with girth like that,

      and I wanna come along for the ride.

[The Pixl joins Mario/Peach/Bowser]

"The ground-pounding Pixl named Thudley joined you! Now you can unleash a

 powerful attack on anything right below when you jump! You can even use the

 ground pound on enemies underwater!"

Thudley: With our girths combined, nobody can stop us! But you gotta get out

         of this room first. Put my heavyweight power to work!

[Using Thudley's help, Mario and the others make their way through more of the

 underwater area, eventually reaching a Blooper]

Voice: BLOOOP!

[The place starts rumbling]


[A few Blooper tentacles rise from the ground and into the water, then a big

 Blooper shows itself]

Blooper: Bloobloobloobloop! (Hey, land freaks! How'd you like a tentacle


[When Bowser hits the weak tentacle]


Blooper: Bloobloobloop! BLOOOP! (No! Not there! Please! Anywhere but there!)

[Once it has been defeated...]

Blooper: BLOO-ooop!

[The Blooper sinks, along with its tentacles. They proceed outside via a pipe

 and hit a star block to end the chapter]



Chapter 3-3: Up, Up, and a Tree  [CH33]


"Somehow, the heroes had beached the Big Blooper and crossed the Tile Pool. But

 before they could dry, they saw the imposing silhoutte of Fort Francis. "It

 sure is getting dark," Peach said in a quiet voice. But when they looked up,

 they realized they were in the shadow of a huge tree. Mario, knowing in his

 gut this must be the way, set outward toward the great tree..."


The Dotwood Tree


[As Mario and his friends climb up the big tree, after awhile they hit a switch

 that makes a door appear. They make their way to the door, then they enter it]

Voice: Ah ha ha. Finally, you arrive!

[Mario is confused, then he sees Dimentio]

Dimentio: You don't wear tardiness well.

Dimentio: At last, the hero... I know of you from the festival of hair that

          dances upon your lip!

Dimentio: I am a humble servant of Count Bleck...

[He spins around]

Dimentio: Master of dimensions... Pleaser of crowds... I am...Dimentio!

Dimentio: It is truly enchanting to finally meet my hapless victims. I have

          prepared a special morsel of a treat for you!

[He uses his magic to change dimensions]

Dimentio: How about some...MAGIC!

Dimentio: And...voila. You are now in Dimension D, a dimension of my own

          creation. In this mind-bending realm, my attacks are 256 times more


[He spins around]

Dimentio: I am now far more powerful! I could obliterate you with a raise of an

          eyebrow! Now we must duel, like two gleaming banjos on a moonlit


[They battle. A moment or so later...]

Dimentio: Can you pierce this...illusion?

[He disappears, then appears back at another part of the room, with a clone of

 himself to accompany him. After he's defeated...]

Dimentio: Your blows are like miniature jackhammers wielded by tiny, angry road

          workers! How is this possible? This dimension makes me 256 times more


Bowser: Bwahah! You're such an idiot! This place makes me stronger, too!

Dimentio: *quietly* ...Aha...ha...ha.

[He gets up and floats into the air]

Dimentio: Of course! This was simply an amusement that played out exactly as I

          planned! Were you amsued? That was just an hors d'oeuvre! The next

          time we meet, you will feast on a deadly eight-course meal!

[He uses his magic to return to the Dotwood Tree]

Dimentio: And with that, my diminutive-limbed foe, I must say... Ciao!

[Dimentio leaves]

Bowser: Dimentio? Give me a break! That's the lamest villain ever!

[The sky is shown, and Dimentio speaks]

Dimentio: Mmm... A little more, perhaps?

[He appears]

Dimentio: They are strong, but they must be stronger yet to defeat Bleck. I

          must make sure they can face him when the time comes around at


[He leaves again, and Mario and the others continue climbing the rest of the

 tree. Eventually they go through a long pipe to reach a star block, which they

 hit to end the chapter]



Chapter 3-4: The Battle of Fort Francis  [CH34]


"Mario, Peach, and Bowser had scaled the tree and defeated Dimentio. The

 exhausted heroes were relieved to finally see the ivory towers of Fort

 Francis. Was Tippi safe? Was the next Pure Heart really waiting for them

 ahead? Their only answers were the strange voices carried on the wind from

 inside the fort..."


Fort Francis


Bowser: So this is where that dweeb Francis lives?

[The fortress is shown]

Bowser: Pffgght! What's this castle got over mine?!

Princess Peach: Do you think Tippi is all right? I'm starting to worry...

[Mario nods. Meanwhile, Francis's room is shown, and he takes a picture of

 Tippi, who is locked in a cage]

Francis: Nerrrrr herrr herrrr herrrrrr! This is so hi-technicaaaaaal!

[He snaps another photo]

Francis: It's a totally undiscovered digibutterfly species! Nerr! I must

         document it!

[He snaps a couple of more photos]

Francis: Yessss! Shake that thorax! The digibutter.nerr forum guys will be sooo

         jealous when I post these shots online!

[He takes another picture. Mario and the others find a hidden key which

 unlocks the door to the fortress. They enter, and as they go through the

 fortress, they hear voices coming through some keyholes. Looking inside the

 left one, they see Francis. He takes a picture]

Francis: Schweet... The resolution on these images is just breathtaking!


[Through the keyhole on the right, Tippi can be seen, but she doesn't say

 anything. As they go through more of the fortress, they eventually come to two

 doors hanging on the ceiling. With the help of Thudley, they're sent to the

 ground, and they enter the one on the far left. Inside, they hit a switch to

 make a bridge appear, then they cross it and Peach enters the door at the end]

Robot #1: You have reached the door to Master's private room. For security

          purposes, you must confirm your identity. Answer the following

          security questions with either "true" or "false".

[Peach nods. You must say "True" to everything]

Robot #1: "Video game soundtracks are totally hi-technicaaaaaaal!"

 - True

 - False

Robot #1: "Episode 127 of 'The Grodus Chronicles' is pretty much the schweetest

           thing ever."

 - True

 - False

Robot #1: "One day, I will own all of the 'Starship X-Naut' Series 3

           collectible action figures."

- True

- False

Robot #1: Now you must enter the passcode.

[If you enter the wrong passcode...]



          MEEEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!!! You are not the master! Deploy security


[A trap is revealed, and Peach and the others fall down into a room with a

 block, and a Chain Chomp. Using Thoreau, they carry the block over to a red

 switch and throw it onto the switch, then they step on it the switch as well.

 This makes a pipe appear which leads up into another room. In this room they

 find two passcodes, as well as a big switch. Using Thudley, they activate the

 switch. This opens a cell containing a Pixl]

Pixl: Freedom!

Pixl: Oh, finally, I'm out! I didn't know what I was going to do! Thank you,

      thank you! I've been shut up in here forever... You'll never catch me in

      there again. I must repay you! I'm at your service. I'm sure you can find

      a use for my talent!

Pixl: Hold on a second. Before we get all friendly, we should see if we're on

      the same page. You met Francis, right? What do you think of the guy? Your

      first impression?

 - Greenish

 - Nerdy

 - Awesome

[The Pixl will say certain things after the questions depending on the things

 you choose, so I'll just put what I had him say according to what I chose]

Pixl: Ah, I see. I see. Anything else about him catch your eye?

 - He's a photo fanatic.

 - He's into butterflies.

 - He's irresistible.

Pixl: Oh? Yes, I see how you would think that. So...sum it up. What do you

      think about him?

 - He's a monster!

 - He's a tech geek!

 - He's a stallion!

Pixl: So you think Francis is a... Greenish photo fanatic? Basically, a


Pixl: Well...imagine that! You and I feel the same way about him! We've got

      great harmony. Yep, I think we'll work perfectly. Together, nothing can

      touch us!

[The Pixl, Carrie, joins Mario and the others]

"Carrie, the hovering-platform Pixl, has joined your party! When you are riding

 Carrie, you'll move faster and can breeze over spiked floors."

Carrie: With me, you can get places in a hurry! Go ahead, give me a spin!

[With the help of Carrie, Mario and the others make their way out of this room,

 then they go back to the room with three doors. This time they enter the

 middle one, and they use Carrie to cross the bed of spikes, to a door which

 leads to another robot. Peach talks to it]

Robot #2: You have reached the door to Master's super-secret lair. Only Master

          is allowed inside. You must confirm your identity for security

          purposes. To confirm your identity, answer "true" or "false" to the

          following statements:

[Peach nods. You must answer "True" to all of them]

Robot #2: "'Starship X-Naut' comics are never to be removed from their plastic


 - True

 - False

Robot #2: "Role-playing games should be no less than 180 hours long, not

          counting side quests!"

 - True

 - False

Robot #2: "Fanny packs are both practical and stylish!"

 - True

 - False

Robot #2: Please enter the secret passcode.

[When the correct code is entered...]

Robot #2: Welcome home, Master! Master's fantasy fortress is safe from


[A kitty appears on the wall, then it meows and a door appears. Peach and the

 others enter it. Inside, they find a key. They then go back to the first robot

 and Peach answers the questions again, then enters the correct passcode]

Robot #1: Welcome home, Master! SecuriMeow missed you!

[A few lights appear, then after some light-flashing, a kitty appears and

 meows, then a door appears. In the next room they find another key. They go

 back to the main room where the two keyholes are, then Peach inserts the first


Kitty Door: Key accepted, meow!

[She inserts the other key]

Kitty Door: Key accepted, meow!

[With both keys in...]

Kitty Door: Meeeoooooow! Both keys confirmed, Meow! Only Master Francis and

            "totally hot babes" are allowed to enter. You may enter after I see

            if you're compatible with Master Francis... Please answer the

            following questions with "true" or "false"... Meow!

["True" must be answered to all of the questions]

Kitty Door: "Video games and hot babes are totally hi-technicaaaaal!"

 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "If it's limited edition, buy it!"

 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "I have bought games that I have never played."

 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "If it's got fierce giant robot on giant robot combat, it's an


 - True

 - False



 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "I have dumped a friend over an argument about 'Starship X-Naut'

            propulson technology."

 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "A schweet cover illustration is way more important than the story


 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "Never pull the top copy from a pile of comics! Find the mint-

            condition one!"

 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "My first love was an anime character!"

 - True

 - False

Kitty Door: "I love going on message boards and complaining about games I've

            never played!"

 - True

 - False

[After all of the questions...]

Kitty Door: MRRROOOOW!

[A big door appears, which Peach enters. Inside...]

Francis: Nerrrrr! Who are YOU?!

[Francis is shown]

Francis: H-Hey! What are you doing sneaking into my room, huh? Ever heard of


[Peach walks up to him]

Princess Peach: Oh, there you are, Francis! I've been looking ALL OVER for you!

Francis: For...ME?

[Peach is confused]

Francis: O-O-Oh... O-Oh my gosh... It's... It's a h-hot babe...

[He sweats]


Francis: Wha-What do I... Oh man... A REAL girl in my room! This is so

         hi-technicaaaal! N-Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr...

         calm...calm down... I'm get-get-get-get... Getting w-way too

         excited... Sweatles...forming... Can't talk to...girls... Must get...


