Super Paper Mario game script


Chapter 6-1: Sammer Guy Showdown  [CH61]


"Under the looming shadow of The Void, the world slowly drifted toward demise.

 But not all hope was lost: two Pure Hearts had yet to be found. Could our

 daring heroes find them? Or was the world doomed to be devoured? Mario, Peach,

 and Bowser ventured through the next door to find out..."


The Sammer's Kingdom


[The stage is drawn out, then they come out of the dark blue door]

Tippi: Look at that...

[She sees how big The Void is here]

Tippi: The Void... It's enormous here... Much bigger than it is in Flipside...

       This dimension must be very close to destruction...

Tippi: We'd better hurry... We have a Pure Heart to find.

[Mario and the others go through the door ahead]

Voice: I YIELD!

[Someone runs up to the door]

Challenger: I AM ASHAMED!

[He runs off]

Voice: Ahhhh... So you run, coward. You disgrace your family's honor.

[A warrior is shown]

Sammer Guy #1: Another unworthy opponent... When will this "hero" of legend

               appear? Time is running out, and still he refuses to show his


[Mario walks up to him]

Sammer Guy #1: You stop now! You wear the clothes of a crazy. You must be, if

               you mean to challenge me!

Tippi: His name is Mario. He's not here to challenge you...

Sammer Guy #1: Aha. So it begins, challenger. I am known as Jade Blooper,

               guardian of the 1st gate. Prepare for game over!

[He raises his sword]

Sammer Guy #1: HAAACHAWW!

[He fights Mario, but Mario wins]

Sammer Guy #1: No more, I beg you! Your power is great, challenger.

Sammer Guy #1: Your skills are impressive. So the hero of legend has finally

               revealed himself... You may go to the next gate.

Tippi: What "next gate"? What is going on here...?


[The king is shown]

King Sammer: Oh ho! What a performance! And what exotic garb you drape

             yourself in, challenger!

[He runs up to Mario]

King Sammer: What a rousing spectacle of martial artistry!

Tippi: Sorry, but...who are you?

Sammer Guy #1: INSOLENCE! Show respect, dog! You stand before King Sammer,

               ruler of the Sammer Guys!

King Sammer: Your unusual fighting style brings me amusement to no end! As

             reward for your victory, I shall allow a glimpse of my

             treasure... Behold!

[He takes out the Pure Heart]

Tippi: That's...a Pure Heart!

King Sammer: Indeed, it is the pride of the kingdom! If you desire it, prove

             your worth by defeating my loyal vassals in a tournament!

Tippi: Your vassals, King Sammer?

Sammer Guy #1: In our kingdom, there is a legend that has been passed down

               through generations. "When a great hole appears in the sky, the

               world will soon be devoured." The tempest in the sky grows

               larger by the day. It must be stopped!

King Sammer: But the legend goes on. And so I shall continue a very dramatic

             reading... Ahem. "Only one thing can stop The Void: the great hero

             must be given the Pure Heart."

King Sammer: Vassals, to me!

[One hundred warriors appear]

Warriors: HACHAW!

Warriors: HAIL SAMMER!

Warriors: 100 STRONG!

King Sammer: These are my vassals. Should you beat them all, you will prove you

             are the true hero. Yes, I shall reward you with a Pure Heart if

             you best my other 99 Sammer Guys!

Sammer Guy #1: Begone, Sammer Guys, and move to your tournament positions!

Warriors: HACHAW!

[They all leave]

King Sammer: I'm sure I'll be on the edge of my throne throughout this

             thrilling tournament! I will await your arrival at the palace. The

             tournament has begun... Let skill decide!

[Sammer leaves]

Tippi: So, the king will give us a Pure Heart if we beat the other 99 Sammer

       Guys... You'd better get started. You have a lot of fighting to do...

[Mario and the others battle their way through until nearly the 20th round.

 After one of the battles, a Sammer Guy steps in]

Sammer Guy #2: Brother!

[Another one comes]

Sammer Guy #3: Brother, are you hurt?!

Sammer Guy #4: Slipping Grip! Clammy Hand! Why are you here? Why have you left

               your gates?

Slipping Grip: We were worried about you...

Clammy Hand: Brother... Return to the academy... They will take you back...

Sammer Guy #4: Yes, let us return to the academy and earn an advanced Sweaty

               Palm belt... Perhaps they will forgive my selfish quest for dark

               slapping power... As for you... You may pass!

Slipping Grip: You have beaten us! Now go on and shame the rest like you have

               shamed us...

Clammy Hand: May the martial-art spirits grant you luck! Onward to glory!

[They walk away. After the 20th battle, the area shakes and The Void grows]

Tippi: The Void is growing larger... We have to hurry!

Voice: Hurry? Why not pause and savor the show?

[They hear something but see nobody, then Count Bleck appears]

Count Bleck: It is already far too late to stop...Count Bleck!

Bowser: Who's the creepy clown with the cape... Count Bleck!

Count Bleck: BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! The prophecy unfolds smoothly, thanks to

             the Chaos Heart. The light of each world will be snuffed out one

             by one...

Tippi: Why would you want to do something so...unspeakable?

Count Bleck: You QUESTION Count Bleck?! This worthless world's destruction

             matters not! Far better for Count Bleck to wipe it out of

             existence than let it remain!

Tippi: How can you say that? That's...horrible!

Count Bleck: Count Bleck scoffs at you! An insignificant Pixl lectures Count

             Bleck on what is right and wrong?

Tippi: This is not up for discussion! You're wrong...and sick! All living

       things have a heart. They're all priceless. You can't just...erase them!

Count Bleck: Of all things, you defend the heart? Nothing could be more


[He holds his hat over his face]

Count Bleck: All things...are meaningless. Aside from Timpani, no treasure

             mattered in the least to me...

Tippi: ...Tim...Timpani?

Count Bleck: ...Speak no more!

[He spreads out his arms]

Count Bleck: This world is dying under the monocled gaze of...Count Bleck! But

             don't let that stop you from trying to find a Pure Heart you will

             never acquire! BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK!

[Bleck leaves]

Tippi: Oh, dear...



[He runs off. They continue on to about the 25th room, then they hit the star

 block to end the chapter]



Chapter 6-2: The End of a World  [CH62]


"With The Void encompassing the entire sky, the end of the world was at hand.

 The pressure was on for the heroes to find all the remaining Pure Hearts.

 Would regal King Sammer be willing to part with his most precious treasure?

 Leaving an army of Sammer Guys in his wake, Mario stepped into the palace..."


Sammer's Early Duels


Voice: Splendid! The heroes have arrived!

[King Sammer appears]

King Sammer: We received word of your nasty run-in with that despicable fellow

             Count Bleck. So the legends ARE true... Our ancestors truly did

             foretell these days!

[Mario responds]

Tippi: King Sammer, we're sort of in a hurry, here. The Pure Heart, please...

King Sammer: You haven't defeat all of my 100 Sammer Guys, but the situation is

             grave... Oh, why not! Just for royal giggles. The treasure sits on

             the 26th gate. Go claim the Pure Heart you so richly deserve!

[Mario goes over to the chest ahead and opens it, but nothing happens. Suddenly

 a bomb appears, then it explodes]

King Sammer: But... But... That explosion didn't even turn you black with soot!

             That totally didn't even hurt you at all! This stinks!

[Sammer teleports to Mario]

King Sammer: So you thought you'd just grab the Pure Heart? You guys are so

             dumb! Mimimimimimimimimi!

[He transforms into Mimi]

Mimi: Surprise! It's me, Mimi! You're so silly! Did you crazy heads think the

      king would give you the Pure Heart? The king's probably tucked all cozy

      in a bed taking a nap in the castle. ...Making cute li'l snoring noises

      while his world goes bye-bye!

Tippi: Mimi...time is of the essence. Stay out of our way.

Mimi: You DUMMIES! The only reason I'm even HERE is to get in the way! I'm not

      all soft 'n' cuddly like the count. Nighty-night! It's bedtime for you



[They battle. After the fight...]


Mimi: That really hurt! You're just a big bunch of bullies who hit cute little

      girls! But it doesn't matter an eensy teensy bit, hee hee! Everything's

      perfect! ...What, don't believe me? Look up at the sky!

[The place rumbles and The Void expands]

Tippi: The Void... It's enormous now!

Mimi: Mimimimimimimimimimimi! Yep, I sure got you meanies to waste LOTS of your

      time! Guess you'll have to give up looking for that dumb Pure Heart now!

Tippi: This psychotic girl was only trying to stall us...

Mimi: Golly, you guys have really got your thinking caps on today, huh? Well, I

      did warn you that I was meaner than the count! Anyhow, it's sure a big

      old bummer I can't stay to play more with you guys. But this place is

      about to go kablooooey! Later, meanies!

[Mimi leaves. Mario and the others proceed through a few gates, and eventually,

 when they encounter another Sammer Guy...]

Sammer Guy: HA HA HA. We are doomed. It cannot be stopped. HAH HAH.

[The Void expands, covering up the whole sky]


[He runs away]

Tippi: We've got to make it! We can't fail now. Not now! We've come so far.

[The Void takes over the whole kingdom, completely obliterating it. This causes

 Mario and the others to go back to Flipside]





[Here, the screen is blanked out]

Tippi: Count Bleck... I feel like I know him from somewhere...

[The screen fades in, showing Mario and the others lying on the ground]

Tippi: Wait... I do! Or at least, I did! I did know him! But... How? And when?

       And who is he? I can't remember...

[Mario gets up and speaks]

Tippi: Mario... You realize...

[Bowser and Peach get up]

Bowser: Urgh... Whuzzat? Whozere? Bwah! What's going on here?!

Tippi: I'm a little discombobulated myself, so it's hard to say... At the very

       least, we seem to have returned to Flipside...

Princess Peach: But what of King Sammer and the Sammer Guys... And the Pure


[Tippi goes over to the dark blue door]

Tippi: ....... The door leading to that world still exists, it seems... I

       wonder... Do we dare go back in... Yes. Yes, I think we should go back


[They go through the door again]



Chapter 6-1 (Pt. 2)  [C612]


[Mario and the others come out through the door]

Tippi: There's...nothing left.

Tippi: Wait... I can feel something very faint. It's the Pure Heart! I can't

       believe anything is left here, but we have to go take a look.

[They go through an extremely long hallway of emptiness. After a really long

 trek down the hallway...]

Tippi: What's that over there?

[A Pure Heart is shown, but it has no power left in it]

Tippi: Could that be... It's a Pure Heart!

Tippi: It sems an impossibility, but somehow it survived the obliteration of

       this world. Something about it seems odd, though...

Voice: Heh heh heh... This place is pretty bland now, isn't it?

[Mr. L appears]

Mr. L: Heyyy, what's going on here? Looks like your Pure Heart got broken. I

       guess Pure Hearts can't handle the end of the world. Heh. But, eh,

       whatever. I'll swipe it just for kicks.

[He takes the Pure Heart, and Mario and the others walk up to him]

Mr. L:'s you. I couldn't miss that trendy red-shirt-blue-overalls

       combo. Heh.

Tippi: You're that creep we fought in outer space!

Mr. L: How about that Prognosticus! Anything the count doesn't like... POOF! It

       never existed. Look, I've got to run. Stay out of the count's business

       if you want to live.

Tippi: We are going to stop Count Bleck! Now hand over the Pure Heart, you

       greasy, greasy man!

Mr. L: Still pushing for a fight, huh? Fine. Who am I to disappoint?


[The new and improved Brobot comes out from the wall]

Mr. L: Just check this thing out! This bad boy is sporting the latest in

       brobotics. Meet my new friend... BROBOT L-TYPE!

[He hops into it]

Mr. L: The Green Thunder strikes like lightning!

Mr. L: Those overalls are so played out. Have at you!

[They battle. After the fight...]

Mr. L: Awwwww, WHAT?! No way! My Brobot L-Type shoots missiles. Missiles!

[The bot blows up, and Mr. L falls over, dropping the Pure Heart]

Mr. L: Preposterous! Why? Why can't I win?!

Tippi: Well... It might be because you're weak...

Mr. L: GRRRR! You laugh now, but the Green Thunder never forgets!

[He runs off, and Mario puts his hand over his chin]

Tippi: Hmmm... You think you might have seen him before? It's all probably just

       in your head...

[She notices the Pure Heart]

Tippi: Oh, look!

[She flies over to it]

Tippi: He must have dropped it when he ran off. But this Pure Heart, it's...

Tippi: It turned to stone... I don't feel any kind of power radiating from it.

Tippi: We'd better take it back to Merlon... He'll know what to do...

[Mario nods, then they take the Pure Heart]

"You got a Pure Heart"


Mr. L: I don't know what it is about those guys, but I just can't seem to beat


Voice: Aha ha ha. Did they wound your fragile pride, Mr. L? Demolish your robot


[Dimentio appears]

Mr. L: Oh, it's you again, Dimentio. I'm stumped. You'd think a giant robot

       would be enough to crush these heroes...

[He turns around]

Mr. L: I'm a disgrace... There's no way I can show my face to Count Bleck after


Dimentio: Perhaps that is for the best.

[He uses his magic to try and hit Mr. L with an explosion, but he avoids it]

Mr. L: Whoa, now! Hey! What are you doing?!

Dimentio: You said it yourself. You can't go back to the count now. So get


Mr. L: Not a funny joke, Dimentio... If I wanted to laugh, your face is

       inspiration enough!

Dimentio: Such temper! Your nostrils, they flare out like the hood of a hissing

          cobra! I can't have you around the count. If I am rid of you here, I

          won't be found out. And the others will never find you. Yes, this is

          my moment to grasp. It's time for you to take your final bow, Mr.


[He encases him in a big block]

Mr. L: Hey, now! Whoa! What's this! You've lost your mind, Dimentio!

Dimentio: Ah ha ha ha ha. Shhhhh. Don't worry. It won't be so bad, I promise.

          I'll send those heroes your way soon, just so you'll have someone to

          play with.

