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The Suicide Squad: James Gunn tells fans “you’re gonna freak out” about John Cena's character

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James Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel, The Suicide Squad, is still a long way from hitting screens. But that hasn’t stopped us theorizing about every detail. Wrestling royalty John Cena is in the movie, and though his character remains a mystery, Gunn has reassured us that we’ll “freak out on how amazing John Cena is.”

Responding to a fan on Twitter who suggested a few characters that Cena might be playing – including Bane, Deathstroke, and Solomon Grundy – the director said: “A little late for the suggestions considering we finished filming in February, but thanks nonetheless & you’re gonna freak out on how amazing John Cena is in The Suicide Squad as the character he does play…”

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We’re not placing our bets just yet, but any of these suggestions could make for some incredible action. Cena himself has remained predictably tight-lipped when talking about his role, telling talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year,=: “I can’t confirm or deny anything about Suicide Squad. The DC people are always watching.”

Gunn’s sequel will see the return of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller and more, along with some new faces, including Taika Waititi, Idris Elba, and Storm Reid. With the movie set for 2021, we could very well get our first look at some footage in DC’s upcoming FanDome event taking place this August.

Meanwhile, David Ayer, who directed the first Suicide Squad, has been campaigning to release his own director’s cut. Ayer has said “My cut would be easy to complete. It would be incredibly cathartic for me.” What are the chances of two Squads in 2021?

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Millicent Thomas
Millicent Thomas

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