[He takes out his laptop]

Francis: Booting up Swoon.exe! Activating Nerr2Babe interface mod with real-

         time wooing!

[A weird screen with Peach and Francis is shown]

Francis: Welcome to my castle. How do you do? ...Nerrr."

Princess Peach: What on earth is that?! What's going on here?

Francis: Nerrherr... I boot this baby up whenever it's time to talk to the...

         heh...laaadies. Schweeeeet. Time for my Swoon.exe program to work its

         magic! (Where should I start?)

[He brings up a list of some sort, and selects "Speak", then "Talk to hot


Francis: What is your name?


 - "Oh, me? I... I'm Peach."

 - "Tell me your name first!"

 - "You can call me...annoyed."

[If "Oh, me? I... I'm Peach." is chosen...]

Princess Peach: Oh, me? I... I'm Peach.

Francis: Peach? Why, that name is just peachy. Heh! I bet you've never heard

         that one! Oh...I'm just drooling at the sound of it...

"You received a straight answer. Francis's passion leveled up!"

Francis: Oh, man... What do I do next?

[He selects "Look", and then "Hot babe"]

Francis: You're so a princess straight out of an anime or video

         game! You can be feisty, but I must say it...umm...adds to your charm.

Princess Peach: You think I'm...charming?

 - "Am I really cute? Tee hee."

 - "You're making me blush!"

 - "I'll show you feisty!"

[If "I'll show you feisty!" is chosen...]

Princess Peach: You want feisty? I'll show you feisty! Lay it on thick like

                that, and you'll get it!

Francis: Eep! I'm so sorry! I don't know what I was thinking! Oh...forgive me,

         my queen!

Princess Peach: I-I'm NOT a queen, I'm a princess!

Francis: (Nerr herr... She's supercute when she gets angry...)

"Francis got yelled at! Peach's charisma leveled up! Francis's passion leveled


Francis: (What's my next move?)

[This time he selects "Inventory", "Give Item", and ""Pink Princess" Signed


Francis: As a token of my affection, I'd like to give you a special present.

[Peach received the "Pink Princess" Signed Poster]

Princess Peach: Oh. Umm...

 - Thank you, Francis!

 - I appreciate the thought...

 - This junk won't win me over.

[If "Thank you, Francis!" is chosen...]

Princess Peach: Oh, thank you! It's gorgeous!

Francis: You really like it? I knew a hottie like you would pick up on how

         premium this poster is. I got this baby at a totally hi-technical

         'Pink Princess' anime event. I was going to get a CD, but I freaked

         when I saw this super-rare poster! The voice actor for the princess

         AND the director signed it, as you can see. As I'm quite sure you

         know, the director changed after season three, so it's rare. Plus,

         look here! The logo was done in extra-premium gold holographic foil!

         And the paper, oh man, it's UV resistant! So you never have to worry

         about fading. I could stick it on some backing board for you. How's

         that sound?

Princess Peach: Umm... Yeah. Sounds...great? (What is he talking about?!)

Francis: O-OK, you got it. Let me just take this guy back for a few minutes

         then, OK?

"Peach returned the poster. Francis's satisfaction leveled up! Francis's

 passion leveled up!"

Francis: (Nerrr... What's my next move?)

[He chooses "Think", then "About the future"]

Francis: Wow, we are like, so perfect for each other. It's destiny! We should

         get married!

Princess Peach: M-Married?!

 - "If you would have me..."

 - "Let's take it slow..."

 - "So, how much do you make?"

[If "So, how much do you make?" is chosen...]

Princess Peach: So, how much do you make?

Princess Peach: Hey! Who's picking these responses for me, anyway?! I'm not

                marrying this dork! I shouldn't even be having this

                conversation! I came to save Tippi! Where is she?!

Francis: Tippi? Hmm... Tippi... Tippi...

[He looks for a "Tippi" option on his list, but doesn't find one]

Francis: There's no Tippi command here! What is she talking about?!

Princess Peach: That's it! I've had it! You'd better bring her out now!

[Peach brings up a menu and selects "Pixls", then "Boomer"]

"Peach used Boomer! Boomer exploded!"


[Back at Francis's room...]

Francis: That was the only known copy for the Nerr2Babe patch, and now it's

         gone forever! Nerrr... Real babes are scary!

Voice: Peach...?

[Tippi is shown]

Princess Peach: Tippi! Oh, I was so worried!

Tippi: You... You came. To save me?

[Francis is confused]

Francis: So... So you've come to raid my fort and steal Francine? W-Well...

         No! I won't let you.

[He turns to Tippi]

Francis: B-By the way, I came up with the name Francine on my own! Isn't it

         schweeet? At first I thought it was a little weird that you could talk

         and everything. But the digibutter.nerr forum reaction convinced me

         you were hi-technicaaal! You're my only...sniff...offline friend,
 no one will take you away from me!

Tippi: *quietly* Eek!

[Tippi's cage lowers into the ground. Francis vanishes]

Francis: Nerrr! Can't see me? That's 'cause my invisibility powers are totally

         hi-technicaaaaal! Little Francine is hidden, so you can't take her!

         Feel the wrath of the jilted X-Naut in the season finale of "The

         Grodus Chronicles"!

[Francis battles with the group. After he's defeated...]

Francis: NERRRRRR!

[He falls over, then gets up and runs to his door, then leaves. Tippi then

 appears and the cage lowers, freeing her]

Tippi: Mario... You guys came to save me...

[Mario nods]

Tippi: ................ Thank you... Thank you, Mario! *quietly* I'm so


[She starts glowing]

Bowser: THAT?!

[A Pure Heart appears]

Tippi: The Pure Heart...?

Princess Peach: It's like Tippi's heart just burst with happiness and released

                a Pure Heart! Or...

Tippi: Mario... I was just so happy when I saw that you'd come to save me.

       Please... Take it.

[Mario gets the Pure Heart]

"You got a Pure Heart"

"The fourth Pure Heart appeared in a dazzling flash of mysterious light. What

 made it appear? The group was puzzled by this and many other riddles. "...So

 you're not hurt?" asked Tippi, full of concern. Somehow, Tippi seemed

 different than before. She had started to change. Mario simply shook his head

 and started the long journey back to Flipside..."



Castle Bleck Scene 4  [BLK4]



Castle Bleck


Dimentio: ...And that is how the ruffians managed to best me.

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. They are strong, to be sure... Very strong. Dare I say...

          They might be strong enough to defy the prophecy!

[Bleck puts his hand over his chin]

Count Bleck: Spare Count Bleck your theatrics. The Light Prognosticus is false.

             The Dark Prognosticus holds the answer to eliminating heroes that

             rise to stop us.

Dimentio: Oh my. That's the first time that morsel of information has touched

          my ears. Do tell!

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... In due time, Dimentio. In due time.

Count Bleck: Oh, Nastasia? It's time we set "him" on these pests.

Nastasia: Yeah, um, I can take care of that for you, Count.

Count Bleck: Lovely, exclaimed Count Bleck. Return to your posts, my dear


O'Chunks, Mimi, and Dimentio: As you command, Count! HAIL BLECK!

[O'Chunks leaves, then Mimi, then Dimentio]

Nastasia: *quietly, with a troubled expression on her face* Um...

Count Bleck: Does something trouble you, Nastasia?

Nastasia: Yeah, Count... You know, there's still time... You can change your


Count Bleck: That is enough, Nastasia. We've already come this far, so we shall

             forge on! But you needn't stay by Count Bleck's side. You can

             depart with my blessing.

Nastasia: Um, no, my count. I won't be doing that. My life is already sworn to

          you. Yeah, it's belonged to you since the day you saved me... I'll be

          sticking it out with you until my game ends, 'K?

Count Bleck: If that pleases you...

[Bleck leaves with the Dark Prognosticus, then Nastasia does as well]

Voice: My my my! How interesting! Nastasia and the count have such DEEP


[Dimentio appears]

Dimentio: Mm... Just what is our dear count playing at? Ah, well. I'll let him

          worry about that. I must attend to my own...projects.

[Dimentio leaves and the screen fades out]

"Timpani, why? Why do you avoid me?"

"Ow... OW! Unhand me!"

"Huh? You're crying! Why? Timpani, you must tell me what has happened!"

"It's nothing... Don't worry about it... Just forget it..."

"Oh no... Timpani, is my father behind this?"

"I'm... I'm just an ordinary girl. No matter how much I love you, we must


"Timpani... I..."

"This is good-bye, Blumiere. There's no other choice. This is our fate..."



Before Chapter Four  [BFC4]





[Mario and the others come out of the yellow door]

Princess Peach: That was...a little weird for a while, but we seem to have

                gotten through it OK...

Tippi: I'm so sorry... It was all my fault... And... Then... You all... Thank

       you so much...

[Mario nods]

Bowser: Pbbtth! Wanna know how to thank me, bugface? Just stay outta my way,


Princess Peach: Say, come to think of it... Bowser... Could you be our third


Voice: Ho there!

[Merlon walks in]

Merlon: I have been waiting for you, young heroes! Did you succeed in your

        search for the next Pure Heart?

Tippi: I guess we did...

[Mario responds]

Merlon: Intriguing... So then... When you saved Tippi, the next Pure Heart just


Merlon: Mmm... How very interesting... I think that castle was once a dwelling

        of the Ancients I told you of earlier. It seems that my ancestors have

        roamed far and wide in their dimensional travels.

Merlon: "In the castle beyond the great sea, we hid a Pure Heart and sealed it

        safely..." Yes, I remember reading such a passage in the Light

        Prognosticus. The seal could only have been broken by a powerful pulse

        of love and trust...

Princess Peach: think it was because Tippi began to trust us that we

                found this Pure Heart? That's amazing...

Merlon: And now there are three heroes! Ho ho! I don't know who the last one

        is, but waste no time in searching, my friends!

Bowser: Oh, please! Come on, people! With me here, you don't need anybody else,

        seriously! Trust me, any problem comes up, I'll stomp it into next

        week! I'll Bowserize it!

Merlon: Oh ho! Well met, Mr. Bowser! May your strength protect this grou--

[The area rumbles, then The Void expands]

Merlon: Oh ho... It seems The Void has expanded once more... Time is short!

Tippi: We have to keep going... We must start looking for the next Heart


Merlon: There are matters I must attend to as well... I must search for any

        item of significance in the Light Prognosticus...

[He walks off. Mario and the others go and search for the next Heart Pillar,

 and after solving a ground-pounding puzzle, they find it. Once the Pure Heart

 is inserted into it, a green door appears at the tower of Flipside. They go to

 it and enter it]



Chapter 4-1: Into Outer Space


"Through the fierce battle against Francis, Tippi and the Mario gang grew

 closer. Behind a fourth foor lay a whole new world that beckoned to them both.

 What awaited was vaster and stranger than anything they'd encountered so

 far... In order to claim the Pure Heart, they would have to endure new,

 far-out trials..."


Outer Space


[The stage gets drawn out, then they come out of the green door in the middle

 of space]

Tippi: Mmm, stars everywhere... I believe we're in outer space, almost


[Mario notices that he is in space, then loses his breath]

Tippi: What troubles you, Mario? Ah... Yes, of course... We seem to be lacking

       air... You need that, don't you?

