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Cammy's slim physique has been translated into a multitude of action figuresand resin statues, the collecting of which is the passion of many a dedicated hobbyist. Below is a sampling of some notable Cammy-to-plastic conversions.

Source:National Console Support

Source:National Console Support

Film and TV

Cammy's appearances in film and TV are wide ranging - we'll just focus on a few of her more memorable roles. We've already seen the game version of Street Fighter: The Movie, the horrible live action flick from 1994 which cast singer/songwriter Kylie Minogue as Cammy. While Minogue has acted in a variety of films, she is not exactly known for her acting talent. She does at least look something like Cammy, which is more than can be said for some of the other character portrayals in the film.

Cammy also appears in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, as seen below in a fan-made music video. The merits of fan-made music videos aside, the footage is great, and shows off the red hooded shawl she often tosses off before fights.

Possibly the only thing worse than Cammy Minogue is from the American cartoon series, which, like Street Fighter: The Movie, is enjoyable only for nostalgic laughs and as a guilty pleasure. Below is a collection of awful scenes from the show, a few including Cammy (but watch the whole thing if you have time - it's comic gold).


While we haven't yet received any official word of Cammy's comeback in Street Fighter IV, we're fairly certain that she'll make a return. Either way, Cammy's mark has been made -she's an arcade era icon.Lovingly (and sometimes crudely)drawnCammy fanartwon't soon cease to grace the endless corridors of the Internet.

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