[He snaps his finger and an explosion occurs inside the block. Mr. L screams,

 then him and the block disappear]

Dimentio: Ciao...Mr. L!

[Dimentio leaves]

"The destruction of an entire world was a great and terrible tragedy. But Mario

 and his allies had survived the cataclysm and found another Pure Heart. The

 end of that world had dulled the shine of the Pure Heart they had found. Was

 the Pure Heart's power lost forever? The heroes set out for Flipside to find




Castle Bleck Scene 7  [BLK7]



Castle Bleck


Nastasia: Yeah, so just got a quick ping from Dimentio? We've had a little

          insubordination... Yeah, according to his report, our Mr. L took on a

          hero-fighting initiative... I accept full responsibility. It was my

          administrative breakdown that allowed this...

Count Bleck: I see, remarked Count Bleck... Well, what's done is done. This

             prophecy will not be fulfilled without sacrifice.

[Nastasia lowers her head]

Nastasia: So, 'K... Um, and just another quick update on Mimi... Yeah... She,

          um, also left the castle.

Count Bleck: Did she, now? Well, Count Bleck will leave you to dispense the

             minion discipline.

Nastasia: ...... Count... Um, you seem...a bit different today. New monocle? Or

          did something happen?

Count Bleck: Count Bleck feels fine... Leave me...

Nastasia: Oh, um, of course, yeah... Please excuse me.

[Nastasia leaves, then Bleck holds his hat over his face]

Count Bleck: ..... Could that Pixl have been...Timpani?

[He shakes his head]

Count Bleck: No, no. Completely impossible. I should know that better than

             anyone. Besides, it's far too late to do anything now. The

             prophecy has been set in motion, and no one, not even I, can stop

             it. No one can stop this now...

[Bleck leaves with the Dark Prognosticus]

"Timpani! What did you do with her? I must see her!"

"Still your tongue, Blumiere... Can't you see you've been duped by a dirty


"You have brought shame to my name...and to the entire Tribe of Darkness!"

"And so what if I did? That doesn't matter to me! She's my entire world!"

"Well, then it will interest you to know...that she no longer resides in this


"What... What do you mean by that?!"

"This is the price those who resist their own fate must pay, my son."

"She... No... It can't be so!"

"Someday you will see, Son. Our kind and humans must never mix."



Before Chapter Seven  [BFC7]





[Mario and the others come out of the dark blue door, then they immediately go

 back to Merlon's house]

Merlon: Oh ho! The heroes return! Tell me, do you have the seventh Pure Heart?

[They walk up to him]

Tippi: Well... Maybe you should take a look at it, Merlon...

[Mario takes out the Pure Heart]

Merlon: Mmm... Hmm? What... What happened to it?

Tippi: The Void had consumed that world...and left the Pure Heart like this...

Merlon: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I do not feel the typical energy from this

        Pure Heart. Even if you set this in a Heart Pillar, it would do

        nothing. What to do...

Tippi: Oh... But do we save him... I mean... How do we save...

       everyone...from destruction?

Merlon: To stop this prophecy, we must defeat Count Bleck, who started all of

        this... But to do that, we will need all eight Pure Hearts, as the

        Light Prognosticus says. We are between a rock and a hard place...

Voice: Ah ha ha. The forlorn group of heroes, how they cry! The tears flow like

       sad chowder!

[Dimentio appears]

Princess Peach: D-Dimentio?! What are you doing here?!

Dimentio: Oh, bad news for you! There is no way in this world to restore the

          Pure Heart... Yes, sadly, your hard work was

Bowser: Urrrgh... Are you serious? That...really stinks!

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. Yes, it does, and that's why I decided to give you a

          consolation prize...

[He puts Mario, Peach, and Bowser in a block, then snaps his finger. This

 causes an explosion that damages the trio, as Merlon and Tippi watch in fear]

Merlon: What...just happened?

Tippi: Mario?! Princess Peach?! Bowser?!

Tippi: MARIO! Where'd you go, Mario?!

[Dimentio floats down]

Dimentio: It's quite simple... I fulfilled their wishes! I sent them to the

          next world! Ah ha ha. You do know who I am, right? I am your enemy,

          Dimentio! I serve Count Bleck!

Dimentio: Well, as pleasant as this has been, I must leave. Ciao!

[Dimentio leaves]

Tippi: It...can't be... Mario... No...



Chapter 7-1  [CH71]



The Underwhere


[Mario wakes up in a strange place, then looks around]

Voice: WELL, HI!

[A weird block-like creature walks up to him]

Creature: Hey, new face! So tell me... First time down here in The Underwhere?

          ...HA! Just a little joke. People don't arrive HERE twice!


[Mario responds]

Creature: Huh? What'd you say? "What's The Underwhere?" ...You're kidding,

          right? Man, for a guy with no extra lives, you're sure hilarious!

          Isn't it obvious? This is where people go when their games are OVER!

          Some call it "World -1"...

Creature: So how'd your game end, anyway? Poison 1-Up? Bad jump? Or did


[Mario responds]

Creature: What? You say your game's NOT over? Hahahaha! Yeah, I've heard THAT

          before. Denial, always the first step. Maybe you just need to hear it

          from Queen Jaydes. She's the scariest thing in The Underwhere...and

          that is SAYING something. She rules over us Shaydes, and she'll tell

          you straight...your game is OVER!

[Mario continues on to the next room]

Voice: Doo bi doo bi doo!

[He walks over to a long pipe, seeing a creature atop it]

Luvbi: Ohhh me... I wonder if I shall meet my most special someone this day?

       Surely he is a prince of countenance fair, pining even now to meet me...

Luvbi: Quickly, my loving prince! Fly to me!

[Mario looks up at her]

Luvbi: Pray, what call hast thou to stare at me so?! Didst thou hear me pine

       for an old, mustachioed fatty?! Begone!

[Mario goes into 3D mode to proceed through more of the area. Eventually he

 comes to River Twygz, which he crosses, then he finds Queen Jaydes]

Queen Jaydes: You... What business have you with me? I am Queen Jaydes.

              Mistress of The Underwhere! Ruler of those with ended games!

[Mario nods]

Queen Jaydes: Here, in this place, your sins from your time among the living

              are weighed. If your sins are light enough, the bliss of The

              Overthere will be yours. But if not... You suffer for eternity

              among the game-overed! Now let us weigh your sins...

[She senses]

Queen Jaydes: Hm? I sense a strange energy... Have you brought something

              strange into The Underwhere, by chance?

[Mario thinks, then he takes out a Pure Heart]

Queen Jaydes: What is THIS?!

Queen Jadyes: No, no... It could not be... But how... It is badly damaged,

              yes...but what you hold is a Pure Heart! Who exactly ARE you, to

              have a Pure Heart...and what has happened to it?

[She gets a phone call]

Queen Jaydes: Oh, wait, that is my phone... ...Sorry, I have to take this.

[She walks over to the right, then picks up her phone]

Queen Jaydes: What is it NOW, Grams? You know I am working...

Queen Jadyes: WHAT?! LUVBI IS MISSING?! Oh, mercy... I understand. Yes, yes. I

              will see to it. Mmmmm-bye!

[She hangs up]

Queen Jaydes: Just great. Just what I need. I am already shorthanded... What am

              I going to do?

[She gets an idea and turns to Mario]

Queen Jaydes: Oh! Perhaps you can help!

Queen Jaydes: That phone call I received just now? It was the king of The

              Overthere, Grambi... One of the Nimbis vanished from The

              Overthere, and he asked me to look for her. But I cannot abandon

              my duties here in the palace...and my D-Men are all busy. So it

              must fall to you! Will you search for this missing person in my


 - Yes

 - No

[When "Yes" is chosen...]

Queen Jaydes: Oh, thank you so very much. I apologize for asking this of you,

              but it would really help. The name of the missing Nimbi is Luvbi.

              Oh... And what is your name?

[Mario responds]

Queen Jaydes: Mario... Well, Mario... May I hold on to this Pure Heart while

              you are busy searching?

[She takes the Pure Heart]

Queen Jaydes: Worry not, I just want a look. I will return it when YOU return

              with Luvbi. And in its place, allow me to give you this.

[She gives him a Door Key]

Queen Jaydes: Word has reached me that someone has fallen into the River Twygz.

              Some said it was a strange fellow dressed in green... That could

              not be Luvbi... Still, just in case, I would suggest that you

              check there first. This key will open a door to the underground

              waterways beneath the River Twygz. Please, I must ask that you

              search the area thoroughly.

[Mario nods. He goes to River Twygz, then he goes to the very bottom of it

 where he finds a hole in 3D. This leads to a locked door which he opens using

 the key he got. He goes through a watery room, and eventually he comes to a

 room full of fountains. He uses the fountains as platforms to cross over. Once

 he crosses over...]

Voice: Unnnnnggggghhh...

[Luigi is shown hiding behind a rock]

Luigi: Oh, boy! How'd I end up in this stinky place? Count Bleck's underlings

       grabbed me, I remember that... Then... And then... Owahhhh... Oh, FORGET

       it! I just wish somebody would come help me!

[Mario walks up to Luigi, then he jumps out at him]


Luigi: Buh... BRO?!

[Mario nods]

Luigi: OH YEAH! I missed you, Bro!

[Mario responds]

Luigi: What? Huh? Why am I here? Well, I don't really know... I mean, where am

       I exactly?

[Mario responds]

Luigi: What? The Underwhere? The land of ended games? Bro, what are you

       SAYING?! What does it all MEAN?!

[Mario explains]

Luigi: Uh hunh... OK, I gotcha. So my game is over... Great. I guess one of

       Count Bleck's baddies must've done me in, just like you guys, huh? Well,

       everybody runs out of extra lives sometime, right? So what should we do


[Mario responds]

Luigi: ...Luvbi? You're looking for someone named Luvbi? Hey, sounds good to

       me! I'm loaded with free time! After all, my game's over!

"Luigi has joined your group! As Luigi, press and hold the D-Pad down, then

 release to soar upward with a super jump! The super jump is perfect for

 reaching high ledges or attacking enemies above you."

Luigi: I was feeling pretty low, Bro, but now that you're here, I wanna jump

       for joy!

[Luigi walks over to the left]

Luigi: This looks like a job for Luigi!

[With the help of Luigi, Mario and him search around more of The Underwhere.

 They reach an area they haven't visited yet]

Voice: Doo bi doo bi doo!

[Mario and Luigi make their way over to the end of the area, where Luvbi is


Luvbi: Oh, hurry... Hasten to meee... Sweeet priiince...

[Luigi responds]

Luvbi: Foulness! An aging man of mustache grim returneth! Talk not to me as

       though we have met! Speak, now! What dost thou want of me?!

Luvbi: Thou came hither to find me? Pah! As if I would consort with a face so

       behaired! I await a handsome prince! Understand? PRINCES ONLY! Oh, but

       hold a moment... Ha HA! Dost thou claim to be the prince for whom I

       pine? Priceless... Yea, verily... Very well then, good prince. Let us

       confirm thy lineage.

Luvbi: If thou art my prince, then surely thou knowest my name. Speak it to

       mine ears! If the name is true, then I shall admit thou art mine one and


 - Luvbi

 - Buvli

 - Vubli

[When "Luvbi" is chosen...]

Luvbi: Ha HA! In thy FACE! My name is not Luv... WHAAAAAT?! H-H-How hast thou

       come by the knowledge of my name? No... Doth this mean...

[Luigi responds]

Luvbi: Nay! Nay! Such foulness! The very thought cannot be abided! I cannot

       date a man so old and unpleasant to the eye! I shall return to Mother!


[Luvbi flies off, and Mario and Luigi make their way back to Queen Jadyes's


Voice: HA! At last thou appearest, foul, hairy creatures!

[They walk up to Luvbi and the queen]

Luvbi: Thou art no princes! Thou art LIARS! Thou approachest me at my mother's


Queen Jaydes: Luvbi! Mind your manners! You know all this happened because you

              wandered off without permission! Now! Apologize to these nice men

              at once!

Luvbi: Um, yea...

[She floats over to them]

Luvbi: So, ummm, yea, I am sorry...that thou art so hairy.

Queen Jaydes: Oh, Luvbi... You had us all worried. Mario. Please accept this as

              a sign of my eternal thanks. Here.

[She gives him a powered up Pure Heart]

"You got the revitalized Pure Heart!"

Queen Jaydes: I have power over life and death, you see. And I was able to use

              that power to restore this Pure Heart. I know not how you found

              it, but this Pure Heart shows that fate is on your side. Take

              good care of it.

[Mario nods]

Queen Jaydes: And by the way, it may please you to know that your game is not

              truly over. Somehow, you were sent to The Underwhere while still

              very much alive... My power can return you to your world if you

              so wish... What would you like to do?

 - Return

 - Don't return

[If "Don't return" is chosen...]

Queen Jaydes: I see... Well, when you are ready to go back, please let me know.

[If "Return" is chosen...]

Queen Jaydes: Then I shall return you.

Queen Jaydes: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Jaydes, Jaydes, JA-JAYDES!



Queen Jaydes: CONTINUE!

[She creates a portal that warps Mario and Luigi back to Flipside]





[Mario and Luigi fall down onto the tower, and they look around]

Voice: Mario! You're alive!

[Tippi and Merlon appear]

Merlon: M-M-M-M-MARIO?! But I saw Dimentio end your game... Then Tippi said you

        were here, so I thought I'd come and take a look, but... Wow... You're

        truly alive...

Luigi: You know my bro always bounces back! Like me! I bounce, too!

[Tippi notices Luigi]

Tippi: Um... And you are?

Merlon: We can introduce ourselves later! For now, let's head into my house!

[They go to Merlon's house. Inside...]

Tippi: So that's how you did it, then...

Luigi: So hey, I'm Luigi! I'm my bro's bro! Nice to meet you!

Tippi: Haven't we met somewhere before?

[Luigi thinks]

Luigi: Oh boy, not that I remember, but...