Tippi: Oh... Oh, gracious me... What am I to do? Um... Well... Let me see...











[The area flashes and everyone teleports back to Flipside]





[Mario is on the ground]

Tippi: Hey... Please, wake up...

[Mario gets up and looks around, then responds]

Tippi: You're all right, aren't you? Oh, thank goodness... I don't really know

       how I got us all out of there... It just sort of happened... We won't

       last out there as we are... Perhaps we should ask Merlon's advice...

[Mario nods. They go to Merlon's house]

Merlon: Oh ho! That was certainly quick work... You've already found the next

        Pure Heart?

[They walk up to him]

Tippi: No, Merlon... That door led us straight into outer space...

Merlon: Space?! Oh ho, I imagine THAT was an unwelcome surprise!

Tippi: Yes... There was no air, so Mario and his friends couldn't breathe...

       What do we do?

Merlon: Hmmm... Well, if you had a space helmet, you would be all right, I


Tippi: have one?

Merlon: Of course, I don't have one! But I imagine that even something LIKE a

        space helmet would suffice...

[He walks over to his shelves]

Merlon: And I just so happen to...

[He searches, but to no avail]

Merlon: Oh, blast it!

[Mario walks up to him]

Tippi: What now...

Merlon: Oh, double blast it all! I cleaned out my shelves the other day... Yes,

        I HAD the perfect thing, but I was making space, and I gave it to

        someone in town!

Tippi: To who?!

Merlon: Oh, just some random boy... It seemed more convenient than recycling

        it... You must find that boy and explain the situation! Get it back

        from him!

[Mario and the others search around Flipside, and eventually they find a boy

 with a fishbowl. Mario speaks with him]

Boy: Huh? Did Merlon gives me somethin' like a helmet?

[Mario nods]

Boy: You mean this fishbowl? Yeah, I kepted Captain Gills here in a cup, but

     then he gots too big for it. Yeah, that's why I gots real happy when I

     gots this fishbowl! Thing is, now the captain gots so big, the BOWL gots

     too small for him!

[He gets an idea]

Boy: Hey, I know! Maybe you could find a nice place to sets Captain Gills free

     for me! Captain deserves FREEDOM! Then you gets the fishbowl. That's good,

     huh? Hmmm... But where can he go... I wanna knows that he'll be nearby at

     all times... You gots to help me!

[He gives Mario the Goldfish Bowl. Mario goes to the very bottom area of the

 town, where he finds a pool of water]

"This looks like a good place to release the captain. Release the goldfish


 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen, nothing happens. If "Yes" is chosen, the fish gets released

 and hops into the water]

"Now the fishbowl is empty! That means you can use it as a space helmet!"

Tippi: Now we can go to space... So... Let's head back to that door...

[Mario nods, then they go back up to the green door and enter it again]



Chapter 4-1: Into Outer Space  [CH41]



Outer Space


[They come out of the door]

"Want to use the helmet?"

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Tippi: It's dangerous to head into space all willy-nilly, you know. Please, put

       the helmet on...

"Want to use the helmet?"

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Tippi: It's not like being in water, you know... Please, I must insist, put the

       helmet on...

"Want to use the helmet?"

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Tippi: So let me get this clear: you enjoy NOT breathing. Please. Put the

       helmet on...

"Want to use the helmet?"

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Tippi: I fail to see the wisdom... I beg of you, while your brain works, put

       put the helmet on...

"Want to use the helmet?"

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Tippi: If you don't, do you have any idea what your fate will be? AWFUL. Do you

       want that?

 - Yes

 - No

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

Tippi: My mind is fully boggled. You want to not breathe?

 - Yes

 - No

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

Tippi: Truly. You're truly sure.

 - Yes

 - No

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

Tippi: Ugh. Who is stupider? You? Or me, for listening to you... No more...


[If you agree to put on the helmet, Mario puts it on]

Tippi: Well, what do you think? Can you breathe now?

[Mario nods]

Tippi: Very well... Let's go, then! The Pure Heart is somewhere in this sea of


[Mario floats around in space, trying to find his way around. He follows the

 letters "SOS" coming from somewhere, then he finds some sparkles. Tippi's

 ability reveals a space shuttle]

Tippi: There's something here... What in the world is this? Why was this hidden


[A shuttle appears, and Mario examines it]

Tippi: Mmm, is this a spaceship? Looks rather like it...

[It shakes, then a piece of the spaceship comes apart, revealing a creature]

Creature: Squeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuurp...

[It floats up]

Creature: Squirple squeeple squinks! 'Morning, SQUIRP!

Tippi: Oh, dear. Who are you? An...alien, perhaps?

Creature: You're the ones looking for the Pure Heart, squirple? Hm! Cuter than

          I thought!

Tippi: How do you know about the Pure Heart? And about us? Are you allied with

       Count Bleck? I demand answers...

Creature: Noooooo! No scary faces! You can call me Squirps! I'm your captain,

          squooork! And if you want the Pure Heart, we need to work together,


Tippi: Whatever do you mean? Please, explain yourself...

Squirps: Squirps can't tell much now, but you must trust Squirps. Now, follow

         me, squiiiinks!

Tippi: We won't be doing that...


Squirps: You! You heed the captain! You are a space grunt now, and that is the

         ONLY rule! Your only responses should be "Yes, sir!" and "Gotcha!"

         Understand, squirkle?

 - Yes, sir!

 - Gotcha!

[The outcome is the same regardless of what you choose]

Squirps: Squeh squeh squeh squeh... Looks like you understand your place,


Tippi: Are you OK with this?

[Mario nods]

Tippi: If you say so...

Squirps: Great! Let's get ready, then... Squarp formation, squooogle!

[He goes into Mario's hands]

Squirps: We'll "squarp" directly to the Pure Heart. It's like warping, except

         Squirps invented it. In order to squarp, we'll need a lot of energy,

         squeeeeeerk. You're all brimming with power-up power, right? You must

         give it to Squirps!

"Press A to give Squirps your power-up power. Press and hold A until you think

 you've built up enough power-up power, then release!"

[He powers up Squirps]

Squirps: SUCCESS!

[He shoots out a laser ball, then a portal appears]

Squirps: And here we go... SQUAAAARRRRP!

[They enter the wormhole and get transported to a different area of space]

Squirps: ...Squoh?

[He flies around]

Squirps: We're...not even close to our destination, squooops...

Squirps: Is that all the power-up power you have, squirp? Good-for-nothing

         space grunt... Squirps was an idiot for thinking you had more... Well,

         good-for-nothings have their own good-for-nothing ways of moving,


[He goes back into Mario's hands]

Squirps: There's a ways to go before you reach the Pure Heart... You must

         space-swim! Use 2 to shoot enemies with my Squirps Squirt Beam.

         SQUIRP! Fire, space grunt! CHAAAAAARGE!

[Mario and the others go through outer space, going through several wormholes

 to try and find the correct path. Eventually they find a star block, which

 they hit to end the chapter]



Chapter 4-2: A Paper Emergency  [CH42]


"Mario and the gang cruised through space, led by the young alien named

 Squirps. What kind of creature was it, anyway? And what was with those weird

 noises? Whenever confronted with a question, it would say, "Squirps is

 Squirps, SQUAAK!" All they could do was trust that he knew where the Pure

 Heart was and follow him. They were doing just that when something appeared

 ahead of them. It was a teeny-tiny planet."


Planet Blobule


Tippi: This planet really seems...on the small side... Just where do you intend

       to take us?

Squirps: Somewhere on this planet should be an entrance to the Space Byway,

         squeeeork! Yup! It's a shortcut to the Pure Heart!

Tippi: Really... You don't say... And where might that entrance be?

Squirps: Squeh squeh squeh squeh... You're gonna laugh, squaag! IT'S... Squirps


[Mario falls over]

Tippi: ........................

[Mario gets up with a mean look on his face]

Squirps: Don't look at Squirps like that! Everything's fine! I think there

         probably should be some clues around here somewhere, squirple...

Tippi: What a wretch...

Squirps: HNNNNGH!

Tippi: What is it?! Do you remember something?

Squirps: No! I... I have to go potty! I REALLY have to go, squirk! I can't hold

         it anymore!

[He runs off]

Tippi: ... Let's...look for some clues ourselves...

[Mario nods. They proceed, and then they find Squirps by the bathroom door.

 Mario knocks on the door]

Voice: Heeeere I seeeeeet, amore! Awaiting youuuuuu, amore! No more, no more,


Squirple: This is no time for some silly song, squirple! I've got a bathroom

          emergency here!

Voice: 100 years agoooooo, amore! I came in here to go, amore! So bored, so

       bored, amore! No toilet paper here, amore! I wait 100 yeeeears, amore!

       What for, what for, amore? Any paaaper, please, amore? Just a sheet for

       me, amore! Implore, implore, amore!

[Mario and the others explore the planet, and eventually they come to a green

 door. Inside is a white alien]

White Alien: Greetings, young explorer... Welcome to this remote land. You must

             be bushed, bloooog. I'm what's known as an active senior explorer.

             The name's Blappy. I'm 72.

Blappy: In my youth, while everyone hunted for snacks, I hunted the Big

        Treasure of Space. It's big. And it will be mine at last! I found a

        clue in the space ruins! So, explorer to explorer... I'll cut you a

        deal, blooog... This clue for 1,000 coins! YOU BUY IT!

 - Deal!

 - Too rich for my blood.

[If "Deal!" is chosen...]

Blappy: Bloog! Not enough coins! Go get some more coins before I change my


[If "Too rich for my blood." is chosen...]

Blappy: What? Too expensive?! Well, maybe a little, bloog... Hackpth!

        Bleeeeepth! Sorry. I've got a touch of lard-lung. Anyway, I'll cut you

        a deal: how's 100 coins?

 - I'll buy it!

 - You're shady...

[If "You're shady..." is chosen...]

Blappy: What? Wondering why I'm not looking for the treasure myself?! I'm old!

        I'm portly! And I DID look, bloooog! I just didn't find anything...

        Ha-plapbth! Blaaaaaaph! Uh, I mean, fine. 10 coins.

 - I'll buy it!

 - I'll pass.

[If "I'll buy it!" is chosen...]

"You got the Ancient Clue! The scroll has the following words scribbled on it:

 "By rock man's noggin, when outer space is reversed, the door secret hides.""

Blappy: I'm through with you, bloog... Go home now!

[Mario goes all the way back to the bathroom door where Squirps is waiting]

Voice: Any paaaper, please, amore? Just a sheet for me, amore! Implore,

       implore, amore! Paaapes, paaapes, amore! Looove the paaapes, amore! Oh

       more, oh more, amore!

[Mario takes out the Ancient Clue, and the person inside takes it]

Voice: Fleep has a-waited for you! At last we meeeet, mi amore! My sweeeet,

       sweeeet paper!

