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What happens when you get the Skeleton costume in Super Mario Odyssey

From clowns and mad scientists, to Luigi and Diddy Kong, there are a heck of a lot of costumes in Super Mario Odyssey - and if you don’t believe us take a look at our video of all of the Mario costumes in under 60 seconds. But there’s one that took my fancy from the very beginning - or since I unlocked it anyway - and that’s the skeleton costume.

It comes with this description that tantalisingly teases you with some hidden mechanic. It reads: 

“This skeleton costume uses cutting-edge technology to, um… Look we’re not sure how this works. But it’s cool, right?”

But what makes it even more alluring and intriguing is that it comes with the highest price tag of all the things you can buy in Super Mario Odyssey: a whopping 9999 golden coins. 

So I did it. I saved up all my hard earned coins - goodness knows where Mario stores them all - and bought it. I watched my coin count go from just shy of a grand to absolutely nothing and then I waited. 

As Mario transformed into a little skeleton, complete with full skull head (plus the space helmet he was wearing before) I thought something might happen. Yes, he looks cool, but did spending all that dosh actually give him any different powers? 

Spoiler alert. Donning your very expensive skeleton costume does absolutely nothing. Zip. Nada. All those coins for a Halloween costume. 

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