[Mario responds]

Tippi: Wait... Is it possible that you're our fourth hero?

Merlon: Funny you should say that... I just found this interesting bit in the

        Light Prognosticus... "The seventh lost Pure Heart will draw together

        two men... And when the light returns, its brilliance will show the way

        to the last hero." Yes, as Tippi said, I think this fellow in green may

        be our final hero.

Tippi: Mario... I never stopped believing you would return... But Princess

       Peach and Bowser...

[Mario responds]

Tippi: How to proceed... Well, if you could come back, perhaps Peach and Bowser

       also can. But first, let's find a Heart Pillar where we can set this

       Pure Heart.

[Mario nods. Mario and the others proceed to find the next Heart Pillar, which

 is at Flopside]





[When they find the Heart Pillar, they place the Pure Heart into it, which

 makes a purple door appear at Flipside's tower. After it appears...]

Tippi: So this is the seventh... Now there's just a single Pure Heart left to

       find... We have to act quickly... We have to stop Blumiere...

Tippi: Hm?! What did I just... Blumiere... Wait... Hold on... Who in the world

       is that? I... What am I saying...

[Mario and the others go back to Flipside and enter the purple door]



Chapter 7-1 (Pt. 2): Subterranean Vacation  [C712]


"Dimentio's savage attack had seperated Mario from his friends... He had

 reunited with Luigi, yes, but Peach and Bowser were still missing. Just where

 were those two? And what new dangers lay ahead? It was time to venture through

 the door opened seventh Pure Heart. Once again, Mario saw a nightmarish

 landscape beyond imagination..."


The Underwhere


[They come out of the purple door back in The Underwhere again]

Tippi: It's so dark here... I wonder what sort of world this is...

[Mario is confused]

Tippi: Mario, what's wrong?

[He responds]

Tippi: Huh? Oh, so then this would be The Underwhere place you mentioned


[Mario nods]

Tippi: Hmm. Then I wonder why the Pure Heart led us here...

[Mario and the others go back to Queen Jaydes's chambers]

Queen Jaydes: Greetings. Welcome to the... Wait, why have you returned?!

Tippi: You're Queen Jaydes? My name is Tippi... I'm a friend of Mario's...

       We... We've come to find the Pure Heart that is hidden in this world...

Queen Jaydes: What?! You are collecting Pure Hearts?! Hmm... Now that I take a

              long look at you... I realize you just might be the heroes

              mentioned in the Prognosticus... But could you really be...the


Tippi: So... Does that mean you have a Pure Heart for us, Queen Jaydes?

Queen Jaydes: The location of the Pure Heart is a matter of utmost secrecy, I

              am afraid. There is nothing I can tell you... If you really must

              know, you will have to speak to Grambi, king of the The


Voice: MOTHER!

[Luvbi appears]

Luvbi: My things are packed and checked thrice! I am ready to return to the The

       Overthere! ...Oh, me! Thou returnest? Did thy game truly end this time?

[Jaydes gets an idea]

Queen Jaydes: An idea strikes... Could you fine heroes take Luvbi back to The

              Overthere for me?

Tippi: Take her back? Why ever would you need us to do a thing like that?

Queen Jaydes: A monster was once held beneath here...but a recent earthquake

              freed it. Once it escaped its prison, it began to wander this

              realm freely.

Queen Jaydes: Of course, I could never send my daughter alone with such a

              savage beast on the loose. If you would take her back, I would

              gladly open the way to The Overthere for you.

Queen Jaydes: I will also alert Grambi that you are coming to ask him about the

              Pure Heart. What say you? This is a fair bargin...

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

Luvbi: What?! My presence makes thee ill, thou sayest?! Trust in this: I take

       no joy in it either! But Mother says dost it, so thou DOST IT!

 - OK, fine!

 - Nope. Still no.

[If "OK, fine!" is chosen...]

Queen Jaydes: ...I thank you. With this monster about, my D-Men and I are busy

              trying to contain the damage...

[Jaydes and Luvbi walk to the right, then Jaydes creates a door]

Queen Jaydes: Just go through this door and keep heading upward to reach The

              Overthere. And make sure Luvbi arrives safely in the care of

              Grams... I mean...Grambi.

Luvbi: Hee hee... But avert thine eyes whilst we climb, lest thou succumbeth to

       my cuteness!

Tippi: Oh, please... He's not that superficial...

Luvbi: Oh me, a sharpened tongue. Thou art jealous? Dost thou pine for yonder

       hairy twins? For whom dost thou pine the most? The red one? Or perhaps

       the green?

Tippi: Wh-What?! I...

Luvbi: Thy cheek grows red, and thy manner flustered... A crush, hot as a

       thousand suns, burns deep within thy heart! Yea, verily. Alas for thee,

       methinks. Anyway, movest on!

[Mario and the others go through the door and hit the star block, which ends

 this chapter]



Chapter 7-2: The Sealed Doors Three  [CH72]


""I sought a prince, but nay! What I found were ancient men of hairy cheek.

 ...'Twas a horror, yea, and one that left by breath stricken in my throat."

 Luvbi kept up this refrain as she traveled with our heroes. She seemed less

 than happy. Still, she DID have a lot of energy... "Hasten thy chubby legs!

 Time waits not for those who slack!" Luigi, on the other hand, was elated that

 he and his brother were finally reunited. But Peach and Bowser were still

 nowhere to be found... Were they safe? ...So thought our heroes as they made

 their way slowly to Underwhere Road."


Underwhere Road


Luvbi: At long last, we find it... Herein lies the way out of The Underwhere.

       This is Underwhere Road.

Tippi: So, if we proceed ever upward, we'll eventually reach The Overthere?

Luvbi: Yea, verily! One would think that to be obvious... Ugh... My heart

       weepeth to return to The Overthere without meeting mine one true love.

Luvbi: Pray, speakest to me, Tippi... Believest thou in the idea of a soul


Tippi: Hm? Well, you know, I... I don't really...

Luvbi: Hmm... I shall mark that as one vote for "undecided". Or perhaps I

       should say "unrequited", in thy case... Ha HA!

Tippi: What do you... Ridiculous! I mean, I'm not...

Luvbi: Hee hee... Sweet Tippi! How simple it is to tweak thy chain!

Luvbi: So... Now I must forge onward. Catchest me if thou canst!

[Luvbi leaves]

Tippi: That girl is a walking mood swing... I mean, she's entirely unstable,

       isn't she?

[They follow Luvbi through the next room. At the very top of the room, they

 find a sealed door, and Mario uses Tippi's abilities to examine it]

Tippi: This door... It's no ordinary door...

Mysterious Door #1: Halt! What's this, then? Travelers have come?

[A face appears]

Mysterious Door #1: Now! Queen Jaydes demands I guard this door, people! I'm

                    Dorguy the First. Lotsa monsters around, folks. Lotsa

                    monsters. So I've gotta do routine checks, OK? Sorry for

                    the trouble, folks, but I need to make sure you're

                    trustworthy. Just a couple questions. Answer them all

                    correctly, and we're done here! Then you can head on


Dorguy the First: Here's the first one! I'm warning you, though, these are

                  pretty tough questions, so use those noggins.

Dorguy the First: D-Man A goes to the store and buys an equal number of

                  tomatoes and eggplants. Eggplants cost 7 coins apiece and

                  tomatoes cost 10 coins apiece, OK? D-Man A has 50 coins when

                  he goes into the store. He comes with out with 5 coins.

Dorguy the First: Those are the facts. Now! Who is the most powerful person in

                  The Underwhere?

 - Queen Jaydes

 - Queen Deejays

 - Queen Dayjes

[When you answer incorrectly...]

Dorguy the First: WRONG-O! Sorry, folks, but that's not what I needed to hear.

[When "Queen Jaydes" is chosen...]

Dorguy the First: DING-O! Correct!

Dorguy the First: Next question! Shayde B buys 667 pens for 13 coins each and

                  buys 108 notebooks for 42 coins each. He needs more money, so

                  he takes out 3,756 coins from the bank and spends it all.

Dorguy the First: Those are the facts. Now! What is my name?

 - Gorguy the Thirst

 - Dorguy the First

 - Borguy the 64th

[When "Dorguy the First" is chosen...]

Dorguy the First: DING-O! Correct!

Dorguy the First: Now for the last question. Panda A and Bear B go to Apple

                  Mountain for a day of apple picking, right? There are 120

                  apple trees on the mountain, and each has a 20-apple yield.

                  A takes 10 seconds to pick each apple, while B takes 20

                  seconds to pick each apple.

Dorguy the First: Those are the facts. Now! How many times did I just say the

                  word "apple"?

 - 5 times

 - 6 times

 - 7 times

[When "6 times" is chosen...]

Dorguy the First: DING-O! Correct!

Dorguy the First: You folks seem OK to me. Head on through.

[Mario and the others go through the door, and in the next room they hear a

 rumbling. Three D-Men are guarding a door]

D-Man #1: Huh? What do you want? Look, we'd love to chitchat, but we're crunch-

          time busy over here, can't you tell?

Tippi: We simply must reach The Overthere... But we don't know which way it


D-Man #1: The Overthere, huh... See that door on your left? It'll head you up

          there. But we can't open it right now. We've gotta guard this door.

          We trapped a raging beast from The Underwhere inside.

D-Man #2: Yup, this thing in here is DEFENITELY the one that escaped its

          prison. Can't have it breaching security, so we locked both doors

          just in case.

D-Man #3: This thing's a BEAST, lemme tell you... Real nasty. If it starts

          rampaging again, I don't wanna be the D-Man who has to stop it.

          Problem is, until someone subdues it, we can't use the door to The

          Overthere... So...if YOU can tame it, we can open that door for you.

          Wanna give it a shot?

 - Yes

 - No

[If "No" is chosen...]

D-Man #3: Yeah, that's what I thought. You bump into any tough guys, you let us

          know, OK? 'Cause if someone can beat this thing... Well, we can open

          The Overthere door.

[If "Yes" is chosen...]

D-Man #3: Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I was just messing with you. Seriously, no

          one would ever be dumb enough to... Wait... Did you just say "yes"?

D-Man #3: Are you NUTS?! Y-Y-Y-You're SERIOUS?! You actually think you can tame

          that beast?!

D-Man #2: Well, hey, yeah, great idea. Sounds like a smart plan... Tell you

          what... You head on in...and I'll mail your mustache to your next of


D-Man #3: Look, my prediction? Your game's about to end. If not, we'll help you

          on your way. Give it a shot, champ!

[They unlock the door and Mario goes through. Inside, Mario goes down the



[The room lights up and Bowser is shown]

Bowser: Where am I?! And why do these jerks in shades keep jumping me?! And

        what's with the dark? And Peach isn't here...and I'm hungry! What did I

        do to deserve this?!

[Mario walks up to Bowser, and Bowser notices him]

Bowser: Hey! Mario! ...And Tippi? Just you? Where's Peach?

Tippi: We don't know yet. We're looking for her too...

Bowser: So what you're telling me is that she's defenitely not here. I don't

        like this one bit.

[He comes to a conclusion]

Bowser: AHA! I see your little plan! You wanna break up what me and Peach have

        going! Yeah, you've been WAITING for a chance to fireball me in the


[Mario shakes his head]

Tippi: We truly don't know where Peach is. We merely...

Bowser: Can it, you ugly little bug! I'll stomp the truth out of you! CHARGE!

[Bowser fights Mario. After the battle, he falls over]


Bowser: Dang! Wht do I always lose?! What is WRONG with me?! I get up every

        time, though! As many times as it takes to send you to The Underwhere!

Tippi: Bowser, I'm sorry to break this to you...but we're already there.

[He gets up]

Bowser: What? What're you talking about?! Do I LOOK like a guy whose game is


Tippi: You and Mario were sent here, to the land of ended games... To The

       Underwhere. We didn't know what had happened to any of you, not just


Bowser: What?! So wait, Peach really is lost out there somewhere?!

[Mario responds]

Bowser: Why didn't you say so, idiot?! We could've been searching this entire


"Bowser has rejoined the party!"

Bowser: What're you waiting for?! Let's MOVE!

[They exit the room]

D-Man #1: Hey, it's you! And your game isn't over... Did you run away or


[Mario responds]

D-Man #1: WHAT?! You BEAT it?!

[Mario nods]


D-Man #3: NO WAY!

D-Man #1: Man, I can't believe it... Wow, uh... Thanks! You're a prime

          go-getter, pal! This key'll open the door that connects to The


[He gives Mario a Door Key]

D-Man #1: Cool, cool, problem solved. Way to think outside the box there,

          people. I'll just stay on watch here. You two go find the rest of the

          monsters out there!

D-Man #2 & #3: WE'RE ON IT!

[The two of them leave]

D-Man #1: Oh, hey, and lemme give you a little tip. Lots of dark areas around

          here, right? Solution: put a little flame to the torch sconces you

          see on the walls! That'll light up the place for awhile. Careful,

          though, they'll eventually go out. If you know someone who can use

          fire, get 'em on torch duty, STAT!

[Mario and the others go through the locked door, and they climb their way up

 the room, eventually reaching another sealed door. Mario uses Tippi again]

Tippi: This door... It looks like Dorguy the First from earlier...

Mysterious Door #2: Halt! What's this, then? Travelers have come?

[A face appears]

Mysterious Door #2: Now! Queen Jaydes demands I guard this door, folks! I'm

                    Dorguy the Second. Look, I apologize for the intrusion, but

                    I've gotta run a quick security check, here. I've got a few

                    questions. Answer them all correctly, and I'll wave you on


Dorguy the Second: Activate screen!

[A screen appears]

Dorguy the Second: All right, Question One! Look closely at the objects on the

                   screen, OK, folks?

[Some objects are shown. After a few seconds...]

Dorguy the Second: Now, answer me this... How many red objects were there?

 - 1

 - 2

 - 3

[If you answer the questions incorrectly and get through the quiz...]