[The toilet flushes]

Voice: And now we do part, amore! For down you depart, amore! No more, no more,


Squirps: Sq-Squirps can't take it anymore! Squirps will burst! Evacuate all


[He rushes into the bathroom, and a Pixl comes out]

Pixl: RELIEF! Eeet's a paper miiiracle! Fleep is a-feeeeeling good! You bring

      Fleep the happy? Fleep has been a-waiting so long for you, amore! Si, for

      this momento!

Fleep: We Pixls are helpful tools, si? Be we no choose masters, be they goood

       or baaaaad! Still, Fleep has the passion to be used for something, so...

       Fleep waited here, amore! And you found Fleep, amore! Oh, thank you

       deep, amore! From this momento, you and Fleep are as one! We shall never

       paaaaart! Fleep follows you, amore! Companion true, amore!

[Fleep joins Mario]

"The reversible Pixl named Fleep joined your group! Use Fleep and you can turn

 over sections of the screen! Something good might be hiding back there for you

 to pick up..."

Fleep: On the back side of the sad is the happy! We will find it! You and

       Fleep, amore!

[The toilet flushes and Squirps comes out]

Squirps: Phew... Squirps needed that. OK! Let's go look for the entry to the

         Space Bypass, squibble!

[Mario and the others use Fleep's help to find a Door Key, then they use that

 key on a locked door. Inside, they find a star block that they hit, ending

 this chapter]



Chapter 4-3: The Gates of Space  [CH43]


"Mario and friends headed to the Space Bypass in search of the Pure Heart. How

 did Squirps know about this secret route? Our heroes stared suspiciously at

 him. "Why are you staring like that?" said Squirps. "Are you falling for

 Squirps?!" In the darkness of space, the eyes of Squirps glinted



Outer Limits


Squirps: This is the Space Bypass! Yeah, from somewhere in here, we can enter

         the Whoa Zone. C'mon, space grunt, look for the entrance, squeork!

Tippi: The "Whoa Zone"? You simply MUST be kidding with me... I demand


Squirps: It's a prohibited zone, squirp. Some call it the "Space Graveyard",

         squoooiks. It's a complicated maze... They say once you go in, you can

         never get out... And supposedly, the Pure Heart is hidden at the very

         back of that maze, squinkly!

Tippi: How would you know that? Who are you REALLY, you incontinent little imp?

[His stomach growls]

Squirps: Squirple squeedle SQUIRP! I made some room with that pit stop! Now I'm

         hungry! But don't worry about that, space grunt. Find the Whoa Zone

         entrance, squibble!

[Mario floats through space with Squirps, and with the help of Fleep, he

 uncovers two pillars. One has a hole with Squirps's shape]

Squirps: Squirble SQUAAAAAAAAAK! This hole... What a lovely shape, squirp!

Squirps: I don't know why...but I want to be squeezed in there! Someone squish

         me in!

"Want to squish Squirps into there?"

 - Squish

 - Don't squish

[If "Don't squish" is chosen, nothing happens. If "Squish" is chosen, Squirps

 enters the hole]


[A big door appears]

Tippi: What is this thing?

Squirps: It's a Space Gate, squirp! These lead from the Space Bypass to the

         Whoa Zone! Through this gate is the way forward, space grunts!

[They go through the gate, then they use Fleep to find two more pillars, with a

 Squirps-shaped hole in each one]

Squirps: SQUIRPLE-URPLE SQUEEE! Another wonderful shape!

Squirps: I feel another compulsion... Must...get...twisted...into...there!

         Someone twist me in!

"Want to twist Squirps into there?"

 - Twist

 - Don't twist

[If "Don't twist" is chosen, nothing happens. If "Twist" is chosen, Mario puts

 him in there, and then the area rumbles and nothing happens]

Squirps: Something... Something's missing, squirk... Defenitely... I can't

         shake it... There's only one solution... That's right! Squirps must

         eat something yummy! Squirps will not move until Squirps eats

         something good! This I declare, squooooorp!

[Mario finds a shop out in the middle of nowhere, then enters it]

Shopkeeper: HAVE A TWINKLY DAY! Welcome to Twinkle Mart! If we're not closed,

            we're open! WAAAAAAA! I was SO lonely! Since our grand opening,

            you're our first customer! I think I should have thought about

            location more when I bought this place... Watcha looking for today?

            Just grab whatever grabs your eye, Twinkle shoppers!

[Mario chooses the Golden Choco-bar]

Shopkeeper: The Golden Choco-bar, huh? That'll be 100 coins! Does it twinkle

            your fancy?

 - Yes

 - No

[Mario buys it]

Shopkeeper: Need anything else?

 - Yes

 - No

[If "Yes" is chosen, Mario continues shopping. If "No" is chosen...]

Shopkeeper: Color me twinkled pink! It gets lonely here, so promise to come

            again, OK?!

[Mario leaves the shop and goes back to Squirps]

Squirps: Squuuuuuuurgh... So hungry... Squirps can't move... Well, Squirps CAN

         move, but so very slowly... Squirps needs to eat something yummy!

[Mario gives him the Golden Choco-bar]

Squirps: Squirps is a gourmet! You think I'd be satisfied by something like

         this, squaaag? But, you went to all this trouble, space grunt, so... I

         don't want to, but... SQUA-CHOMP!

Squirps: TH-THIS IS...

Squirps: It smells delightful, squiigs... It tastes delightful, squoort... It's

         perfectly PERFECT! Oh... Squirps can't see through tears of joy!

Squirps: Squoh... Squorgle...


[He splits into two, and both of them enter the holes, causing a door to


Squirps: Squirp! Sorry about that... Squirps got carried away...

Tippi: The gate... It's appeared.

Squirps: The goal is nigh, squoogle! Let's go, space grunts!

[Through the door, Mario and the others find the star block, and they hit it to

 end the chapter]



Chapter 4-4: The Mysterious Mr. L  [CH44]


"Mario and his friends took the Space Byway and merged into the Whoa Zone.

 Known to some as the Space Graveyard, it was said to consume all who entered

 it. "Just a little bit longer... We'll be arriving soon," said young Squirps.

 With his unblinking eyes glimmering, Squirps continued to forge onward. Would

 Mario and his friends get their hands on the Pure Heart at long last?"


The Whoa Zone


Squirps: We're here, squeeegle! This is the Whoa Zone! Squirps has finally

         arrived, squooodly! SQUIRPS IS HERE!

Squirps: ...Squirps can't wait! Squirps is going to scurry ahead. Follow

         Squirps when you can. But remember, space grunts, this place is a

         super-complicated maze... You'll get lost before you know it, so pay

         attention to where you're going, squeerp! Well, Squirps will see you

         guys the spot where the Pure Heart awaits!

[Squirps takes off]

Tippi: I can't believe that creature left us at a time like this... But I must

       say, I do feel the presence of the Pure Heart... It's somewhere in this


[Mario and the others make their way through the Whoa Zone, which has doors

 that make it where you can walk onto the ceiling and on the sides of the

 walls. After awhile, they unlock a door. Inside...]


[They walk up to Squirps]

Squirps: SQUAAAAAAAACKLES! Squirps was tiring of waiting! Squirps almost gave

         up! The Pure Heart that you're looking for is just ahead, space


Voice: Squirps. You've done well. You're a smart kid...

[Mario hears someone, but sees no sign of anybody]

Squirps: Squirple squeee! Stop it! Squirps is embarrassed!

[Squirps notices that neither Mario nor anyone else there said that]

Squirps: Wait... Whose voice was that, squoh?

[A person lands on Squirps's head]

Squirps: SQUIRP!

Mr. L: Heh heh heh...

Tippi: Wh-Who are you?!

Mr. L: Oh, me? Just one of Count Bleck's more promising minions. The Greem


[He gets in a weird stance]

Mr. L: MR. L!

Tippi: Mr...L?

[He knocks Squirps out of the way]

Mr. L: I don't need you to tell me it's a cool name. I know it. Don't bother

       memorizing it. Why? Because I'm about to give you a burial at sea... I

       mean, a burial in space.

Mr. L: Just because you're in red doesn't mean you're strong. Have at you!

[They battle. After a rather short fight, he falls over, then gets back up]

Mr. L: Oof! Impressive! I guess there's but one thing to do, hm? COME TO ME,

       METAL BRO!

[A big flying robot comes out from the wall]

Mr. L: Ha HA! Do you like him?! That is my DEAR metal brother. He and I share a

       spiritual bond, you know. Yes, yes, and his name is...


[He jumps into it]

Mr. L: Enough playing, already... NOW FOR PAIN!

[The background rips and reveals a space arena]

Mr. L: The gravitational laws of space allow Brobot's potential to be fully

       realized! Hey, Mr. Jumpsallthetime! NOW we'll see who's the better


[Using the help of Squirps, Mario fights a rather interesting battle. After the

 fight, the Brobot explodes]

Mr. L: Hey... This makes no sense!

[Mario appears back in the Whoa Zone, then Mr. L falls to the ground]

Mr. L: N-No! You beat Brobot?!

[He gets up]

Mr. L: Ugh... I'll let you off the hook for the rest today, I suppose... But

       remember this... When Fortunes smiles next, she'll smile right HERE! On

       Mr. L!

[He jumps away]

Squirps: Ugh... That was awful, squirp! We have to pull ourselves together,

         space grunts... The Pure Heart is ahead! Come on, squinkles!

[Mario nods, then follows Squirps to the next room]

Squirps: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Squirps brought them here!

[Mario walks up to Squirps]

Squirps: Oh, we're finally here... Come on! Say hi to Squirps's mommy, Squirp!

[Mario sees a glittering statue]

Squirps: Yeah, this is Squirps's mommy! The queen of Squirpia! Her name is

         Squirpina XIV!

Tippi: The queen is...your mother? So you are...

Squirps: Squirps is the prince of Squipia, a once-great kingdom... My true name

         is... Squirp Korogaline Squipina!

Squirps: Sorry for not telling you... Squirps promised not to tell! It makes

         Squirps a target!

Squirps: Long ago, Squirps's mother was told that destruction would come to the

         world. And in order to protect us from this destruction, we needed the

         Pure Heart... So Mommy hid the Pure Heart in the Whoa Zone, where no

         one could get to it. And so, 1,500 years ago, Squirps was put to sleep

         in a hibernation capsule, squeeep!

Squirps: Squirps was meant to bring the hero protect the world,


Tippi: Ah... So that's why.

Squirps: The prince of Squirpia, Squirps, has a message from the queen to

         deliver... "I bestow upon you the Pure Heart in the hope that you will

         save the world..." Here! Take it! Squirp!

[He takes out the Pure Heart and Mario gets it]

"You got a Pure Heart"

""Phew! Now that Squirps is all relaxed, Squirps feels kinda...tired..." said

 Squirps. And with that, Squirps lay down before the statue of his beloved

 mother. "Mother..." he said, his voice soft. "I did my best, right? Are you...

 proud...of me?" Then...slowly...young Squirps closed his eyes... The mission

 had weighed heavy on his tiny back, and he was proud to fulfill it."



