All Mario's costumes in Super Mario Odyssey in under 60 seconds

If you’re the kind of person who gets serious wardrobe envy, look away now. With a clothes collection big enough to rival Dion’s from Clueless, Mario has a look for every occasion - but getting your hands on some is somewhat tricky. Requiring a ton of Power Moons, story progression, purple coins, or gold coins, there’s a fair amount of grinding needed to own Super Mario Odyssey’s entire costume collection. But have no fear! We’ve done all the hard work for you and present all of Super Mario Odyssey’s costumes in precisely 56 seconds. 

So (and by the way, this is us listing just some of the outfits you can jump around the kingdoms in), Mario can be a samurai, clown, astronaut, cowboy, builder, painter, or merely run around starkers in his boxer shorts. Oh, plus almost every kingdom has at least one specific outfit which you’ll only be able to buy if you collect enough purple coins. While those spinning fuschia discs might look easy to find to begin with, let me tell you: finding the last couple of ones can have you ripping your hair out. Not a good look. 

These outfits aren’t just meant to make every Mario cosplay wish of yours come true either: wear the right one and you’ll be able to access a super secret area where - surprise surprise - you’ll find a Power Moon. You can change your outfit any time from the inside of the Odyssey, or use your desire to switch up your close as an excuse to visit one of the Crazy Cap shops again...and inevitably spend more coins there. Because in Super Mario Odyssey, capitalism wins. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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