Dorguy the Second: Hoo hoo ha! You answered 0 percent of the questions

                   correctly. That's a tired-brain score! Are you resting your

                   brain properly? Eating right? Yeah, well, with a score like

                   that, I can't let you pass. Try again, OK, folks?

Dorguy the Second: Question Two! Watch that screen, now.

[Things appear on the screen]

Dorguy the Second: How many triangles were there, folks?

 - 1

 - 2

 - 3

Dorguy the Second: What color were the moving objects?

 - Blue

 - Red

 - Schmorange

Dorguy the Second: Off the top of your head, what number question is this?

Dorguy the Second: What shape was the most plentiful, folks?

 - Triangles

 - Squares

 - Donuts

[After getting the questions right...]

Dorguy the Second: DONE! Let me just analyze your responses real quick...

[After a few seconds...]

Dorguy the Second: Hoo hoo HA! P-P-P-Perfect! Amazing... I'm...impressed. Your

                   brain ages must be very young, folks! Well, with brains that

                   young, you must be good people! Head on in!

[In the next room, Mario and the others enter a pink door with three old hags]

Hag #1: Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh! I am Hagra, yes, one of the ancient sisters

        three... The Underwhere crones! Mm... Young one, aren't you? And to

        where are you headed, young man?

[Mario responds]

Hagra: You seek the Pure Heart, so you desire an auidence with Grambi? Sounds

       serious... Well, you are not the only soul here with a problem, no...

       for I have one as well. Yes, I lent a certain book to a certain D-Man,

       you see...and now I need it back. Could you find him and get it back for

       me, you strapping young thing?

 - Yes

 - No

[When "Yes" is chosen...]

Hagra: Good, yes, good... Allow me to send you to where the D-Man in question

       is. And thanks for your help, yes...

Hagra: Hagracadagra!

[She transports Mario to the D-Man from earlier]

D-Man #1: Return the book? Oh, you mean the one I borrowed from that hag? Yeah,

          no prob, no prob. Just finished reading that bad boy, actually.

[He gives Mario a Diet Book]

D-Man #1: Gotta say, that weight-loss plan seems kinda dubious. Yeah, probably

          a fad. But hey, thank that hag for me anyway, OK?

[Mario climbs his way back up to Hagra]

Hagra: Hm? Did you get the book back, young man?

[He gives the Diet Book to her]

Hagra: Ohh, this is it, yes, yes. See, I'm getting a little...paunchy in my old

       age. I thought I migth try this "No-Tummy Mummy Diet" to try and get

       back into shape... Thanks for getting this, yes. Let me give you this s

       thanks, sonny!

[She gives Mario a Door Key]

Hagra: Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh! Good-bye, young man!

[Mario exits the room and unlocks the door in the hallway. They climb their way

 to the top of the room, where they find another Dorguy]

Tippi: This door... It's another Dorguy...

Mysterious Door #3: Oh, no... Travelers have come?

[A face appears]

Mysterious Door #3: Halt! Queen Jaydes demands I guard this door, people! I am

                    Dorguy the Third. I've gotta take a sec and see if you

                    folks are worthy to pass through.

Dorguy the Third: Can I get a little...UNDERCHOMP!

[Three Chain Chomps, each one a different color, appear]

Dorguy the Third: If you folks are worthy of passing through, you should be

                  able to beat this guy. So, if you wanna head on through,

                  you've gotta fight! Ready?! GOOOOOO!

[They fight the Underchomps in a turn-based battle. After the fight...]

Dorguy the Third: Hey, check you folks out! You beat the Underchomp... Good

                  work. Head on in!

[In the next room, they hit the star block to end the chapter]



Chapter 7-3: The Forbidden Apple  [CH73]


"Our heroes had found their way out of the dark and confusion of The

 Underwhere. Mario and friends now saw the sun shining brightly against a

 beautiful sky. This was the sky paradise Grambi called home, a place of joy

 called The Overthere. Somewhere above the never-ending layers of clouds

 waited Grambi himself. Mario and his friends began to make their way up that

 fluffy road to above..."


Overthere Sky


Luvbi: Ah me, blue skies again! If we continue upward, we'll soon be in The

       Overthere. Let us away!

Tippi: Yes... That sounds well and good, but we have yet to find Peach... I'm

       so worried...

Luigi: She's fine! I mean, she's Peach! She's gotta be fine, right?

Luvbi: Pray, I would understand this! Is yon Peach the lady friend of Mario?

Luigi: Erm, yeah... Kinda hard to say...but I wouldn't exactly call her his


Luvbi: Oh, verily? But the damsel looms large in his regard, is this not so? A

       one-sided crush then, mayhap.

Luvbi: Ah me, enough idle blather! I shall run ahead, so keepest up if thou

       canst! If thou climbest too slowly, the sun will set, so shaketh a leg!

[Luvbi flies off. Mario and the others climb up the clouds, and after awhile,

 they come to cloud #43. This cloud has a door on it, which they go through. In

 that area, they find a sleeping Princess Peach]

Tippi: Mario, look!

Tippi: It's Peach!

[They walk over to her]

Luigi: Princess Peach! Hey! Hey! Wake up, Princess!

[She snores]

Bowser: Oh, come ON! This is just plain annoying...

[He roars]


[She snores again]

Bowser: Mmmm... Man, this girl can SLEEP, huh? I mean, that was a serious roar

        right there!

Voice: Ah me... Prithee, tell me... Princess Peach, I presume?

[Luvbi flies in]

Luvbi: She hath eaten of the golden fruit. She lacketh the common sense, I


Tippi: Golden...fruit?

[She picks up the apple and throws it away]

Luvbi: The Overthere teemeth with magical trees whose fruit maketh many an odd

       effect. The fruit of the golden hue maketh people so satisified, they

       falleth into deep sleep. And I mean DEEP sleep... The kind thou dost not

       wake up from for a hundred years...

Luigi: A hun-hundred years?!

Bowser: You've GOTTA be kidding! Look, I'm a patient Koopa, but I'm not THAT


Tippi: Luvbi... Isn't there any way to wake her up sooner?

Luvbi: Pray, wherefore would I know of such...

[She gets an idea]

Luvbi: Ah, but hold a moment... I do remember my father's words of long ago.

       Yea, he said one tree in The Overthere bore a taboo fruit that could

       waketh anyone...

Tippi: Taboo fruit? What kind of tree has that sort of thing?

Luvbi: Pray... Wherefore should I know, huh?!

Tippi: So then all we know is that we need to find a kind of fruit...


Luigi: W-Well, we've gotta do SOMEthing! Let's go find any kind of fruit we


[Mario and Bowser nod]

Luvbi: So, yon Princess Peach... All seem to holdeth her in regard most high...

[Luvbi flies off, then stops]

Luvbi: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph! Do what thou wantest! I am NOT helping!

       I am SULKING!

[She continues to fly off. Mario and the others climb up more clouds, and they

 look for some fruit. They eventually find a Black Apple and go back to Peach,

 then they give it to her]

Tippi: Well, what about this one? Please, let this be the taboo fruit...

Princess Peach: Ohhhh... Unnnggh...

Tippi: It looks as though she's waking up...

Princess Peach: Unnnggh... G-Grr-

[She jumps up]

Princess Peach: GROSS!

[She falls over]

Tippi: Are you...all right?

[She gets up]

Princess Peach: Ewwww, what WAS that?! What in the world did you just make me


[They walk up to her]

Luigi: It worked! Yahooooooooooooo! Princess Peach, you're awake!

Princess Peach: Luigi?! You're safe and sound!

Bowser: GRAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Hey! Concerned hubby over here, Princess Peach!

Princess Peach: Where in the world are we? And what was I doing here? I can't

                remember a thing..

Tippi: We are in The Overthere, Princess Peach. Dimentio's attack sent you


Voice: So, thou wakest?

[Luvbi is shown behind Peach]

Luvbi: I am Luvbi. I am bound for The Overthere, and I take yon travelers with


[Peach walks up to her]

Princess Peach: Is that so... Well, it's nice to meet you, Luvbi.

Luvbi: I shall head onward, so dawdleth not! Heareth me, princess of silly


[She flies off]

Princess Peach: Oh, my. I wonder if I said something rude...

[Tippi flies over to her]

Tippi: Ugh, don't worry about it...

Princess Peach: Oh, I must have caused you all so much trouble. I'm so sorry...

                but I'm so very happy to see all of you again! I'll try and do

                my best to make up for time lost!

"Princess Peach rejoined your party!"

Tippi: Well, here we go... Up to The Overthere!

[Peach nods. They continue to climb up through the clouds, and eventually they

 reach a talking cloud]

Cloud: Hi, I'm Cyrrus! I'm a newborn cloud! Pleased to meetcha! I've got big

       dreams! Big ones! I wanna be the biggest cloud I can be! I heard about

       this one guy who could grow big just by eating a Mushroom. That would be

       SO COOL! If you find a big-making thing like that, give it to me!

[They give him a Red Apple]

Cyrrus: Will eating this make me big? COOOOOOOL! Then I'll try it!

Cyrrus: Chomp... Snark...

[He grows huge]

Cyrrus: I did it! Now I'm a big cloud... From now on, just call me "Super

        Cyrrus"! No more little bitty cloud for me! And I'm real bouncy, so hop

        on top!

[They jump on him and get launched all the way out into space. Somehow, they

 land exactly on their destination; on another cloud. They go through the door,

 and Peach floats over to the clouds, then they hit the star block to end this




Chapter 7-4: A Bone-Chilling Tale  [CH74]


"White clouds as far as the eye could see... Mario and Co. had climbed through

 clouds and finally reached The Overthere. "Odd. No party springeth forth to

 welcometh us," wondered Luvbi aloud. "It mattereth not. Father's shrine is

 just ahead, so we can walk there with ease." But they would not arrive at the

 shrine as easily as Luvbi predicted. Why not? Because something unexpected and

 dramatic was about to happen..."


The Overthere


Luvbi: Soon we shall meet with my father, Grambi. Be thou on thy best behavior.

Tippi: So... Grambi is your father?

Luvbi: Thou art correct. Grambi is my father and Jaydes is my mother. Pray,

       listen... I fell ill once, and my father never left my bedside...

Luvbi: They hath an overprotective side, verily, and I grow annoyed of it at

       times. But mayhap it is mine own fault for being so cute. They cannot

       help it!

Tippi: Uh, yes, surely... In any case, perhaps we'd better go meet that Grambi.

[As they go through The Overthere, they go through a door and someone cries for



[Two enemies are shown, which have cornered a Nimbi]

Monster #1: Hwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwa! Awww, what's da matter?!

Monster #2: C'mon! Fight back, ya big wimp, ya!

[Mario and the others walk up to them]

Monster #1: What's YOUR beef, hah?

Monster #2: Oh, friend of the Nimbis, are ya? Then ya must be an enemy of US!

            Taste spear!

[They save the Nimbi]

Nimbi #1: Th-Thou hast my gratitude. I know not who thou art, but thou didst

          save me...

Luvbi: Pray, speak! What hast happened hither?

Nimbi #1: A pox, verily... Yon fell beasts hath been flooding into The

          Overthere of late. They seek the Pure Heart... They need it, for they

          hath some plan most foul!

Luvbi: Yon beasts seek the Pure Heart! Foulness! Only Father knoweth the Pure

       Heart's resting place... Father is in danger!

Nimbi #1: I yearn to hide, verily...but if thou seekest Grambi, thou shalt need

          this key.

[He gives Mario and the others a Door Key]

Nimbi #1: I cannot help more, but prithee, protect Grambi! Um... Farewell.

[The Nimbi leaves, and Mario and the others proceed to the locked door leading

 to the shrine. There, they find a frozen Nimbi in some ice, and Bowser melts

 the ice with his fire breath]

Nimbi #2: Unnghh...

Nimbi #3: Darling dear!

Nimbi #2: Fair Fallbi!

Fallbi: Sniff... Thank heavens... Yon person helped thee.

Nimbi #2: Thou hast my thanks, yea. Pray, allow me to do something for thee in


Fallbi: Yea, verily, darling dear! Perhaps if thou wouldst move the thou-


Nimbi #2: Yea! The thou-knowest-what! Fair Fallbi, thou art as clever as thou

          art adorable!

Fallbi: Oh, darling dear... 'Tis true, but how thou goest on!

Fallbi: Let us away!

[Fallbi leaves]

Nimbi #2: Ah! Pray, wait, my lovely Fallbi fair!

[He runs off as well]

Luvbi: The thou-knowest-what?

[They go to Fallbi's boyfriend, who has an elevator down]

Nimbi #2: Sorry to makest thee wait. Behold the Overvator! It transporteth

          Nimbis upward. I owe thee for thine help. I operate yon lift.

          Prithee, let me giveth thee a ride. Goest thou up?

 - Yea

 - Nay

[If "Nay" is chosen, nothing happens. If "Yes" is chosen...]

Nimbi #2: Gooooooooing UP!

[The elevator operates and goes up]

Nimbi #2: And yea, hither we are! Thank thee for using the Overvator!

[Bowser goes around to the shrine, defrosting some frozen Nimbis along the way.

 He eventually unfreezes the elder]

Elder Nimbi: Whoa! Thank thee for thine help! My given name is Whibbi! I owe

             thee for that one! Thou art super!

[Luvbi flies up to him]

Luvbi: Whibbi! Speakest of my father! How doth he fare?

Whibbi: I am sorry, Luvbi... I could not stop yon beasts from entering Gambi's

        shrine. And the fiends wrecked the bridge once they crossed it... Help

        cannot reacheth them.

Bowser: Man, all I hear is CRYING! Show a little initiative! Can't we rebuild

        the bridge?

Whibbi: Hm... Mayhap. To rebuild it, thou must find Rebbi, Blubi, and Yebbi,

        and get their three orbs. Once thou hast them all, we can rebuild the

        bridge. Taketh this, and findeth the others... I beg of thee... Thou

        must help...