Castle Bleck Scene 5  [BLK5]



Castle Bleck


[Inside, all of the minions are gathered up in Bleck's chambers]

Nastasia: Yeah, so, guys? Huddle up, 'K? We're just gonna have a quick new-

          minion orientation. His name is Mr. L, and he comes to us from one of

          our key competitors.

Mr. L: Mmm. Can't say I'm impressed by the minion quality... No, indeed. No

       wonder you've been trounced up to now. You're like JUNIOR minions.

O'Chunks: JUNIOR?! C'mere an' I'll introduce yeh to Fist Jr. an' his wee pal,


Mimi: Gosh, Mr. L, but didn't you get pretty spanked too? So maybe YOU'RE the


Mr. L: Spanked, you say? Ho ho! I was scouting him, dear. He will be mine next


[He does his weird stance]

Mr. L: Yes, he shall know the fury of the one and only Mr. L, AKA The Green


Mr. L: But enough about me... I need to head to the repair bay for Brobot

       modifications. L-ater!

[He leaves]

Count Bleck: "Though the man in red shall wield formidable powers, one shall

             stand against him. The man in green shall use the Chaos Heart's

             power to bring darkness to all." Bleh heh heh heh heh... So it is

             written in the Dark Prognosticus.

Dimentio: So what you're saying is...the "man in green" is our minion-in-

          training, Mr. L?

[O'Chunks stomps the ground]

O'Chunks: Whut?! That makes as much sense as a beef an' broccoli sandwich!

Count Bleck: Calm yourself, O'Chunks. Make ready. Count Bleck is sending you on

             a new mission.

O'Chunks: Ah, now THAT makes sense! It'll be me honor, Count! I, O'Chunks,

          swear to you... This hero's got a hot date with me feet! Chunks away!

[O'Chunks leaves]

Dimentio: My, aren't we hot blooded? Well, well... I suppose that's to be

          admired. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to be on my way as well.


[Dimentio leaves]

Mimi: So poor little Mimi doesn't get to be in on the fun? This stinks.

[She leaves]

Nastasia: Yeah, I hate to seem like a whistle-blower here, but O'Chunks may

          not... Actually, even Dimentio, Mimi, AND Mr. L may not be up to

          this... That hero's gonna collect the Pure Hearts and come here.

          He'll come for you...

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... All is according to plan, Count Bleck

             assures you.

[Nastasia gets an upset look on her face]

Nastasia: It's strange... Nobody ever, um, cherished the universe the way you

          once did... And yet, you've been made to destroy it...

Count Bleck: That's quite enough...Nastasia.

Nastasia: *quietly* If I, I...

Count Bleck: You'd what?

Nastasia: If only I could have, y'know, been that girl... Things would have

          been different...

[Bleck shakes his head]

Count Bleck: She cannot be replaced. You cannot hope to do so, Nastasia.

Nastasia: Yeah, um, I'm very sorry. That just slipped out.

[Bleck holds his hat over his eyes]

Count Bleck: To be sure... She is gone... Gone from all worlds, never to


[Bleck leaves with the Dark Prognosticus]

"What... What are you thinking? There's no possible way... No one would allow


"If we can't be happy here, we must leave for a place that will accept our


"But, Blumiere, is there such a place? Think... I can't bear to see you hurt


"If our love has no home...let us spend our lives searching together!"

"So I beg of you again... Timpani, marry me! I promise I will make you happy."

"You...just won't give up, will you? Of all the crazy...stubborn...foolish


"Timpani, answer me, please!"

"Blumiere, I love you. Take me away. Take me to a world where we can be




Before Chapter Five  [BFC5]





[They come out of the green door]

Tippi: Now we've gotten five Pure Hearts... This is turning into quite a


Bowser: Gwah ha ha ha ha ha ha! What'd I tell ya, huh?! You've got the king of

        all evilness on your side! You can't go wrong!

Tippi: Yes, yes, tee hee hee...

Tippi: That said, we owe Squirps for helping us find this one... We should be


Princess Peach: Say, Tippi... Something seems different about you recently. You

                seem a little bit more cheerful... It's a nice change.

Tippi: You think so? Well, ever since you saved me from Fort Francis, I've been

       feeling really good... I feel like I could just hang around with Mario


[Mario points to himself]

Tippi: *quietly* Tee hee hee...

Voice: So, you're all back?

[Merlon enters]

Merlon: How was it this time, then? Did you find another Pure Heart in outer


Tippi: Yes, we found the fifth Pure Heart. And this one--

[The screen flashes]

Tippi: URK!

[Tippi passes out onto the floor]

Princess Peach: Huh?! Wh-What?!

Merlon: Tippi!

Merlon: What has happened? All of you, come to my house at once! Hurry, now!

[He picks up Tippi and they go to his house]

Merlon: Very well, let's all take a breath and gather ourselves here... I'm

        concerned... Tippi may be unable to maintain her Pixl form for much


Bowser: Her Pixl form? What the heck does THAT mean?

Merlon: Well, you see, Tippi was not always a Pixl... I found her in her true

        form, exhausted, cursed to wander through dimensions forever.

Merlon: She was hanging by a thread, barely I took a desperate

        measure... Using my ancestors' magic, I transformed her soul into a

        Pixl...and this Tippi was born.

Princess Peach: I can hardly believe it... So where is Tippi from originally,


Merlon: She had lost her memory, so I have no idea who she is or where she is

        from... But I can't help thinking she did not come here by chance. Fate

        connects us... And my intuition in this are is rarely mistaken.

[The area rumbles]

Merlon: The Void has grown larger. And these tremors have become common, I'm

        afraid. Our situation grows more dire by the moment. Will the events

        written in the Light Prognosticus really forestall the foretold doom?

Merlon: I will watch over Tippi. Young heroes, take the Pure Heart... Find the

        next Heart Pillar!

[Mario nods, and they exit Merlon's house. With the help of Fleep, they find a

 new path at Flipside which leads them to a mirror hall. Inside, they hit some

 switches in a certain order, making a mirror open up. They walk through the

 mirror and end up at Flopside]





[Here, Mario and the others go up an elevator and towards a house that looks

 just like Merlon's]

Voice: I welcome you!

[They walk up to the Merlon-like person]

Nolrem: I knew you would come by eventually!

[Mario is confused]

Nolrem: Ho oh! I can see that you would like to ask me where in the world we

        are! Ho oh oh ho! This place may seem like Flipside, but do not be

        mistaken! You WERE in Flipside, but then you flip-flopped sides...

        Friends, you are in Flopside!

Nolrem: Which means that I am not the Merlon you know. I am the Flopside

        version, a different Merlon entirely... You may call me...Nolrem!

[Mario thinks]

Nolrem: Don't you see? Ours has always been a story of two towns... But the

        only ones who know about this flip-floppery are Merlon and I!

[Mario responds]

Nolrem: You seem a bit surprised. Ho oh oh ho... There is a front and a back to

        all things, young ones. Now, the Heart Pillar is one floor up! Go and

        place the Pure Heart within it! See you!

[Nolrem goes into his house. Mario and the others go up to the next floor and

 place the Pure Heart into the Heart Pillar, which causes a blue door to appear

 at the tower of Flipside]

Voice: You appear to be performing your duties efficiently!

[Nolrem appears]

Nolrem: I just got a message from Merlon. Tippi's been revived! They are

        waiting for you at the top of Flipside Tower. Hurry! You must go there!

[Nolrem leaves, and Mario and the others go back to Flipside's tower]





[At the tower, they encounter Tippi and Merlon]

Tippi: You're back. I'm feeling better now... Let's get going.

Merlon: Are you sure you feel well enough, my dear?

Tippi: I'll be fine. This is no time to stay in bed anyway. And I... I want to

       be near Mario...

Merlon: Then I will not hold you back. These good people will surely need your

        knowledge... Heroes. Please take good care of Tippi.

[Mario nods, then they go through the blue door]



Chapter 5-1: Downtown of Crag  [CH51]


"Still worried about Tippi's condition, Mario and friends opened the fifth

 door. They still needed to find three Pure Hearts... But the imminent

 destruction of the world was approaching at an alarming pace. Would Mario have

 enough time to save the day? And what fould trick would Count Bleck and his

 goons come up with next? This adventure grew more dangerous...and more

 thrilling...with every step!"


Downtown of Crag


[The stage gets drawn out, then two weird-looking guys go onto the stone

 platform in the middle. Mario and the others come out of the blue door in


Tippi: Oh, my! Where are we?

[Mario looks around]

Tippi: Quite a nice view from here in midair...but I can't yet see the Pure


Tippi: Wait... Midair?

[Mario notices it as well, then falls down]

Tippi: Oh, dear...

Cragnon #1: Oh! Cragga wagga woo!

Cragnon #2: Craggit daggit YOOO!

Cragnon #1: Brah! Big Rock Who Watches! Cragnons just little rocks! Cragnons

            need help! You hook Cragnons up, brah! Or Cragnons go CRONCH and

            then no more Cragnons!

Cragnon #2: End of all Cragnons coming! NO WAY! MUST CRAG ON! Save us Cragnons,


Cragnon #1: Criggly craggly CROOOO!

Cragnon #2: Cragga wagga doo GOO!

[Mario lands in between the two Cragnons]

Cragnon #1: OH, CRAG!

Cragnon #2: Wh-What in Crag?

[Mario gets up and Tippi floats down]

Tippi: ...Are you all right?

Cragnon #1: Whoa... Skarn! You see person drop out of sky, brah?

Skarn: Yah, Jasperoid... Thought I was losing my crag, brah. Person shaped

       weird, huh? Wait! You think maybe...person sent down to help by Big Rock

       Who Watches?!

Jasperoid: This hairface, brah? But...huh. Thought that Big Rock Who Watches

           would send someone...cooler.

Skarn: Bite your crag, brah! Do not doubt power of Big Rock Who Watches!

Jasperoid: Point well cragged, brah.

[They pick up Mario and take him away]

Tippi: You stop that this instant!

[Tippi follows them into a chamber]

Cragnon Chief: Servants...of Big Rock Who Watches... You big boulders, we just

               gravel bits...

Tippi: Where in the world are we? And what are you...things?

Jasperoid: This is land of Cragnons. Me Cragnon, him Cragnon, this land of


Skarn: It not rocket science, brah. Anyway, big brah here is Marbald, chief of

       all Cragnons.

Tippi: Cragnons? What?

Marbald: O great servants of Big Rock Who Watches... Cragnons having trouble

         down here... Serious. Bad. Big, big danger...

Marbald: One day...freak plant-people came... Nerd Cragnon named them Floro

         Sapiens. They kidnap many Cragnobs... We were peaceful brahs... They

         give peace no chance...

Marbald: Rescue team of need to BE rescued... We at end of our

         crag... How do we save Cragnons? No ideas come to Marbald...and we

         keep losing Cragnons... This bad, brahs... Cragnons must work this

         out, or Cragnons go ex...


Marbald: You prune Floro Sapiens... You save kidnapped buds... You hook

         Cragnons up...

 - Sure thing, brah.

 - Nah, man.

[If "Sure thing, brah." is chosen...]

Marbald: Yah? You not cragging my chain? Cragnons owe you big-time, brahs...

[Mario nods]

Jasperoid: You rock, serious!

