Street Fighter X Tekken comes out March 6, gets special edition and new fighter teaser trailers

Just like at San Diego Comic Con, Capcom is out to make a big splash at New York City’s comic convention. Obviously that means the game publishing giant brought tons of new details for arguably its biggest upcoming game, Street Fighter X Tekken. The crossover fighter has been heavily teased over the last year, with hints to the many characters from both franchise’s that’ll be included, but today’s biggest SFXT news involved one secret finally being revealed. We now know the game goes on sale March 6 in the US, with Europe getting it March 9.

Along with the news of release date came the first talk of any preorder bonuses, all of which seem to involve in-game items called “Gems” which are used to modify fighters. They didn’t say which Gems would be offered by which retailers, but they did mention you’ll get the huge pile of Gems that are in the disparate preorder offers by buying the special edition of Street Fighter X Tekken which includes nine more exclusive Gems on top of other goodies.

You get a “Build-It-Yourself Arcade Cabinet Bank” that’s about five inches high and a prequel comic by renowned art team UDON in addition to 45 total in-game Gems. No price is mentioned yet for the massive package, but the special edition has only been confirmed for PS3 and 360, not the PS Vita and PC versions.

Capcom also released another trio of teaser trailers. While the last batch seemed very Street Fighter focused, this newest grouping looks to balance things out by emphasizing Namco’s fighters. We’re pretty sure we spotted Xiao, Paul and Mokujin for sure. Who else did you spot in these?

Oct 14, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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