[He gives Bowser a Door Key. They go to the unlocked door ahead and unlock it,

 then they go through a door behind a shrine in 3D. In that area, they hear a



[An enemy gets defeated and a Nimbi floats over. Then, more enemies appear]

Rebbi: They come without pause... Hm... Against such an assault, I cannot hope

       to last...

[Mario walks up to him]

Rebbi: Huh? Reinforcements?

Rebbi: At last! My strength hath reached its end... Please... Thou must finish


[He flies off. Mario defeats the enemies, then goes back and talks to him]

Rebbi: The foul beasts are no more...

Rebbi: I am Rebbi! Thou hast saved me! I owe thee thanks.

[Luvbi floats over to him]

Luvbi: Rebbi! Grambi is in trouble! Hast thou the red orb?!

Rebbi: Luvbi... The three orbs are not things to be given away lightly! And

       yet...these are dire times are they not? And I owe thee a big debt.

       Here, I give it to thee!

[He gives Mario the Red Orb]

Rebbi: I will go thither and check on the others. If thou survivest, let us

       meet again!

[He flies off]

Luvbi: We must away as well!

[They make their way to the elevator they used a moment ago, then they use it

 again. Eventually they find another Nimbi frozen in ice, which is Blubi.

 Bowser melts the ice]

Blubi: Oh, thank thee! It is as though thou hast brought me back to life!

Blubi: Hold a moment... What am I doing hither?! WHO AM I?! WHERE AM I?! Do I

       have...AMNESIA? Ah, what to do!

[They talk to him again]


Blubi: Hold a moment... I remember... I am... I am Blubi!

[Luvbi floats over there]

Luvbi: Finally thou snappest out of it, eh, Dumbi? We hasten to yonder shrine

       to help Grambi, so givest thy blue orb.

Blubi: What?! Oh, indeed, I see... Fell beasts have attacked from The

       Underwhere... And Grambi is in danger? If thou speakest truth, then

       here, takest it!

[He gives them the Blue Orb]

Blubi: I cannot linger hither! I must go see what is happening. Farewell,


[He flies off, and Mario and the others go and search for the last orb, which

 Yebbi has. They eventually come to a bathroom door, and knock on it]

Voice: Are the fell beasts gone? So it is safe for me to come out thither? By

       the way, who art thou?

 - Mario

 - Grambi

 - A monster

[If "Mario" is chosen...]

Voice: Mario? A ridiculous name! Thou art a monster! Thou art trying to trick

       me into opening this so thou canst capture me!

[If "Grambi"is chosen...]

Voice: Grambi?! Wait, that dost not sound correct... Thou canst not fool me,

       fiend of The Underwhere! Thouart trying to trick me into opening this so

       thou canst capture me!

[If "A monster" is chosen...]

Voice: A monster?! Thou LIEST! No monster would admit to being a monster! Huh?

       Hold a moment... That meaneth... Thou art NOT a monster?!

[Yebbi comes out of the bathroom]

Yebbi: Hello to thee! I am Yebbi! Thou came to rescue me?

[Luvbi floats over there]

Luvbi: We must rebuild yon bridge to reach Grambi! Thou must givest us the

       yellow orb! If thou dost not, we shall tell all how long thou spent

       hiding in thither!

Yebbi: L-Luvbi?! Oh prithee, thou must not tell! I shall do all thou askest!

[He gives them the Yellow Orb]

Yebbi: I should not hath hidden like a base coward. I goeth to help the others

       now... Be thou careful!

[He flies off. Mario and the others go back to Whibbi]

Whibbi: Oh, thou hast them? Then let us hasten and rebuild the bridge! Climbest

        onto the pedestal hiter and placest the three orbs! Dost it now!

[Mario stands on the pedestal and places all three orbs on it, which causes a

 bridge to appear. It flashes colors]

Whibbi: Grambi is in danger grave... But we are all so weak... We must ask

        you... Savest him for us!

[Mario nods, then he crosses the bridge and goes through a door. In the next


Voice: HOLD IT!

[A monster appears]

Red Monster: How'd you guys get in here?! I thought we destroyed the bridge!

[Luvbi floats over there]

Luvbi: Shuttest thy trap, foul one! Speakest! Doth my father fare well?! If

       thou hast hurt a whisker on his face, I shall END all that is you!

Red Monster: Wh-Wh-Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! You little brat!

[He turns around]

Red Monster: Hey! You guys! Fall in!

[He calls a hoard of other monsters]

Red Monster: So, ya wanna see how scary we can be, little girly?! Well, take a

             good look!

Tippi: Oh dear, there seems to be a lot of them... I didn't know there were so

       many left...


[Rebbi appears]

Rebbi: I shall handle them!

Tippi: You...

Rebbi: At long last, my strength returned to me... And now, these fiends shall

       reap the grim harvest of my Nimbi fury!

[He turns around]

Rebbi: The hour is nigh, Nimbi brigade! Art thou ready?!


[A lot of Nimbi appear]

Rebbi: Hast thou fear of these fiends from The Underwhere?

Troops: NAAAAAY!

Red Monster: Ooh, all tough 'cause ya got an army, huh? Let's see how ya do

             against MINE!

Red Monster: YER GOIN' DOWN!

[He walks over to his troops]


[He walks over to his troops]

Rebbi: And now, Nimbi brigade... Ahem... CHAAARGE!

Red Monster: NO MERCY!

[The troops do battle as Mario and the others continue to the shrine.



[Grambi is shown, and Luvbi flies to him]

Luvbi: Father! Father! Art thou all right?!

[Mario walks up]

Grambi: Luvbi... Thou should not...have come. Flee...from here...

Voice: Brrrrooo ha ha ha ha ha... A touching scene, to be sure.

[A weird-looking dragon is shown, then they approach it and it roars]

Tippi: Well, you must be the boss of all the creatures that escaped The


Bonechill: A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I assure you. My name is

           Bonechill. I am something of an evil celebrity in certain circles of

           The Underwhere...

Luvbi: That may be, but my father shall never give you the Pure Heart! So

       givest up!

Bonechill: Oh, you dear, ignorant child... You really don't know a thing, do

           you? How charming.

Luvbi: Wh-What dost thou mean?!

Bonechill: I speak of the Pure Heart... And I speak of you, Luvbi...

Bonechill: IT IS YOU!

Luvbi: What...sayest thou?

Bonechill: The Pure Heart was hidden ingeniously to keep it away from evil

           sorts like me... Grambi...changed the Pure Heart into a Nimbi...

           that he called his own daughter!

Luvbi: Ha ha... Th-That is just silly... My mother and father...

Bonechill: Oh, priceless! You really think Grambi pays an ounce of attention to

           you out of love?

Luvbi: Th-That's... No... Thou liest! Father! Sayest something!

[She floats over to him]

Grambi: Unnghhh...

Bonechill: Brrrrooo ha ha... The old fool can weigh the sins of others, but not

           his own...

Luvbi: It

Tippi: Luvbi, we can talk later... Right now, just take Grambi to safety...


Luvbi: O-OK...

Bonechill: Many thanks for delivering the Pure Heart. Once I deal with you,

           none can stop me... I shall be INVINCIBLE! Please, as your game

           ends, remember it is an honor to have it ended by my talons!

[They fight Bonechill. After he's defeated...]

Bonechill: BRRRAARGH! How... Impossible... How could you puny worms...

           destroy...a master...of the cold dark?!

[Bonechill falls apart, then Grambi and Luvbi re-enter the room]

Grambi: Thou...hast done a fine job... Thou hast saved our realm...

Luvbi: Father... The words of that thing...were lies, yea? Thou and Mother art

       my parents?

Grambi: Well... Luvbi...

Voice: Luvbi!

[Jaydes enters the room]

Luvbi: Mother!

Queen Jaydes: I had not received word of your safe arrival, so I came

              looking... Are you well?

Luvbi: Speakest to me now, Mother. Father and thee... Art thou verily my


Queen Jaydes: Wait a minute, why do you... WHAAAAAAT?!

Luvbi: Prithee, Mother. Speakest the truth to me.

Queen Jaydes: ...........

Queen Jaydes: ........... Luvbi... You... You are not really our child.

Luvbi: ...So it is...true...

Queen Jaydes: The Pure Heart was always in danger of falling into the hands of

              evil, darling. So Grams and I decided to transform it into a

              shape that no one would suspect...

Luvbi: And that

[The screen flashes]


[She becomes a Pure Heart for a split second]

Queen Jaydes: What...was that?

Grambi: The Pure Heart doth struggle against the Luvbi identity... It seeketh

        its true form. It doth sense someone nearby worthy of possessing it. It

        must be these fair folk...

Luvbi: So, uh... Ha ha... Thou sayest I am meant to be with him... He verily prince? This doth STINK! He is completely wrong for me! I speak

       seriously to you... This hath no humor to it!

Luvbi: Fine. I shall return to my Pure Heart form...and I shall go with Mario

       and his friends...

Grambi: Thou art certain? If thou turnest back into the Pure Heart, the Nimbi

        known as Luvbi...will cease to exist.

Luvbi: Nay, perhaps I already have... I remember being the Pure Heart now, in

       truth. And the world would end if I did not do it, is this not so? So I

       should just... Wait... Why do I explain myself to thee?! Thou art not my

       real father, so QUIET!

Grambi: Wh-What?!

Luvbi: To think of all the times thou hast scolded me! Thou didst KNOW I was

       not long for this world! Why didst thou not let me have fun?! Nay!

       Instead, I suffered an angry fake father and a nagging fake mother! I

       had no life! How dost thou plan to make that up to me?!

Queen Jaydes: Luvbi!

Grambi: Sayest thou what thou wilt to me, but talketh not to thy mother that


Grambi: Perhaps thy sass shall end once thou changeth forms! What dost thou

        wait for?

Luvbi: Oh, giveth me a break! I must do it whether thou wish or not! It shall

       be a RELIEF!

Grambi: Thou art an ungrateful brat! Dost thou not recall when I lingered by

        thy ill bedside?

Luvbi: I scoff at thy lingering! Why dost thou not giveth me back the present I

       bought with my saved allowance!

Grambi: What madness doth spew from thy lips?! Who GAVETH thee that allowance?!

        And thou didst lie to get the money, too! Thou didst pretend to buy


Luvbi: How dost thou DARE to lecture on lying! And why dost thou think I lied?!

       I thought that Mother and thee... I thought... Thou


Grambi: ..............

Luvbi: The pair of thee... Thou art not real parents... I... I... I hate


Queen Jaydes: ...That is enough, Luvbi.

Luvbi: ...............

Queen Jaydes: It is true that we created you as a means of protecting the Pure

              Heart... But Grams and I came to love you as a true daughter. We

              wanted to be with you for all time, to protect you. You became a

              part of us. Perhaps we were wrong to create you...and if we only

              caused pain, we apologize.

Luvbi: Oh, Mother... Thou needst not aplogize... My dear mother... Thank


[She turns into the Pure Heart again for a moment]

Luvbi: The Pure Heart doth wish to assume its original form...

Grambi: Luvbi...

Luvbi: Tippi... Takest good care of the real me. And...savest the world, yea?

       Such is my final wish, so if thou dost not do it, thou art most unkind!

Tippi: I understand...

Luvbi: Father... Mother... Fare the well...

Grambi: Luvbi...

Queen Jaydes: Oh, my darling...

Luvbi: I am sorry...for lying earlier. Because in truth... I... I love thee...


[She turns into the Pure Heart completely]

Queen Jaydes: Luvbi.....

Grambi: Now, ye prophesied ones... Destined heroes... Takest our dear

        daughter... Takest the Pure Heart.

Luigi: OK, Grambi!

Grambi: And sweareth this to me... Thou must prevail! Let no one else in the

        universe feel this sadness!

Luigi: Okeydokey!

Grambi: Very well. Then I am satisfied... Now, Luvbi, thou must go...

Queen Jaydes: Oh, Grams...

[They get the final Pure Heart]

"You got a Pure Heart"

""Heroes... My daughter wanted thee to save all worlds. 'Twas her final wish."

 Grambi spoke slowly through his tears as the brave Nimbis cleaned up The

 Overthere. Draped in sadness, Queen Jaydes walked slowly to her palace in The

 Underwhere. Mario, his friends, and the eighth Pure Heart were all that

 remained... This Pure Heart had come at a high price. Let us hope it was all




Castle Bleck Scene 8  [BLK8]



Castle Bleck


Count Bleck: WHAT?! ...Spat Count Bleck in utter disbelief. Surely this news

             cannot be true!

Count Bleck: The heroes still live?

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. Oh, I'm afraid so, my count. In fact, they will be here

          before long.

O'Chunks: Whuh?! Izzat true, then?! What're we doin' twiddlin' our biscuits

          'ere?! Count Bleck! Lemme go throw 'em a nice welcome party... I'll

          bring the punch!

Mimi: Ooh, I wanna party with those party poopers, too! Wait up, O'Chunks!


[O'Chunks and Mimi leave]

Dimentio: Well, I'm not one to miss a party...

Dimentio: Oh, but wait one moment... Dear Count... Does the name Blumiere ring

          a bell?

[Bleck is surprised to hear that name]

Count Bleck: Where did you hear that name, Dimentio?!

Dimentio: Oh, the mustache man's Pixl went on and on... She said, "I must stop


[Bleck holds his hat over his face]

Dimentio: But I suppose there's no reason to pay any mind to the ramblings of a

          Pixl... Ciao for now, my count!

[Dimentio leaves]

Nastasia: Count Bleck! If... Um... If that Pixl is who you think it is...

          There's still time! You can still stop the prophecy from destroying

          everything! Yeah, because, if that's really her... If she's alive,

          you have to stop all this!

Count Bleck: You know not what you are saying, Nastasia. The prophecy can no

             longer be stopped by Count Bleck. No one can stop it.

Nastasia: Yeah, I'm on board with what you're saying...but there must be a way.

          There must... Lord Blumiere!

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... The man known as Blumiere died long ago.

Count Bleck: Now there is only Bleck! The Dark Prognosticus's choice to fulfill

             the prophecy! Nothing more!