Skarn: Yah, serious, no cragging! Big Rock Who Watches sent you to Cragnons,

       for sure!

[A door opens and a Cragnon enters]

Cragnon: Tuh-Tuh-TERRIBLE, BRAH! King Croacus return!

Marbald: Wha-Whaaaat?!

Cragnon: Village Cragnons kidnapped! Please... Cragnons need hooking up,


[Skarn and Jasperoid leave]

Marbald: Servants of Big Rock Who Watches... You heard that, right, kind brahs?

         P-P-P-Please! You help! You hook up Cragnons! Hooooook up, PLEEEEEASE!

[The Cragnon leaves, and Mario and the others continue outside. A Floro Sapien

 walks toward them]

Floro Sapien #1: Hey, check it out, man! Haven't seen that one before, have we?

Floro Sapien #2: Yeah, for sure, must be some sorta rare breed or something,


Floro Sapien #1: Yeah, rare breed, totally! Sweet timing, too! We need a Pure

                 Heart polisher! Score!

[Mario and Tippi notices that they mentioned the Pure Heart]

Tippi: Mario! These odd creatures seem to know about the Pure Heart!

Floro Sapien #1: Our super-mighty leader, King Croacus, will be STOKED to have

                 a rare breed! Let's tenderize it a bit and tote it back, dude!

[They defeat the Floro Sapiens]

Tippi: Hmm... Seems as though the leader of these uncouth things has the Pure

       Heart... We'd best try to find him...


[Floro Sapiens are shown carrying Cragnons away from the village]

Tippi: Floro Sapiens are taking more villagers!

[Mario and the others chase them through the area and to another area, then

 they're seen running off]

Tippi: They're fleeing... I wonder where they're headed... We must follow


[Mario and the others follow them to another area, and the Sapiens can be seen

 taking the villagers in the background]

Tippi: Oh, dear! Did you see them?! Over there!

[They continue to follow them through this area, eventually encountering a star

 block. They hit it to end the chapter]



Chapter 5-2: Pixls, Tablets, and Crag  [CH52]


"In pursuit of the abducted Cragnons, Mario and Co. headed for the Gap of Crag.

 What did the Floro Sapiens want? And where was King Croacus with the Pure

 Heart? Despite their hustling pace, our heroes never caught sight of the Floro

 Sapiens. But Mario didn't give up. He knew his fleet feet would catch them



Gap of Crag


Tippi: There! We've caught up to the fiends...

[Mario nods, then the Floro Sapiens holding the villagers are shown. They

 follow them to the next area, where the Floro Sapiens are seen once again.

 They go down a pipe, then the pipe lowers and a big yellow block moves over

 where it was]

Tippi: Disappeared down a pipe, did they?

[Mario nods. They go through the canyon for a bit, and after awhile, Mario

 hears a voice]

Voice: Showed at last, did yeh?

[Mario looks around, then O'Chunks appears]


O'Chunks: I've not been made teh wait like this since that fine lass stood me

          up long, long ago! Yeh did this teh break me concentration, didn't

          yeh?! Yeh likes the cheatin', eh?! Sorry teh disappoint yeh! Yeh

          think I'd fall fer a bush-league move like that?!

Tippi: Ooh, I'm afraid this fellow is terribly misguided...

[O'Chunks stomps the ground]

O'Chunks: Grrrraaa-BARGLE-FARGLE! "Misguided"? That's not even a real word, yeh

          squishy bug! Quit yer yappin', now! It's time fer us teh settle this

          once an' fer all!

Tippi: No matter how often we do this, it will end the same... Just step aside!

O'Chunks: Grah har har har har! Big talk fer a wee li'l weird-lookin'

          butterfly! I'll be wantin' an apology! In writin'! An' I want it

          written with yer FACE!

Voice: Salutations, O'Chunks!

[Dimentio appears]

Tippi: Y-You...

Dimentio: Ah! Once again we meet, like two large, hairy vikings on a storm-

          tossed schooner!

O'Chunks: What d'yeh want, Dimentio?! I don't be needin' any help! Yeh'll just

          get in the way!

Dimentio: Ah, a quadrillion pardons! Far be it from me to be a hindrance. Far,

          FAR be it! As it happens, I merely have an acquaintance in this land.

          I was just saying hello!

O'Chunks: Sayin' hello, eh?

[Dimentio raises his arms]

Dimentio: Yes, truly! And I saw you, and I thought, "Perhaps my magic can aid

          in this fight!"

[He uses his magic to teleport them to his dimension]

Dimentio: Ah, rest assured, I'll hardly be underfoot! You fight to your heart's

          content! Ciao!

[Dimentio leaves]

O'Chunks: Wuh... That doesn't sound too bad, I guess. Maybe I misunderstood

          that weirdo... Well, anyway, you lot are in fer it now! Meet the

          new-an'-improved O'Chunks!

[They battle. After the fight...]


[The area turns back to normal]

O'Chunks: BLARGH IT ALL! Bad enough that yeh beat me once, but twice is too

          much teh bear! How can I show me face teh the count now, eh? I CAN'T!

          Put me out o' me misery!

[Mario shakes his head]

Tippi: ...Oh, dear. What shall we do?

O'Chunks: Get on with it! I'm serious! I've no regrets! Well... No... Perhaps I

          do regret not confessin' me love teh that sweet lass... BUT NO!

          That's no way fer a brave warrior teh talk when 'is time comes 'round

          at last! So... Do it! Now! NOW! Finish me! End me game!

Voice: Well, salutations, O'Chunks! How are things, hmmm?

[Dimentio appears again]

O'Chunks: Di-Dimentio! Look, honestly, this is kind o' important! How 'bout

          some privacy, eh?

Dimentio: Yes, yes, of course, I understand. Your honor must be satisfied...

          But, O'Chunks... Before you let your game be over, humor poor little

          me for a bit. I have something I rather think you'll enjoy. I DO wish

          you would try it out for me.

O'Chunks: YEH CRAZED LOON! It's not the time fer...

Dimentio:'s not the time, hmm? Not the time for something that will aid

          Count Bleck?

O'Chunks: Ooh... Fer the count, eh? Well, that do change a thing or two...

          Hmmmm... ..........................................................


          .......................................Fine, then!

[He turns back to Mario]

O'Chunks: You lot! Yeh took enough of a beatin' fer today, so I'll let yeh off

          easy-like! I tell yeh this, though: yeh better work on yer skills by

          the next time we meet!

Tippi: Wait, what about all that drivel about not showing your face to the

       count and such?

O'Chunks: 'EY! SHUT IT! I live fer the count! I couldn't end me game without

          'is say-so! Me heart is weak, sure, so I'm done with it! From now on,

          I'm all brawn, no brain! The past be nothin' teh me! All that matters

          is Count Bleck's future! All fer 'im! Chunks away!

Dimentio: Ah, it is time to part... Ciao!

[Dimentio and O'Chunks leave]

Tippi: That fellow is...troubled.

[Mario and the others continue along through the canyon, eventually obtaining

 three types of tablets: Stone, Water, and Fire. Mario finds some stones where

 he must insert the tablets in that order, and he does so. The place rumbles]

Tippi: What... Wha-What?!

[The rumbling stops]

Voice: Hey! Yo!

[A Pixl appears]

Pixl: Whuh? I'm gettin' nothin'... So... You...ignorin' me? Or was that a

      "yes"? Better try one more time... PLEASE TALK TO ME!

 - Fine!

 - No way!

[The outcome is the same either way]

Pixl: Nice! Sounds good. Been a while since I heard voices. Been a while since

      I talked. Gotta tell people how ya fell or they dunno... Gotta talk or no

      one hears ya! So listen, weird question... You got a motto or what?

      Whisper it to me, huh?

[Mario inputs a random word]

Pixl: Oh yeah... That's perfect! I am LOVIN' that! Real good wordin', real good

      timin'! It really got me right there! In the heart! And on that note,

      hang on a quick sec...

[He flies around]

Pixl: *shouts the word Mario made up*

Pixl: So yeah, that's your motto... Words you live by, right? Right on! Good

      stuff! Feels like I know you now... What really drives you... Gotta say,

      it's inspirin'! Haven't felt like this in a while... Feels kinda like

      when I first became a Pixl! I gotta get on board this good-feelin' train!

      I'm stickin' with you!

[The Pixl, Cudge, joins Mario]

"The hammer Pixl called Cudge has joined your group! Swing that hammer to do

 some serious damage! You can even break giant yellow blocks!"

Cudge: Yeah! Feelin' good! Yeah! I got a ton of pent-up energy, lemme tell you!

[Mario and the others proceed to the giant yellow block they saw earlier, then

 they break it with Cudge's help. This leads to a cave with a star block, which

 they hit to end the chapter]



Chapter 5-3: A Crag in the Dark  [CH53]


"After repelling O'Chunks, Mario and Co. followed the Floro Sapiens

 underground... Was the hideout of the Floro Sapiens just up ahead? "Wow, it's

 dark! And narrow!" "Hey, who just kicked me?!" "Sorry. All me." Our heroes

 followed the long, dark corridor, listening to the echoes of their own voices.

 As they groped their way along, the light at the end of the tunnel grew

 brighter... They had finally arrived at the inner sanctums of the Floro

 Sapiens... The Cragnons kidnapped from Downtown of Crag had to be around



Floro Caverns


[As Mario and the others proceed through the cave...]

Voice: "Coming to you live...from the foul darkness that the Floro Sapiens call

       home. Lesser Cragnons would weep softly. No one has set foot in this

       cave and emerged alive. But some make history with sheer gall and

       willpower...and Flint Cragley is such a man!"

[A man named Flint Cragley is shown]

Flint Cragley: CRAGLEY HO! "Into the Floro Sapiens Cave of Doom! A Flint

               Cragley Cragtrotting Adventure!"

[Mario and the others walk up to him]

Flint Cragley: ...No, no, wait a second. That'll never play well in the sticks.

               How about... CRAGLEY HO! "Taste Danger! Flint Cragley Vs. a

               Recragginated Mummy in Floro Sapiens Central!" I wonder if

               that'll test well with the weekend auidence... Those Cragnons

               are fickle...

[Mario responds]

Tippi: Ah, excuse me... Sir?

[He turns around]

Flint Cragley: CRAGELY HO! "Suddenly...out of the cave mists...mysterious,

               slavering creatures lurched into view! Did they hope to dine on

               the fillet of Cragley? Would our hero meet their mandibles? Tune

               in after this brief commercial break to reach the torrid


Flint Cragley: ...Great, cut, print, wrap it. Now what do you dolts want? What

               are you doing here?

[Mario responds]

Flint Cragley: Huh? You're on a quest to find a treasure called the Pure Heart?

               Spectacular. Just fabulous! All-time coincidence, that's what

               this is! Just great to meet fellow adventurers, really, it is.

               I'm ecstatic about this.

Flint Cragley: Listen, call me Flint. I'm a heck of a guy to know! Best

               cragtrotter of our time! You may know me from "Flint Cragley,

               Cragtrotter," which airs weekly on crag-vision. That's why I

               pretended to be kidnapped! I'm filming another epic show!

