Super Nintendo World theme park is coming to Universal Orlando

(Image credit: Universal Studios)

The Super Nintendo World theme park is making its way stateside, Universal Studios parent company Comcast has announced.

The park will soon begin construction at Universal Studio Orlando's upcoming 'Epic Universe' attraction, WESH reports (via IGN). This should be exciting news to anyone who's been enviously watching trailers for Super Nintendo World Osaka. We're happy to report that in just a couple of short years, Nintendo fans in the states can jump into the park's interactive world without having to book a flight to Japan.

We've known of plans for Nintendo to expand the theme park to Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore, but this is the first official announcement from Comcast. The first Super Nintendo World attraction is currently under construction at Universal Studios Osaka and scheduled for a Summer 2020 launch. On top of enjoying all sorts of Nintendo-themed rides, it was recently revealed that visitors will use "Power Up Bands," which connect to an official app to "make you feel like part of the game world."

Comcast confirmed the news during their Q4 earnings call, expressing their confidence in Nintendo as a brand that could drive traffic to their parks. "I think the next big thing on the horizon is Nintendo. Nintendo, based on our research is one of the biggest potential drivers of attendance that you could have of any kind of I. P. It's up there with Harry Potter," an executive said.

Whether it's Orlando or Osaka, here are the best Switch games for you to bring with you on your trip to Super Nintendo Land.

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