Nastasia: But...

[He spreads out his arms]

Count Bleck: Come to Count Bleck, heroes... If you hope to save these worlds,

             then come... BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK!

[The screen fades out]

"Blumiere, my son, don't! Even your ancestors could not handle that dark


"If you open it...there's no telling what might happen!"

"I do not care, Father! A world without her is empty. A LIFE without her is


"Speak, Dark Prognosticus! Teach your dark history! I await your command!"


"Blumiere... What have you done?"

"Silence! The first prophecy beckons. I will erase every inch...of this

 blasted world!"

"Blu-Blumiere! Don't do this! Blumiere!"

"Blumiere is no more! I am Count Bleck! And no one shall stand in my way!"




Before Chapter Eight  [BFC8]





[The screen remains dark]

Tippi: No! Blumiere! You mustn't!

[The screen fades in]

Tippi: Darling... How could you... Oh... Darling... You... Why...

Luigi: Hey! Tippi! Snap out of it, will ya?!

Tippi: ...What?!

Princess Peach: I thought you'd just gone back to town, but then I saw you

                lying there, not moving... And started shouting

                loudly. I have to say, it kind of startled me.

[Mario speaks]

Tippi: Um... I'm all right... I'm sorry for startling you...

Princess Peach: Blumiere... Is that a person's name you were saying? Were you

                remembering something from your past, perhaps?

Tippi: No... It's nothing... Nothing at all...

Luigi: So, should we go to Merlon's? We ought to tell him that we found the

       last Pure Heart!

[Mario nods. At Merlon's house...]

Merlon: So... We have gathered all the Pure Hearts and all four of the heroes,

        it seems...

Bowser: Gwah ha ha ha! Now we just stomp this Count Bleck guy and call it a


Princess Peach: I fear for the poor people of this world who must continue to

                look at the sky and worry. We must act quickly and ease their

                hearts and minds!

Tippi: ...........

Merlon: ...What troubles you, Tippi?

Tippi: The prophecy... Do we really have to destroy Count Bleck to stop it from


Merlon: Much of the dark prophecy has already come to pass...but stop it we

        must. It was by Count Bleck's hand that the Chaos Heart was summoned,

        bringing this peril. Without him, the prophecy's power will wither, and

        all worlds can avoid their ends.

Tippi: Yes... I suppose you're right... I guess we always knew that, didn't


Luigi: Tippi? What's the matter, huh?

Merlon: My dear... Was there something between you and this Count Bleck?

Tippi: Umm... No, nothing... It was nothing... I'm fine! Let's go!

Merlon: ...Very well, then. Once again, your first task is to set this Pure

        Heart in a Heart Pillar. Once you've done that, you must head back to

        the black tower in Flopside.

[They exit Merlon's house and proceed to Flopside]





[At Flopside, Mario and the others find the last Heart Pillar and place the

 Pure Heart into it. This causes a big purple door to appear at the black tower

 of Flopside. As they head toward the tower...]

Voice: So, the time has come...

[Nolrem walks up to them]

Nolrem: Heroes... The last door is at the top of Flopside Tower in the center

        of town! I'll go ahead there and wait for you... Once you've prepared

        for the battle that waits beyond that door, come to me...

[Mario and the others go to the Flopside Tower, meeting up with Nolrem]

Nolrem: This is the final door. Eight Pure Hearts versus the Dark

        Prognosticus... Castle Bleck awaits.

Voice: There was something on the last page of the Light Prognosticus...

[Merlon is shown]

Merlon: "Only those who have not abandoned hope can turn back the prophecy of

        doom. They walk forward into the future, no matter how dark and

        uncertain it may be."

[He walks forward]

Nolrem: You have fought all this way because you believed the future could be

        bright... I can't go through this door with you, but I send you with

        all the hope in my heart.

Merlon: I know that you can do it. I, too, believe it in my heart.

[Mario nods]

Princess Peach: Thank you, both of you.

Luigi: Leave it to us!

Bowser: Are we gonna group-hug? Enough pep talks, gramps! I'm doing this for


Merlon: Tippi...

Merlon: I don't know what is in your mind, but... If this is too hard for you,

        please feel free to stay behind.

Tippi: No... I'm going... I've decided. I must do this!

Merlon: Tippi... If your memory...returns...

Merlon: Tippi, you've changed much. You've grown so strong... So! Be sure to

        return safely to me!

Tippi: I will, Merlon.

[She turns to Mario]

Tippi: Let's go! Let's defeat Count Bleck! Let's save all these worlds from


[They nod, then The Void expands]

Nolrem: And hurry, for the worlds may not have much time!

[The Void is shown]

Nolrem: In that black span of nothing, you will find Castle Bleck. You may face

        battles harder than any you have endured thus far... If you feel ready

        to face this challenge, then please go forward.

[They enter the door]

Merlon: Mario... Princess Peach... Bowser... Luigi... Be strong.

Merlon: And you too, Tippi...



Chapter 8-1: The Impending Darkness  [CH81]


"After finding every Pure Heart, the band of heroes set off for Castle Bleck.

 The stakes were high as the ominous void grew larger and the end drew near.

 Could Mario and friends stave off the inevitable and overturn the prophecy?

 What strange twist of fate awaited Tippi and Count Bleck? These thoughts

 plagued the minds of our heroes as the curtain rose on the final act..."


Castle Bleck Entry


[Mario and the others come out of the door]

Tippi: So here we are at last... Count Bleck's castle.

[The castle is shown]

Tippi: So Blumiere IS here...

[Mario turns around to her]

Tippi: Er... Never mind. We'd better get going...

[Mario nods. They enter the castle through the main doors, and they proceed

 through many dangerous rooms full of many dangerous enemies. As they get

 further into the castle, someone approaches]


[They walk up to O'Chunks]

O'Chunks: Slap me down with a slab o' mutton, I never would o' thought yeh'd

          make it 'ere! I'll tell yeh this, though, yeh shouldn't 'ave been

          such a fork in me rumpus! Now I 'ave to hit yeh with the full force

          o' me chunks!

Bowser: Pfffgghhht! That's big talk from the chump who gets stomped again...

        and AGAIN!

O'Chunks: 'OW DARE YEH!

[Bowser walks up to him]

Bowser: You heard me! You're goin' down, chunky boy!

O'Chunks: WHAAAAA?! 'Ow about provin' it, then! Right 'ere, yeh an' me!

          Wrasslin' match o' the ages!

Bowser: Bring it, beardo! I'll take you on alone! I got all the sweet

        stomping you need, right here!

Princess Peach: Bowser...are you sure about this?

Bowser: Bwaha! Don't you worry. I've had egg-salad sandwiches chunkier than

        this guy. You just step back and watch how a totally awesome tryant

        gets business done.

[Mario, Luigi, and Peach step away]

O'Chunks: I'm gonna 'urtle into yeh with the force of a massive, 'airy comet,

          yeh great crybaby!

O'Chunks: CHUNK UP!

[He beefs up and doubles in size]

O'Chunks: Bet yeh weren't 'specting THAT, were yeh? Where's yer flappin' mouth

          now, eh? It's time fer an old-fashioned, no-'olds-barred...


[Bowser and O'Chunks battle. After the fight...]


[He becomes normal again]

O'Chunks: 'Ow could yeh be chunkier than I? Yer naught but a bloomin' turtle!

          'Ow can I go on livin' with the shame o' it all?

O'Chunks: 'Ey, Bowser! Let me keep me dignity as me game ends! Finish me quick!

Bowser: Hey, there's no shame in being smacked down by a huge, studly boss!

[The room rumbles]

O'Chunks: Uhhhhh... What's that shakin'?

[The ceiling falls, then Mario and Luigi enter the room again]

Bowser: WAARGGH!

[It falls completely down, but O'Chunks is seen holding it up, which saves

 Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser]


Bowser: O'Chunks... You saved us?!

O'Chunks: What are yeh waitin' fer! Get out o' this place!

Bowser: But... Why'd you save us?

O'Chunks: Because yeh spanked me, 'eh! Yeh earned the right teh pass. Now I'm

          makin' sure yeh do just that!

[The room rumbles even more]


Bowser: You got more chunks in your head than I thought!

[Bowser holds up the ceiling as well]

O'Chunks: Bowser?! What're yeh doin'?!

[He turns to Mario and the others]

Bowser: Hey, Super Stupid Bros.! Get the princess into the next room, NOW!

Luigi: B-But...

Bowser: I SAID GO!

Princess Peach: ........................................... But... All right,


[The three run into the next room]

Bowser: You get out of here, too! Don't worry about me. I could hold this thing

        up ALL DAY!

O'Chunks: 'Ey! Yeh stole me line! Yer hands are quiverin' like a ladle of me

          mum's lard gravy. Don't be the tough guy! Go!

Bowser: I AM a tough guy! YOU get out!

O'Chunks: No, yeh get out!

Bowser: No, YOU!


[Meanwhile, Mario and the others are shown in the next room, and a crashing

 noise coming from the previous room is heard]

Luigi: Uh... Bowser...?

[Luigi tries to open the door, but it doesn't even budge]

Luigi: The door... It won't budge!

Tippi: Oh, no...

Princess Peach: Oh...dear...

[More rumbling is heard]

Princess Peach: We... We don't have time. We must keep going.

Tippi: Are you sure? Princess...

Princess Peach: I'm not worried about Bowser. He isn't easy to get rid of...

Luigi: Oh boy, she's right about that! Bowser has survived worse!

Princess Peach: All right, let's move on to Count Bleck!

[They move on and hit a star block to end this chapter]



Chapter 8-2: The Crash  [CH82]


"An endless labyrinth of mind-boggling turns and deadly enemies... This final

 journey was more dangerous and trying than our heroes had seen before. Mario

 and his friends kept on without Bowser, who was lost in a duel. There was no

 time to stop and search for Bowser, or even grieve... Our heroes knew they had

 to rush toward the final encounter with Count Bleck."


Castle Bleck Foyer


[A rumbling noise is heard immediately]

Luigi: Another tremor... I've lost count of them all!

Princess Peach: It is strange... I mean, this is Count Bleck's private castle,

                right? So why would he let the destruction ravage his own home?

                What sort of evil plan is it if he destroys himself in the


[Mario thinks, and Tippi flies over to the right a bit]

Tippi: Blumiere... So it really is you...

[Mario walks up to Tippi]

Tippi: Ahem, uhhh... Let's just keep moving. We need to find Count Bleck


[Mario nods. As they defeat the enemies in the hallway they're in, they go

 through the next door, when suddenly...]

Voice: Oh ho ho! You've finally arrived!

[They see Merlon and walk up to him]

Tippi: ...Merlon? What are you doing here?

Merlon: I found a fascinating passage in the Light Prognosticus, so I rushed

        here to tell you!

Merlon: To get to Count Bleck, it seems you must hit this totally unsuspicious

        block! So why don't you give it a jolly old whack?

[Mario hits the block]

Merlon: Tee hee! What a bunch of...

[Mario and the others fall down a trap, and Merlon turns into Mimi]


[Mario is then shown falling all the way to the bottom of a cell-like room. Him

 and the others make their way out of the room, then they continue their trek

 through the castle until eventually, they find Merlee]

Merlee: How magnificent, you have arrived! I saw in the stars you would


[They walk up to her]

Merlee: Heroes, do not flee! For I am the lovely and mysterious Merlee! My

        beauty and the stars led you here. Rest now, for you have nothing to


Tippi: Umm... Are you really Merlee?

Merlee: Whatever is it that you imply? How could anyone wonder if it is I? Look

        at this lovely aura glow, does it not tell you all you need to know?

Merlee: Ahhhh... I will now ask you questions three; the answers will hold your

        future's key. And you must answer each and every question honestly and

        fairly! Here we go! Time to start the show! Which one of these beasts

        is hardest for you to make deceased?

 - Goomba

 - Clubba

 - Ultra Shroom

[The outcome will be the same for all questions, regardless of what you choose]

Merlee: Hee hee... So that one there gives you the biggest scare?

Merlee: Next, which one of these fearsome three most rattles your knees?

 - Fuzzies

 - Hammer Bros.

 - Thunder Rage

Merlee: You are most scared of those? Hee hee! That's very good to know.

Merlee: Now which of these do you despise like fleas?

 - Amazy Dayzee

 - Francis

 - Cooking Mistake

Merlee: That is what makes you so very furious? Indeed, how very curious...

Merlee: Well, it's been marvelous fun, but I'm afraid our time together is

        quite done... But do not fear or fret! No! We shall meet again yet! Hee

        hee hee hee hee!

[Merlee leaves, and Mario and the others proceed through a few hallways. Each

 one contains the thing that Mario said he hates the most when he answered all

 three questions. In the next room...]

Merlee: EEEEEEK!

Merlee: What are you trying to pull?! IMPOSSIBLE!

[She turns into Mimi]

Mimi: I put everything you hate in there! How'd you get through all that icky

      stuff?! bad people were LYING!

[They walk up to Mimi]

Princess Peach: How dare you lecture us?! You were just pretending to be Merlon

                and Merlee. Talk about a dirty trick! You should be ashamed of


Mimi: Ashamed...of myself? I like getting what I want, so I do whatever I need

      to get it. You're the one that's always having to get rescued by boys.

      THAT'S embarrassing! Golly, you sure are a lot of talk when you have your

      little boyfriends to protect you!

Princess Peach: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y-You... Very well. If you

                insist, I'll give you what you so richly deserve.

Luigi: P-Princess Peach! You're not really going to...

Princess Peach: Stay out of this! I am a PRINCESS, and she has thrown mud at my

                dignity! You two leave me be! UNDERSTOOD?!

[Mario looks at Luigi, then they both nod and leave]

Mimi: Awww... The pretty widdle princess wants to face me all alone? Boy, it

      sure would be sad if your boyfriends had to cry over spilled peaches!


[Her head snaps and spins around, then she turns into a spider]

Mimi: MIIIIMIIII! Try not to cry, or all your pretty makeup will run. Time to

      go bye-bye, Princess!