               Unfortunately, my idiot crew wandered off somewhere... So


[He walks a bit]

Flint Cragley: I turned away for a second, and they vanished into the foul

               blackness of this cave... The worst part is, they have the key

               that'll get me deeper into this infernal abyss! You there! If

               you run into my crew, tell them I'm waiting and stomping

               impatiently! Pure adventure personified thanks you kindly!

Tippi: If we run into them... Fine.

[Mario and the others go through the cavern, and eventually they find one of

 Flint's crew members]

Crew Member #1: Hey. You not mind controlled? You escape from "Processing

                Center", brah? Monzo maybe ought to take director there. Maybe

                sprout on head mellow him out...

Tippi: You're one of that Cragley gentleman's crew members? He's requested your


Monzo: Whuh? You know director?

[Mario nods, then responds]

Monzo: So that where he was... Aww... He told Monzo, "Wait here!" But Monzo bet

       he forgot one second later. Job of Monzo really lame. Thanks, brah.

       Monzo head back now.

[Monzo leaves. Mario and the others go searching for another crew member, and

 they end up finding one]

Crew Member #2: Whoa! Where in Crag you guys come from? ...Serious. Who are

                you, brah?

Tippi: You're part of Flint's crew, are you not? He's been looking for you...

Crew Member #2: Whuh? You know where director is?!

[Mario nods, then responds]

Hornfels: Oh, that where he is... Thanks. Hornfels head back now. But first...

          You see other crew Cragnons? With little sprout on top of head? Floro

          Sapiens using sprouts to mind-control Cragnons... They see you, they

          attack! Don't let guard down, brah! Crag you later!

[Hornfels leaves. Mario goes back to Flint and his crew]

Flint Cragley: "In a miraculous turn of events, I was reunited with my faithful

               my faithful camera Cragnons."

Flint Cragley: "But there was no time for celebration! We had to swoop to the

               aid of the kidnapped! With danger nibbling our heels, we

               ventured deeper into the forbidding cave... To do so, we used

               the key to the last unopened door in the forsaken labyrinth!"

[He turns to Monzo]

Flint Cragley: So, um... You do have the key, right? Lemme grab that.

Monzo: Whuzzat?! You cragging me? You never gave key...

Flint Cragley: Oh. Hmmm... Really?

[He turns to Hornfels]

Hornfels: Whuh? What? Key?

Flint Cragley: Yes, genius, a key. Wait... Don't tell me you don't have it


Hornfels: Uh, yah, brah, had key, but...

Flint Cragley: Ah, yes, so you DO have it! Good show, good show, yes. Give it

               here. Quickly, now.

Hornfels: No, brah... HAD key but not HAVE key...

Flint Cragley: You... You LOST it?! "A tragic crew blunder ruins Cragley! Had

               the gods of adventure forsaken us?!"

Hornfels: Nah, brah! See... Cragley say, "You lose this, so Cragley hold on to

          it." Cragley got key, brah...

Flint Cragley: Preposterous! If such a claim were true, there would be evidence

               in my pocket, which there ISN'T.

[He searches his pockets and finds something]

Flint Cragley: Hm?

[He takes out a key]

Flint Cragley: CRAGELY HO! "A miracle struck! As if by magic, the long-lost key

               had returned to my pocket! The cave defied Cragnon

               comprehension! It was a place of purest miracles!"

[His crew mumbles stuff to themselves]

Flint Cragley: Lucky turn of events, finding that key... I'm sure everyone

               contributed somehow. Now, onward! We must make our way to the

               last unopened door to the horrid depths... If my research is

               correct, and it always is, then this key should open that door.

               Of course, through the door may lie a trap that will devour us

               all... Ho ho HO!

[He walks up to Mario]

Flint Cragley: What's that? You say you want to open the door no matter what

               may lie in wait?! Tremendous! Such bravery!

[Mario responds]

Flint Cragley: I was planning on opening it myself, of course, but since you

               seem so passionate... Not that I'm afraid or anything. Don't be

               ridiculous. I mean, that's laughable. As a fellow cragtrotter, I

               know the heady thrill of the hunt! I'll yield to your lead!

[He gives Mario the Cave Key]

Flint Cragley: We'll head down first and await you by the door. Come down when

               you're ready. See you in two ticks!

[Mario goes back to the room he was just in and unlocks the locked door. The

 group make their way through a little bit more of the cavern, then they come

 to a star block and end the chapter]



Chapter 5-4: The Menace of King Croacus  [CH54]


""You want REAL danger?! How about my duel with the foul Rainbowzilla?!" As the

 heroes descended into the Floro Caverns, Flint Cragley entertained them all.

 "Boss. BOSS! Cragnons heard that story 255 times, brah... You making my crag

 hurt. Brah, if you count time we weren't tied up, then it 256 times." Mario

 and Co. glanced over at the weary faces of Flint's crew as they delved deeper.

 But a light grew... Was it a ray of hope from the Pure Heart, or an evil



Floro Caverns


Flint Cragley: CRAGLEY HO! "We plodded on, traipsing over all manner of beasts

               that gnashed fangs at us! But then...NOOO! A sight too horrible

               to believe appeared before our eyes!"

[Hornfels looks around]

Hornfels: Boss... Nothing happen yet, brah...

Flint Cragley: I know that, you cretin! The "sight too horrible to believe" is

               still up ahead! We're going to look for it now! Come on, MOVE!

[Flint leaves]

Hornfels: Whuh?! Wait up, brah!

Monzo: Boss, no! Monzo not want to get left behind, brah!

[They both leave. Mario and the others explore deeper into the caverns, and

 they come to a room where a Cragnon comes out of a door, with a sprout on its

 head. They continue to go through the cavern, and eventually they unlock a

 locked door. Inside is a non-brainwashed Cragnon with a Pixl by his side]

Cragnon: EEEEEEK! F-F-Found us!

Cragnon: Gabbro thought this was good hiding spot, since key was lost, brah!

Pixl: Yes, this is unexpected... But so is a storm of rain... Such is the way

      of things. There are no absolutes...

Gabbro: Wh-Wh-What we do, brah?!

[Mario walks up to them]

Pixl: Come, come, be at peace. Calm your raging inner sea. Let us meditate on


Gabbro: You probably right, brah... ...........................................


        .....................Got it!

[He turns to Mario]

Gabbro: E-Evil brahs! You take Gabbro. Gabbro give up... But her... Do not hurt


Pixl: But you...

Gabbro: No. Let Gabbro speak, brah... You kept Gabbro company... You helped

        Gabbro hide... Gabbro owe you big, brah... Big debt for Pixl! Gabbro's

        time ending, but Gabbro really want you to live free...

Pixl: Come, now, ease your mind. Let me muffle the wails of your frightened

      soul... Do not be hasty in fear! Look closer... That is not one of the

      Floro Sapiens!

[He turns around]

Gabbro: What? Who are you brahs? Could you... You come to save Gabbro?

Tippi: Well, I guess... This is interesting... Just like Flint Cragley, you've

       avoided falling under the control of the Floro Sapiens...

Gabbro: What?! Flint here, too?!

[Mario nods]

Gabbro: Gabbro HUGE Cragley fan! Cragley do something, brah! Cragley save us


Pixl: Well, isn't that welcome news! Why don't you go find Flint? For I must

      bid you farewell.

Gabbro: What?! Why?! You not come with Gabbro?!

Pixl: Humans and Pixls...or Cragnons and Pixls, for that matter...shouldn't

      linger long together. Only heroes who know how to utilize the Pixls

      properly can travel with them... Please, heed my words now... It's best

      for you this way.

Gabbro: Oh, crag.........

Pixl: Come now, let me assist you in your departure from here. Let your aura

      shrink... When it diminishes, you can return to the village where the one

      you seek awaits.

[He shrinks him]

Gabbro: Thank you, great Pixl brah... Gabbro not forget you!

[He runs off and enters a tiny door]


Pixl: Farewell, weeping Cragnon! Go frolic beneath the sun, where you are meant

      to live.

Pixl: Rain still falls in my heart. The taken souls cry out... Why do they cry

      such tears? You must stop this torrent. Fate brought us together. Great

      hero of 1,500 years... Now you must take me there... To the deep, dark

      underbelly of the earth...

[The Pixl, Dottie, joins Mario]

"The tiny Pixl named Dottie has joined your group! Dottie can miniaturize you

 so you can enter small spaces and avoid being noticed!"

Dottie: Let us go! Before the rain of tears becomes a flood... Before disaster


[With the help of Dottie, Mario and the others get out of the room, then they

 eventually make their way to a room where they hear a voice]

Voice: Ah ha ha. So! At long last, you've come to play, like late-sleeping


[They walk up to Dimentio and O'Chunks]

Tippi: Dimentio...and O'Chunks...

O'Chunks: ..........

Dimentio: Ahhhhhhhh... Do you not tire of collecting those worn-out, tiresome

          Pure Hearts? I am not violent by nature, you know. I'd prefer to

          settle this peacefully, in fact. Say, for instance, you wished to go

          back to your world. I could do that for you...

Tippi: We are NOT interested!

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. So it must be... Shall we begin?

[Dimentio uses his magic to teleport them to his dimension]

Tippi: Ugh... Haven't you learned? No matter how often we fight, it will end

       the same...

Dimentio: My, my. Aren't you plucky? Same fight, same outcome... You are

          precisely correct.

[He snaps his finger, and a sprout appears onto O'Chunks, making him O'Cabbage]

O'Cabbage: BRO-CCOLI!

Dimentio: Lovely green hat, wouldn't you say?

Tippi: Wha-What?!

Dimentio: Dear O'Chunks! So strong, yet so very dim! A child could learn his

          attack patterns. As such, I requested a few sprouts from my

          acquaintance to liven him up a touch. I call the boy "O'Cabbage"!

          Don't be shy, O'Cabbage! Introduce yourself!

O'Cabbage: CAB-BAGE!

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. Simply adorable. Now remember, kids: eat your vegetables to

          grow big! Except in this case, a veggie will eat YOU! Have fun, now!


[Dimentio leaves]

O'Cabbage: AS-PARA-GUS!

[They battle O'Cabbage. After the fight...]

O'Cabbage: Buh... Buh... BRO-CCOLI!

[The area turns back to normal]

O'Cabbage: Hrrrrrrgh...

[The sprout falls off]

O'Chunks: 'Ey! What in gravy am I doin' in 'ere?!

[He thinks]

O'Chunks: Hunh? An' what are YOU doin' in 'ere as well?!

O'Chunks: Oh, I get the picture! You lot want teh challenge the new, improved

          O'Chunks! Yeh got pepper in yer pants, I'll give yeh that! But this

          time, yeh WILL get ruined!

[His stomach growls]

O'Chunks: Whuh-oh... Me belly's growlin' like a starvin' dog! Warrior rule,

          number one: "Never fight on an empty stomach! 'Tis madness!" Sorry,

          but we've got teh call it a day! Can't go buckin' the warrior rules!

          Next time, though, yer DONE! Chunks away!

