Where to find the Desert Wanderer in Super Mario Odyssey

Lots of you reading this probably wouldn’t mind taking a quick holiday. Using a taxi to shuttle you from country to country, though? Probably works out as being just a *tad* expensive. That doesn’t bother the Desert Wanderer, who can be found in Super Mario Odyssey drinking in the sights and sounds of its varied and, frankly, astonishingly imaginative countries. Who wouldn’t want to visit the colourful Luncheon Kingdom, or wade through pure white sand on the Moon Kingdom? Anyway, here’s where to find the Desert Wanderer.

To start with, you’ll have to defeat the Ice boss in the Sand Kingdom. See, while he’s still around there’ll be ice blocks all around the desert, one of which has frozen a taxi. After he’s defeated this taxi will be freed up, meaning it can take the Desert Wanderer wherever he wishes. After defeating the Ice boss, run to the front of the town and you’ll see a the Desert Wanderer standing beside the taxi. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he wants to go to Metro Kingdom...so guess where you’ll find him next?

Hop on the Odyssey and journey to - yes, you guessed it! - Metro Kingdom. Defeat the kingdom’s boss (to unlock the much sunnier, more pleasant version of Metro Kingdom) and then warp to the entrance. There you’ll see the Desert Wanderer and his driver buddy chatting away. Simply hop into their conversation and you’ll hear that next our friend from the Sand Kingdom wants to go to somewhere with an amazing waterfall. 

Which means you’re heading to the Cascade Kingdom next. Once you’re there, all you have to do is run up as if you’re going towards the Cap Shop. It’s practically impossible to miss the fella by his taxi, and you know the routine by now: talk to him, and he’ll spin rhetoric about the next location on his holiday extravaganza. Sounds like his belly is rumbling, as he’s off somewhere delicious...and so are you. 

Fly to the Luncheon Kingdom (and try not to look at the clock while reading this). Warp yourself towards the central plaza and before you’re able to get close to the festival guess what will come into view? That’s right: Mr. Desert Wanderer. While the smells of the delicious stew are floating through Mario’s nostrils, have a brief catch-up with the tourist extraordinaire and then head off and up, up, up and away to the Moon Kingdom. 

Far above in the sky in the Moon Kingdom - and more importantly, to the left of the Odyssey - you’ll see a group of characters from various worlds talking about how beautiful Earth looks from so far away. Right beside them is the person who would make most travel agencies jump for joy. Once you’ve spoken to him and his taxi driver buddy, he’ll not-so-subtly imply that he wants to see mushrooms next. Like, a lot of them. 

I don’t even think I need to spell out where you go next. Once you feel Mushroom Kingdom’s lush grass below your feet, sprint to the other side of the fountain to see the familiar yellow vehicle and our maraca-shaking friend. This time the Desert Wanderer has finally sated his wanderlust and he’s heading home. Which means it’s time for you to return to…

...the Sand Kingdom! Go to the same place where you started this whole wild goose chase (in front of the town) and there you’ll see our globetrotting friend. Have one final talk with him (hold back your tears, everyone). And that’s it! Your quest is now done, and you should be about 7 Power Moons richer. Hooray!

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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