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Stunning Marvel diorama looks like that awesome scene you could never make with your own toys

Yeah yeah, Comic-Con is practically old news at this point. But in case you missed it, feast your eyes on this jam-packed diorama that showcases most of the Marvel Universe battling against Galactus. When I was ages 5-15, this is what I wanted my room to look like but could never pull it off. Now, as an aging 300-year-old, I still wish I could clear off my desk and arrange every single action figure into a battle so epic it would crack the office in half.

Above: The wide shot, with Galactus towering over a raging plastic battlefield

Above: The X-Men's Colossus charging towards Juggernaut, with Kitty Pride and Cyclops right behind

Above: Spidey leaping over Rhino is classic form. And there's Moon Knight pointing at a better super hero!

Above: Hulk utterly destroying somebody by punching them against a brick wall. Who is that, Absorbing Man?

Above: Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) leaps at an older Iron Man, recreating a moment from The Siege

Above: Yeah it's a bit blurry, but it's still hilarious to think Thing would just punch Galactus in the knee

Above: Another shot from the air. Tons of B-level characters, which is awesome. Oh and Red Hulk is stupid