[O'Chunks leaves]

Tippi: Look... The sprout from his head... It's the same as on the florified

       Cragnons. It looks as though it's nearly dead, however...

[Mario picks it up]

Tippi: Well, what do you think? Would you care to try it on? I believe you'll

       be safe...

 - I'll wear it!

 - I'm no veggie!

[If "I'll wear it!" is chosen, Mario puts it on]

Tippi: You...didn't turn into cabbage. That's nice, I guess... This could come

       in handy...

"To put on or take off the sprout, go to "Important Things" on the menu


[As Mario and the others leave the room...]

Voice: Ah ha ha.

[Dimentio appears]

Dimentio: Mm... If they could beat that model of O'Chunks...then they are

          coming along quite nicely. Perhaps they really are the ones I have

          waited for all this time. Ah ha ha. I should prepare myself as well!

          So much to do, so precious little time...

[He leaves. Mario and the others continue through more of the cavern, and they

 come to a room where a Cragnon gets scanned. He is allowed through due to the

 sprout on his head. Mario does the same and is also allowed through, then they

 make it to the room with King Croacus shortly after]

Voice: Oooooooo-weeee-ooooooo! Where, oh, where are my pretties?!

[King Croacus is shown]

King Croacus: Pretties... Beautiful things... Ooo-wee! Bring them to me...

              More! More! More!

[Mario walks up to him]

King Croacus: ...Ooo? What is THIS hideous, clashing thing?

Tippi: Um... Are you King Croacus?

King Croacus: Ooooo-weeeee-oooooooooo! So you must be the intruders I've heard

              SO much about... Well, I will NOT forgive the great trashening of

              my beautiful kingdom! NOO-WEE-OO!

King Croacus: ...Thus you are warned!

Tippi: King Croacus! You must release the Cragnons you've enslaved...

King Croacus: NEVER! Their sturdy bodies make them SUCH fine workers.

              Exquisite! I need them to dig up more gems so I can build a

              bejeweled palace. Ooo-weee!

Tippi: Why, how positively horrid... Release them this instant!

King Croacus: Trash is garbage, no matter how you dress it. This world is made

              for BEAUUUUUTY! And if you need some proof...then have a look at


[He takes out the Pure Heart]

Tippi: It's the Pure Heart!

King Croacus: I can hear it in your voice... You want it SO badly, you can

              barely think, mmmmmm? Seems we all seek beauty... So how DARE you

              take a high horse over me?!

Tippi: Don't compare us to you... We're NOTHING like you!

King Croacus: Your blabber hurts my ears! And your smell is wilting me! I can

              stand you no longer. I rarely stoop to such things, but I'll

              destroy you myself. Consider it an honor!

[He puts the Pure Heart away, then the king becomes a plant-like creature]

King Croacus: Oooooo-weee-OOOOOOOO! Here I COME!

[After he's defeated...]

King Croacus: Beauuuuuu...tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiful... Even as I wilt... I am... I


[He wilts]


[Some Floro Sapiens enter]

Red Floro Sapien: What... WHOA! What did you guys DO, huh?

Tippi: We have defeated your king. Get over it...

Red Floro Sapien: Hey, shut up! You don't get it at all!

Yellow Floro Sapien: King Croacus was awesome! He totally thought of his people

                     first, man! And you... You wilted him!

Tippi: What? What are you talking about?

Red Floro Sapien: WATER, man! I'm talking about WATER! The Cragnons were

                  polluting our water! Those dudes were tossing trash into the

                  river! We had to DRINK that crud!

Yellow Floro Sapien: That dirty water was what drove our king bonkers, don'tcha

                     get it?

Tippi: So... Then... Oh.

Voice: Of course! I knew it all along!

[Flint enters with his crew]

Flint Cragley: CRAGLEY HO! "Emergency special report from the Floro front

               lines! Environmental pollution drives Floro Sapiens mad! Whither

               will they rampage?"

Flint Cragley: So the villagers throwing garbage in the river was the reason

               for this whole thing? Well... I tried to tell those guys, but my

               thoughts were too far ahead of their time...

Hornfels: This play well with green Cragnon crowd...

Monzo: Ratings EXPLODE, brah! It like "Crags on Ice" meets "Baron von


Flint Cragley: Yes, once my fellow villagers see this, they'll surely realize

               the error of their ways. Once the words of Flint Cragley reach

               them, they'll throw garbage no more!

Yellow Floro Sapien: Yeah, water, man... I mean, it's EASILY our most precious

                     treasure, know what I mean? You promise not to dirty our

                     water and we'll just chill down here and be cool. And

                     we'll totally take those sprouts off your villagers'

                     noggins too, man.

Flint Cragley: Sounds like a fine way to keep the peace in the land... Keep

               those promises, folks!

Tippi: That was a rather unexpected turn...

Red Floro Sapien: Whaling on our king aside, you guys are totally heroes... You

                  should take this.

Red Floro Sapien: One of our earliest kings received this to safeguard until

                  the heroes' arrival. Our people have kept that promise for,

                  like, 1,500 years or something crazy like that... I'm sure

                  our wilted king here would be stoked that this duty got done.

[The Floro Sapien gives the Pure Heart to Mario]

"You got a Pure Heart"

""Men of true grit witness live what others can only see through crag-vision.

 That is what moves me to travel into the belly of the beast week after week.

 Thanks again for watching, and until next time...CRAAAAAAAAGLEY HO!" Having

 wrapped their latest shoot, Flint and crew went back to Downtown of Crag.

 Mario and friends clutched the sixth Pure Heart as they walked back toward

 Flipside. Our heroes had taken a new step toward overturning the prophecy of




Castle Bleck Scene 6  [BLK6]



Castle Bleck


[At the main chambers, only O'Chunks and Nastasia are there]

O'Chunks: Raise yer chunks in the air, as the most debonair man o' men strides

          into the room!

O'Chunks: Springin' forth from 'is lair as 'is foes all despair, for Bleck be

          the name o' their doom!

[He stomps the ground]

O'Chunks: Whooa-OH! That's our Bleck! Blecky, Bleckity, DOOOO! Yeh, uh,

          somethin' Bleck... That's the guy who says...

O'Chunks: Woo?

[Mimi appears]

Mimi: Gosh, O'Chunks, QUIT IT! You're breaking windows! What are you yelling


Nastasia: Oh, that? Yeah, I just had O'Chunks come up with a nice motivational


Nastasia: And as punishment for getting beat by that hero AGAIN, I'm making him

          sing it 1,000 times.

Mimi: 1,000... 1,000 TIMES?! Gosh, you're even more evil than I thought!

Mimi: Hey, but enough chatting! So where's the count, huh? I wanna see him! He

      hasn't called me to go do anything, and I'm getting SOOOOOOOOO BORED!

Voice: HEY, COUNT?

[Mr. L appears]

Mr. L: My destructive little friend is all gassed up and itching to get back in

       action. Yes, Brobot is begging me to take him out. Say the word, and

       I'll roll out.

Nastasia: Yeah, great enthusiasm, but let's shelve the robot action plan for

          now, 'K? The thing is, the count kinda left specific orders for us to

          stand by. Got that?

Mimi: No way! We're just supposed to wait here for that big, mean hero to come

      get us?

Mr. L: So the count doesn't need my services? Excellent. I'll just be off,


Nastasia: YOU GO NOWHERE! We wait! It's the count's direct order! His word is

          absolute! Be a good little minion and DO NOT MOVE UNTIL TOLD! ...'K?


[Nastasia leaves]

Mimi: But I'm boooooooooored!

Mr. L: And Brobot craves his daily SMASH! I can't just loiter here. There's no


Voice: Ah ha ha. Hard to stay still when you pine for sweet vengance, isn't it?

[Dimentio appears]

Mr. L: Dimentio!

Dimentio: The count's orders are all absolute...completely without exception,

          yes? We shouldn't even dare to think about a secret sneak attack.

          Perish the thought! Defeating the hero would please the count

          greatly...but we MUST follow orders!

Mimi: ......... Oopsie! I just remembered something real important that I gotta

      do! Back in a jiffy! Bye!

[Mimi leaves]

Mr. L: Yeaaah... Yeah. I've, to go deflavorize the Brobot's uh...

       Flavorizer. I'll return once everything's up to code. L-ater, Dimentio.

[Mr. L leaves]

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. My, my, isn't that something? I do believe I should be

          moving on as well.

[Dimentio leaves]

"Look, Timpani. The stars are beautiful, aren't they?"

"...There's a tradition in my village. We believe that wishes on stars come


"Oh, is that so? In that case we'd better get wishing, don't you think?"

"I don't need to wish anymore."


"I already got my wish. Now...I have everything I need right here."

"Timpani... Aren't you cold?"

"Not at all. I'm very warm... Can we stay like this? Just a little longer?"



Before Chapter Six  [BFC6]





[Back at the Flipside tower...]

Voice: Tippi... Tippi.....

[Tippi makes a weird noise]

Princess Peach: What's the matter, Tippi? You seemed a little out of it


Tippi: Well... Didn't you just hear something?

[Everyone says no]

Tippi: No? All right, then. It's just that... For a second, I thought I had

       remembered something very important...

[The place rumbles and The Void expands]

Tippi: The Void... It looks as though it's gotten bigger. We need to open the

       door to the next world quickly... Let's hurry.

[They go down the elevator]

Voice: Oh ho, you're back...

[Mario walks up to Merlon]

Merlon: Have you seen the sky lately? The Void continues to grow larger. I

        imagine that some worlds have already started to decay. I wonder how

        long our dear Flipside will be spared?

Tippi: The Light Prognosticus doesn't say anything about how long we have?

Merlon: The Light Prognosticus was only written to counteract the dark one...

        As such, it's not truly prophetic, so it's hard to say how long we

        really have... And yet...I feel confident in saying that we do not have

        much time at all.

Tippi: Well, we can only go forward now. We can't just wait for all worlds to

       end, can we?

[Mario nods]

Merlon: Of course you're right, my dear... I received a message from Nolrem

        recently... It seems that someone on the outskirts of Flopside has

        spotted a Heart Pillar. As you're no doubt seeking the next Heart

        Pillar, that is a good place to start. I will go back to the Light

        Prognosticus to look for clues.

[Merlon goes into his house. Mario and the others return to Flopside]





[Mario and the others search around, eventually finding a Heart Pillar. They

 place the Pure Heart into it, revealing a dark blue door at Flipside's tower]

Voice: "At the Duel of the Hundred, the hero will meet with dark powers of

       purest chaos. If you fall to the Hundred, the chaos world grows and the

       Purity Heart fades. And as that happens, the hero will fall to the world

       where all games are ended."

[Nolrem appears]

Nolrem: That's in the section of the Light Prognosticus that I just

        deciphered. It seems to suggest that if you fail to pass these duels,

        all worlds will be ruined... And apparently, your lives would be lost

        along with the Purity Heart.

Nolrem: I know that what I have just shared with you might only serve to

        discourage you... I still must send you forth, however. It saddens me

        that I can do nothing else.

[Nolrem walks off. Mario and the others go back to Flipside, then they enter

 the dark blue door]


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