Suicide Squad actor Karen Fukuhara has her say on the Ayer Cut

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We know Zack Snyder's Justice League is coming – but what about David Ayer's Suicide Squad? There's a growing movement calling for the release of the original director's cut of the super-villain team-up movie, yet Warner Bros. has offered no update on whether such a project is in development.

Karen Fukuhara, who played Katana in Suicide Squad and appears in The Boys season 2, recently spoke at a roundtable – attended by GamesRadar+ and Total Film – about the so-called "Ayer Cut" and whether she supports the movement.

"I have seen that circulate around and I even posted one of the fan posters," she said. "It looked really legit, I thought it was real for a second, so I went on Google to make sure it wasn't out yet! I always support more Katana because I love her, but I personally have never seen the Ayer Cut and don't know what it would have been like. The original script was a little bit different. 

"It's hard to say because we all worked so hard on the movie and we had such a fun time filming it. Maybe it should be left untouched, but at the same time, I'm intrigued. It's both sides of the coin, I guess."

Earlier this year, Ayer confirmed that his cut of Suicide Squad "definitely exists" but that HBO Max are the decision-makers when it comes to its release. We already know that there were multiple scenes featuring Jared Leto's Joker and a moment when Katana would become possessed by Enchantress. 

Ayer has also revealed that Enchantress’ brother Incubus wasn’t in the original plans for the movie, with one of Steppenwolf’s Parademons instead being the Big Bad of choice for the 2016 movie, presumably as a way to tie the movie into Justice League and the DCEU-at-large. 

Fukuhara discussed the Ayer Cut while promoting The Boys season 2, which debuts on Amazon Prime this Friday, September 4. 

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