[Peach fights Mimi. Once she's defeated...]

Mimi: I don't...get it... I got beat by a...princess? WAHHHHHH!

[Mario and Luigi walk back up to Peach and Mimi returns back to normal]

Mimi: You...

Princess Peach: Oh, what's the matter, little girl? Did I spank Mimi a little

                too hard?

Luigi: You did it, Princess!

[The place rumbles]

Tippi: The destruction is spreading... If we dawdle any longer, we're doomed!

Princess Peach: You're right... Let's go.

[Mario and Luigi, along with Tippi, leave. Peach starts to walk off]

Princess Peach: Mimi... You can't stay here. Go find somewhere safe.

Mimi: Yeah, right... Like you care!

[The place rumbles more violently]

Princess Peach: AHHHH!

[Mario and Luigi are shown in the next room, then the rumbling stops]

Tippi: What was that loud noise?

Luigi: Princess...?

[He walks up to the door, but it doesn't open]

Luigi: It... It won't open!

Tippi: Oh no!

[Peach is shown hanging off of a ledge]

Princess Peach: Hmmmmppppph!

Mimi: You silly princess, what are you DOING?!

[Mimi is shown hanging onto Peach]

Princess Peach: What... What AM I doing? I just leapt into action without even


Mimi: I don't want your stupid help! Just... Just leave me alone.

Princess Peach: No, I can't do that. You have been very, very bad, but I can't

                leave you here to die. I don't know how you were raised, but I

                was taught to help people in need!

Mimi: Peach...

Princess Peach: Wait! I've got you...

[The room rumbles again and they both fall]


[Mario tries to open the door in the room they're in again, but it doesn't open


Tippi: The whole castle shook! And now that door won't open?

[Mario nods]

Luigi: First Bowser, and now the princess... W-W-What do we do, Bro?!

[Mario thinks]

Tippi: We have to keep going...

Luigi: B-But... We can't leave the princess!

Tippi: I know it's horrible, but this is, well...the end of the world. Of all

       worlds, really. We must press on. Princess Peach would want it this way

       if she were here.

Luigi: ................................ Well, yeah... I guess that is a

       Princess Peach thing to say. I'm worried about Peach, but she'd probably

       be mad at us for wasting time... OK, Bro, let's go!

[Mario nods, then they hit the star block to end the chapter]



Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction  [CH83]


"First Bowser and then the fair Princess Peach were lost to the halls of Castle

 Bleck. Would they ever be seen again? Without his allies, could our hero Mario

 hope to stand against the evil Count Bleck? The very air in the castle grew

 heavier and even more ominous with every step. All they could do was plod

 forward in silence..."


Castle Bleck Interior


Tippi: The power of The Void is growing. I can feel it. The Chaos Heart is

       close, now...

Tippi: The end is almost here... We must hurry!

[Mario nods. They make their way through the interior of the castle, going

 through lots of more dangerous corridors and rooms. After awhile, they come to

 a Save Block, and then they go through the door there]

Voice: Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha. So... You've made it at last.

[They walk up to Dimentio]

Dimentio: Oh, but...what's this? You seem to be missing the ravishing princess

          and the arm flailer.

Tippi: Dimentio... We don't have time to trade barbs with you... Move out of

       the way!

Dimentio: Ahhh, I see. You're in a hurry. Allow me to get out of your way,


[He snaps his finger and he disappears]

Dimentio: ...Just as soon as you defeat me! Aha ha ha ha ha. You've proven to

          be worthy foes in the past, so I'm not going to make it easy. You'll

          have to come get me first. It'll be like a game of tag...with magic!

[Using Fleep, Mario finds a hidden switch which he hits. This transports him to

 the Lineland Road]

Tippi: Where are we?

[She sees Dimentio]

Tippi: Look! There!

[Dimentio is seen flying off. They go to the end of the area and use Fleep to

 find another switch, which carries them to Merlee's Mansion]

Tippi: Is this Merlee's Mansion?

[She sees Dimentio]

Tippi: I guess we must chase him...

[They eventually use Fleep to find another switch, which teleports them to the

 Tile Pool. They chase Dimentio down here, as well. The next place they get

 warped to is Planet Bobule. After that, they warp to the Gap of Crag. Then

 they end up in the white void of the Sammer's Kingdom, then at the Underwhere

 Road. After the chase, they finally end back up in Castle Bleck]

Dimentio: Enjoying my game of tag?

[They walk up to him]

Luigi: Hey! Stop messing around and fight us for real!

Dimentio: Messing around? Oh, no. Magic is no laughing matter. I am always

          deadly serious.

Dimentio: I have been watching you. You are the only ones who can stand up to

          Count Bleck. So...I have a favor to ask. Will you help me...destroy

          the count?

Luigi: What are you talking about?! You want to betray him?!

Dimentio: Betray him? Ah ha ha ha. Oh, no. It is Count Bleck who has betrayed

          ME! He said he would destroy all worlds and create a new, perfect

          world in their place. But he was lying! He plans to obliterate every

          world, and then keep them all in ruin.

[Mario and Luigi are surprised, along with Tippi]

Tippi: ......!

Dimentio: I have always known about his nefarious goal. But I could never hope

          to stop him on my own. I feigned loyalty to him as I searched for

          someone who could defeat him with me!

Dimentio: Well, you see... That is why...I rescued the princess from

          brainwashing. It's also why I sent you to The Underwhere to fix the

          broken Pure Heart. And why I freed a man to be reunited with his

          brother... Now do you see?

Tippi: You've...been helping us all this time?

Dimentio: Ahhh, you've got me pegged. Now, how about you return the favor? I'll

          give you the power you need to crush Count Bleck... Just fight by my


 - Yes

 - No

[If "Yes" is chosen, you join Dimentio and get a Game Over. If "No" is


Dimentio: Still you refuse? But this offer, it drips with generosity! With the

          Chaos Heart in our hands, we can rule every world! Do you still


 - Forget it!

 - No way!

[If "Forget it!" is chosen...]

Dimentio: So you spit upon my offer? You have wasted my time. For that, your

          game ends. I think I'll start with the green one. The shag upon his

          lip will make a fine trophy.

Luigi: SHAG?! This mustache is all LUIGI!

Luigi: Leave this one to me, Bro! You run ahead! You've got worlds to save. You

       don't have time to fight this baddie! Don't let Bowser and Peach's

       sacrifices be for nothing! Or...mine, either! Besides, he made fun of my

       'stache, Bro! You know I'm sensitive about that. Lemme at him!

[Mario turns to Luigi for a few seconds]

Luigi: Run for it, Bro!

[After a few seconds, Mario nods]

Luigi: Thanks, Bro...

[Mario and Tippi leave]

Dimentio: Ah ha ha ha. How tender. I just squeezed out a tear. Yes... Mario can

          run along. And if he somehow manages to defeat Count Bleck on his

          own...all the better! And so I strike, like an unseen dodgeball in an

          echoing gynasium!

[Luigi battles Dimentio. After the battle...]

Dimentio: NOOOOO!

Dimentio: I... I cry uncle! Mercy! UNCLE, I SAY!

Luigi: Had enough, Dimentio?! I didn't need my superstar bro to take you on!

Dimentio: I-I see that now... Your power is formidable... Which is exactly why

          I can't let you fall into Count Bleck's velvet-lined gloves...

[He walks up to Luigi and puts Luigi and himself in a block]

Luigi: W-What're you doing...?!

Dimentio: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. I have you now! Luigi! We will both taste the

          agony of magic!

Luigi: N-N-N-Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Uwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Dimentio: Ciao!

[He snaps his finger, causing an explosion that hurts both of them. Meanwhile,

 Mario and Tippi are shown in the room ahead, and they hear the explosion and

 feel a rumble]

Tippi: Luigi!

[The rumbling stops and Mario tries to open the door, but fails]

Tippi: No... It can't be...

[Mario responds]

Tippi: But...Luigi... ............. You're right, Mario... It hurts, but you're

       right. We must grieve for him later. We have to stop the count.

[Mario nods, then hits the star block, ending the chapter]



Chapter 8-4: Tippi and Count Bleck  [CH84]


"A frigid wind blew through the dim and drafty corridors of Castle Bleck.

 Bowser, Peach...and even brave Luigi were gone. Mario was the only hero left.

 It was up to Mario to stop the dark prophecy. Every world hung in balance.

 What thrilling conclusion awaited our hero? Mario ran to the count's inner

 sanctum, his mustache fluttering in the breeze..."


Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum


Tippi: So, it's just us left now, isn't it? It reminds me of the time we first


[Mario turns to Tippi]

Tippi: .................................

[Mario is confused]

Tippi: ...I'm so sorry, Mario.

Tippi: I promised you that I would help you find your friends... And now... All

       of them are gone forever...

[Mario responds]

Tippi: What?! You're saying you know they're still alive?

[Mario nods]

Tippi: ....... Maybe you are right and they did somehow survive... They ARE


[Mario nods]

Tippi: I'm going to believe in them... And... I'm going to believe in HIM...

       most of all...

[They go through the inner sanctum of the castle, and after going through some

 more tough rooms and a few maze corridors, they reach an eerie room]

Tippi: I feel... I feel something very, very powerful... ...Is it the Chaos


Voice: Bleh heh heh heh heh...

[Count Bleck is shown]

Count Bleck: I see you've come at last! So you really are the hero of the Light


[Mario walks and sees Bleck]

Tippi: Count...Bleck...

Count Bleck: But you are far too late to stop the Dark Prognosticus and me...

             Count Bleck! All worlds will soon end. Come to grips with that

             now, for you cannot stop it. I suggest you make yourself

             comfortable and enjoy this one, final spectacle!

Tippi: But...why? Do you really want to destroy everything? Why would you do

       this?! How...COULD you do this?!

[Bleck spreads out one arm]

Count Bleck: Count Bleck does not care about any world! They are all

             meaningless. Better that I destroy them! Better yet, I shall make

             it as if they never existed at all!

Tippi: If the worlds have no meaning, was our meeting meaningless as well?

       Answer me, Blumiere!

[He holds his hat over his face]

Count Bleck: You know the answer, dear Timpani... Count Bleck does not have to

             tell you... But the hour has grown too late. You should know that

             by now.

Tippi: Blumiere... ......................... My love, Blumiere... Or rather,

       Count Bleck... The only way we can stop this is to defeat you... And

       that is exactly why Mario and I have come here... To stop this.

Count Bleck: BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! Very well! But I will also do what I

             must! Count Bleck is the deleter of worlds! My fate is written in

             the Dark Prognosticus! Do not think for a moment that I will

             hesistate to strike you down. ALL NOW ENDS!

Tippi: Blumiere... My Blumiere...

Count Bleck: Leave me, Nastasia. I will deal with these two ALONE.

Nastasia: B-But...

Count Bleck: Count Bleck demands it! I will not say it again...

Nastasia: ...Yeah, right away, Count.

[Nastasia leaves]

Count Bleck: Are you prepared, hero? Our duel will be worthy of the last clash

             the world will ever see!

[The battle begins. Mario tries to damage Bleck, but to no avail, due to the

 Chaos Heart protecting him. After a few worthless hits from Mario...]

Count Bleck: How laughable! Is that all the heroism you can muster? Let me show

             you true power!

Tippi: Our attacks...aren't doing anything! He's being shielded by the Chaos


[After a few more hits...]

Count Bleck: You can't so much as tug on the cape of Count Bleck! You have


Tippi: Mario, your attacks aren't working at all...

Count Bleck: Bleck! I expected more potency from the hero of prophecy!

[He summons some magic]

Count Bleck: I will watch your game end, and then your precious worlds will end

             soon after!

[He uses magic]

Tippi: Is this...the end?

Voice: Oh, COME ON! You're giving up already?

[Tippi and Mario notice Bowser]

Bowser: Come on! Man up a little. You never give up this easy when you attack

        MY castle!

[Bleck stops using magic]

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh heh... So you ARE alive, then!

[Peach and Luigi enter the room]

Princess Peach: We would never let you destroy everything, you awful count!

Luigi: Yeah, you tell him, Princess! W-We aren't going to let you get away with

       this. We aren't giving up! You'll never win!

Tippi: You're all here... But how?

Bowser: I fell through the floor before I got flattened by the ceiling.

Princess Peach: I fell through, too, and landed right on Bowser! It was a

                surprisingly soft landing...

Luigi: I don't even know what happened, Bro, but the princess found me out

       cold. But we're all here now, so let's do this!

Bowser: You heard him! Now you've got to deal with all of us!

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh heh... "When the four heroes are united..."

             It is all as foretold.

[The screen flashes]

Count Bleck: What... What's this?

[Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Bowser start glowing]

Princess Peach: What is now happening to... Count Bleck?!

[The eight Pure Hearts appear]

Tippi: The Pure Hearts...

[They rise up to Count Bleck, breaking the protective barrier surrounding him]

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh...huh?! My gone?!

Tippi: "Four heroes unite, their hope burns forth light to shatter the walls of

       blight." Just like Merlee said...

Count Bleck: So be it...says Count Bleck! But don't celebrate just yet. Your

             precious worlds aren't safe until my last breath!

[He spreads out his arms]

Count Bleck: Let us finally end this! Now the true battle begins...with Count


[He teleports near Mario, and the true battle against him commences. After a

 long battle, Bleck rises up with the Chaos Heart showing]

Count Bleck: BLEHHHH!

[Bleck disappears, then the Chaos Heart lowers and Mario and the others walk

 toward it. Bleck appears]

Count Bleck: Ex... Excellent...

[Nastasia appears]

Nastasia: Umm... Count?

Count Bleck: You have won... Now finish Count Bleck... Dispatch me and the

             Chaos Heart will disappear. The prophecy will be undone...

[Tippi flies over to him]

Tippi: Why does it have to end like this...

Count Bleck: Timpani... When you vanished, I searched long for you. I never

             gave up looking... I searched and searched...

