Street Fighter Week: The evolution of Cammy

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Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold - 1996

While Cammy doesn't have a story in Alpha 2, she does appear as a hidden character in the console version (excluding SNES). We unlocked her on the Saturn by finishing arcade mode with M. Bison, entering "CAM" on the high score list, and pressing "Start" three times with Bison selected.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - 1998

Alpha 3 represents the beginning of Cammy's story. This version of Cammy is often referred to as "Shadaloo Cammy," referencing M. Bison's crime syndicate of which she is a member. Cammy is an experimental "doll," a clone of Bison, who lacks free will. The ever-generous Dhalsim imbues her with freedom of thought, allowing her to break free of Shadaloo's control.

Before confronting M. Bison, Cammy rescues the rest of the dolls. Bison insists that she is meant to be his next body (that's what he tells all the ladies), and that without him and the Psycho drive, she will die. Instead, she escapes the Shadaloo base before it's destroyed by Chun-Li, Charlie, and Guile, and passes out - a free person with no memories of her past. It is presumably Vega who deposits her at Delta Red in England.

The art style of the Alpha series is much more Anime inspired than its predecessor, as apparent in Cammy's portrait (below).

Cammy's outfit iscompletely redesigned in the Alpha series.With her regular palette, she's wearing a blue, apparently knit, leotard, a blue hat, a yellow tie, brown boots, and has blue camo stripes painted on her legs.

A comparison ofher Alpha series and SF II sprites (left) reveals two significant changes to her stance - the positions of her arms, and the position of herhead, which is now seen in a three-quarter view as opposed to a profile. Also notice the increased bulk of her arm wear, which is a bit more "high-tech" in style.

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