Street Fighter Week: The evolution of Cammy

Beautiful, deadly, and pigtailed - Cammy is the second female character toappear in the Street Fighter series. Though perhaps not as widelyacknowledgedby the mainstream as Chun-Li, the amnesic young warrior is a fan favorite, and has left her footprint eternally in the Street Fighter series. This is her legacy.

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Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers - 1993

Cammy first appears in Super SF II as one of the four "new challengers." While her story begins in the prequel to Street Fighter II -the Alpha series -her place in the Street Fighter universe was first solidified here.

This incarnation of Cammy is generally referred to as "Delta Red" Cammy, as she is a member of the elite British special forces team of the same name. The team took her in at the end of the Alpha series, the events of which caused her to lose her memory.

She enters the second World Warrior tourney after discovering M. Bison's involvement, to whom she feels a strange connection. Bison was, in fact, her creator and former master, and claims to have planted her in Delta Red.

Petite but ripped, Cammy wears a green leotard, red beret, red gauntlets, and combat boots. Cammy's popularity was relatively unchallenged by the other new Super SF II characters, the lot of which inspired little emotion among fans. Cammy went on to have significantly more appearances than her cohorts, in and out of Street Fighter games. Her popularity can most likely be attributed to all of the following elements:

  • She's not as lame as T. Hawk.
  • She's not based on a famous boxer.

Trivia: Cammy's Thrust Kick move is known as "Cannon Spike" in Japan. Cannon Spike is also the name of a non-Street Fighter game in which Cammy appears as a playable character.

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