[He shakes his head]

Count Bleck: But I never found you. Without you, the world held no meaning or

             joy... So I used the forbidden prophecy of the Tribe of Ancients

             to end all worlds. I wanted to destroy everything that had taken

             you away from me...

Tippi: But I am here now... No one can keep us apart anymore... Don't you see?

Count Bleck: It is too late. Count Bleck has done so much evil... It must end.

             Just knowing that you are still alive... And knowing that the

             world you still live in will continue... It gives me peace. I do

             not have long to live. You must end my game before The Void

             destroys all...

Tippi: But...we're finally together again...

[Nastasia turns around, then notices something]

Nastasia: Count, look out!

[Some magic hits Nastasia and she takes the blow]

Count Bleck: Na-Nastasia!

Voice: Silly assistant! Absorbing my attack to protect him? What an adorably

       hopeless gesture.

[Dimentio flies in toward the Chaos Heart]

Dimentio: I was about to give him the everlasting peace he so desperately


Tippi: Dimentio?! You're...alive?

Dimentio: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Of course. This is my moment. Even if

          the count dies, the Chaos Heart won't disappear if I continue to

          control it! But I needed the power of the Pure Hearts to beat him...

          I couldn't do that on my own. So I had you do all of the sweaty labor

          for me. And you even used your Pure Hearts to defeat Count Bleck! If

          they make greeting cards to thank people for helping with evil plans,

          I owe you one.

Tippi: What are you saying?!

Dimentio: I'm saying that you no longer have value to me, so I'm ending your

          games. They're all yours, Mr. L!

[He snaps his finger, then he walks over to the Chaos Heart]

Luigi: Huh?! Uh...oh. AAAAAACK! Why am I flapping my arms! Oh, this... This

       isn't good!

[A sprout appears on his head]

Luigi: I AM MR. L! Master Dimentio... What is your bidding?

Princess Peach: When...did this happen?!

Dimentio: When I sent Luigi here, I planted a seed in the fertile soil of his

          unconscious... And now that seed has sprouted spectacularly!

[He lifts the Chaos Heart]

Dimentio: Mr. L... Run along now and get ready for your big entrance.

[He nods and leaves]

Dimentio: Now... Ladies and gentlemen... Get ready for the greatest magic show

          you'll ever see!

[The Chaos Heart gets a dark purple aura emitting from it, then Luigi gets

 sucked into it. It disappears and the platforms in the chamber have faces on

 them, then a giant robot appears]


Princess Peach: LUIGI?!

Dimentio: The Dark Prognosticus says he's the ideal host for the power of the

          Chaos Heart. And now I'm going to add my own power to this spicy

          little concoction.

Count Bleck: No... Stop!

[Dimentio warps Bleck, Nastasia, and Tippi to another dimension]

Dimentio: Count Bleck! You looked so tattered and pathetic, I nearly forgot

          about you. I'll squeeze the life out of you later. Just wait over in

          that dimension, OK? Great.

[He goes into the robot's mouth, then it glows]

Super Dimentio: Now the Chaos Heart is mine! I will use this to destroy all

                worlds...and create perfect new ones! So, shall we get started?

                Now I have all I become the king of all worlds!

[They fight Super Dimentio, but he is invincible]

Super Dimentio: Ah ha ha ha. I am now invincible! There is nothing you can do!

                And now it is time for the destruction to begin... Let it begin

                with you, as you wallow in helplessness like upside-down

                turtles! L-POWER!

[Meanwhile, at Flopside, the entire area is shaking]

Merlon: The worlds tremble... Has the end finally come?

Nolrem: ...How unfortunate.

[The Void takes over Flopside, and two other worlds. Then, Count Bleck and the

 others are shown inside Dimentio's dimension]

Tippi: We have to do something! We have to save Mario and the others!

Count Bleck: We cannot. Without the Pure Hearts, there is no way to counter the

             Chaos Heart. All we can do is give up...

Tippi: What are you SAYING?! You promised we would find happiness together! Was

       that all just a lie?!

[He shakes his head]

Count Bleck: It was no lie... But without the Pure Hearts, all worlds are

             doomed. What can we do?

[She hits Bleck]

Tippi: Blumiere! Snap out of it! How can you think it would end here, after all

       we have suffered without each other? We found each other again because

       we stayed alive... How can you admit defeat?! I will not! I will not

       give up! You promised we'd find happiness. You PROMISED!

Voice: That's right, Count!

[Mimi and O'Chunks appear, then they walk up to him]

Count Bleck: My minions... How did you find us here?

Mimi: Gosh, I could follow your big smile anywhere, Count!

O'Chunks: Ah, she lies like a wee rug, this lass! Nastasia told us, Count! She

          said you'd come 'ere... Or... She said she FELT you'd be here...or

          somethin' along those lines.

[He turns to Nastasia]

Count Bleck: Nastasia...

O'Chunks: Talk about goin' the extra mile! She even sacrificed 'erself teh save

          yeh! Lissen, Count, I promised me life as well, an' I'm not afraid

          teh live up teh it! So... Yeh gotta let me 'elp!

Mimi: Yeah! I mean, there's no WAY Dimentio's getting away with this! He pulled

      a really dirty trick on you, but we'll always stick by your side!

Count Bleck: My... My loyal minions...

[The screen flashes and the Pure Hearts appear, regaining their power]

Count Bleck: Hmm... What's this? Pure...Hearts?! But why?

Tippi: Isn't it obvious, Blumiere? Pure Hearts are the very feelings of our

       souls. As long as we feel love, they live on!

[She flies up to the middle of them]

Tippi: I will take these to Mario!

[She takes the Pure Hearts with her. At Castle Bleck...]

Super Dimentio: Hmph... Let's stop wasting time and finish this, shall we?

Super Dimentio: Ciao!

[The screen flashes]

Super Dimentio: What?! What's going on?!

[The eight Pure Hearts surround the head of the robot]

Super Dimentio: NO! The Pure Hearts?! I thought you wasted them all fighting

                Count Bleck!

[They disable the invincibility]

Super Dimentio: What's...happening?! I'm not invincible anymore...

[The screen flashes and restores Mario and his friend's health. Tippi appears]

Tippi: Now's our chance... The Pure Hearts have given us power! Let's get him!

[Mario nods, and the final battle then commences against Super Dimentio. After

 a long and rather difficult battle, the robot begins to explode]

Super Dimentio: Urgh-GAH?!

[The body blows up, and the head falls down to the ground]

Super Dimentio: How did you do it... How could I have lost with the power of

                Luigi and the Chaos Heart... And the prophecy... Has it been


Princess Peach: I think your prophecy was wrong all along.

Bowser: You believed your prophecy, and we believed in mopping the floor with


Tippi: Nothing is decided entirely by fate, you know... All things determine

       their destinies. Good-bye now, Dimentio. We'll add a footnote to the

       prophecy about your failure.

Super Dimentio: Urrrrrrk... Unngghhhh... You think this is the end? This isn't

                finished... You can't...stop this now... You can't escape...

[The head opens its mouth]

Super Dimentio: I've been saving one last surprise... Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

                ha... Ciao!

[Luigi pops out of the mouth and the Chaos Heart escapes the head, while the

 head explodes. Luigi gets up and looks around]

Luigi: Eh... Huh? What am I doing here?

[The Chaos Heart appears, then the screen flashes and it vanishes. Bleck and

 his minions appear]

Count Bleck: So it seems the end of all worlds is really upon us...

Princess Peach: So defeating Dimentio wasn't enough to stop it?

Count Bleck: I thought the Chaos Heart would disappear if the person

             controlling it fell...

Count Bleck: Dimentio...must have left behind a shadow of his power to continue

             controlling it. It won't last long...but it may be enough to

             ensure the end of every world...

Bowser: Oh, GREAT! So what do we do now?

Count Bleck: There is only one thing left that we can do.

[He spreads out his arms and makes a huge door appear]

Count Bleck: This way!

[Everyone enters the door, then a wedding-like area is drawn out with an altar

 at the end. The place gets a blue background and everyone comes out of the big

 door. The ending of the game starts here]



Ending  [ENDG]


Luigi: Hey, I remember this place!

Count Bleck: Timpani... Do you still.. Do you still love me?

Tippi: Yes...Blumiere. Of course I do.

Count Bleck: Then you must come with me.

O'Chunks: 'Ey, Count! What're yeh doin'?!

Count Bleck: We will use the Pure Hearts again, this time to banish the Chaos

             Heart. All we need is true love... And that is something I am

             lucky enough to possess... But... With the Chaos Heart gone, the

             Pure Hearts and those linked to them... They may cease to exist...

Mimi: You mean you might go away? B-But I don't want you to go!

Count Bleck: All of this is my fault. The price is mine to pay... I do not have

             long to live anyway. But you, Timpani...

Count Bleck: It pains me to know this may cut your game short... Still... There

             is no other way to end this.

Tippi: I know, Blumiere... I know...

Count Bleck: Timpani...

Tippi: Don't say another word... As long as I am with you, nothing else


[The place rumbles]

Luigi: Agggghhhh! It's...happening!

Count Bleck: We must go, Timpani...

Tippi: Yes, Blumiere...

[They fly over to the altar, then Peach looks at Mario and he nods. The altar

 is shown]

Count Bleck: There were so many things I wanted to say to you...but I could not

             find the words.

Tippi: Oh, Blumiere... Only one thing matters to me now. I never had the chance

       to return your question... Blumiere... Do you still love me, as well?

Count Bleck: Of course... I have thought about you every moment since you

             disappeared... But I have caused you so much suffering...

Tippi: life would have been more carefree without you, that is


Count Bleck: But I had to be with you, Timpani. I will never apologize for


Tippi: I know, Blumiere. And I love you...

Count Bleck: And I love you, Timpani... Hundreds of thousands of years from

             now, that fact will not have changed...

[The screen flashes and the Pure Hearts appear, then they go into the Chaos

 Heart, banishing it]

Bowser: Everything's shaaaaaaking! Are we too late?!

[Luigi hears something]

Luigi: Wait... Can you hear that?

Mimi: I hear...bells!

Princess Peach: How lovely! The bells are giving their blessing to Tippi and


[Mario nods]

O'Chunks: Urrrrrgh...

[The screen fades out, then various worlds are shown as The Void disappears

 from the first world shown. After a couple of more scenes are shown...]

" you remember the promise we made to each other that day?"

"Yes, I remember..."

"If there was a place where we could be happy together, we would find it."

"Will you come with me to that place now?"

"Blumiere... Of course... I will always be with you..."

[The screen fades out again]





Luigi:! ...Big Bro!

[Mario awakens at Flipside, then he gets up and looks around, seeing everyone,

 including Bleck's minions]

Luigi: You awake, Bro?

[Nastasia gets up]

O'Chunks: Great leapin' bog monkeys! Nastasia, she draws breath once again,

          lads! Nastasia! 'EY! NASTASIA! Miracle o' miracles! GRA-GOOGLY-HEY-


Nastasia: ...Mmm? Um... I... I'm alive?

Princess Peach: Mario... Check it out!

[The Void disappears]

Princess Peach: The Void is closing...

Voice: Yes, it is proof that the Prophecy of Destruction has not come to be.

[Merlon walks in]

Merlon: And all worlds have been saved... The prophecy has lost its power...

        Thusly the world that was lost returns to normalcy. You have done well,

        heroes. It is all thanks to you.

[He notices Tippi is gone]

Merlon: But...where is Tippi?

[Mario explains]

Merlon: I see... So she has gone... Ah... This, too, must have been under the

        guidance of the Pure Hearts...

Princess Peach: Both Tippi and Count Bleck...gone. What could have happened to


Merlon: I shudder to think about it, but surely when the prophecy was


Nastasia: Um, no... They're alive.

Nastasia: Yeah, they're finally united. They overcame time and fulfilled their

          old vows... Somewhere, the living together with Tippi...

 And I... Yeah, I...

[She starts crying]

Nastasia: WAAAAH! C-C-C-Count! NOOOOOOOO! I... I'm all alone! What am I to do


O'Chunks: 'Ey now, me wee Nastasia... I'm believin' the count is still alive,

          too. An' if he is alive, lass, we wouldn't want to be shamin' 'im

          with blubberin'! So pull it together, 'ey?

Mimi: He's right, Nassy! We still have each other! We can still build the

      count's world! So, c'mon! Big smile!

Nastasia: Oh... O'Chunks... Mimi...

[She stops crying]

Nastasia: Y-You're right. Yeah, I can't just sob like this forever. The count

          would never have approved. We have to create the ideal world that,

          um, the count wished for in his heart... A world of love, not war.

          Yeah, let's all pencil that in. An appointment...of hope.

Merlon: Farewells are bittersweet...but as long as you live, you can never

        escape them. To feel sadness is to live...but as long as you are alive,

        the future is a blank page.

Merlon: And with that...I am hungry. I've asked Saffron to make some of her

        celebrated snacks for us. Let us heal our weariness by devouring a

        banquet of sumptuous sweets!

Bowser: Oh, yeah! THAT is a plan! Make a path!

[Everyone but Merlon leaves, then Peach stops]

Merlon: ........

Princess Peach: Merlon, what is it?

Merlon: Ah, Princess Peach... I'm thinking of Tippi... I mean, Lady Timpani...

        I wonder if she truly is happy now...

Princess Peach: Of course she is.

Merlon: Ho ho ho ho! Yes, yes. Of course.

Merlon: Well, let's have at those snacks...

[Peach nods, and they both leave. The screen fades out]

                            So the dark prophecy was

                           averted and peace reigned.

                            The Dark Prognosticus

                           again faded into history...

                           Count Blumiere and his love,

                           Lady Timpani, both vanished.

                            Where did the pair go?

                                  None know.

                            And so the story of the

                            lost book of prophecies

                                comes to an end...

                             May we meet again in

                           another time and place...

[The credits roll, and when "THE END" appears, Blumiere and Timpani are shown

 by a tree in the far distance. The game ends at this point]

"The End"



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