Street Fighter Week: The evolution of Cammy

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Massive popularity among Street Fighter fans, a relatively simple costume, and... the fact that there are more female cosplayers than male, make Cammy a common gal to spot anywhere Street Fighter fans congregate.

Above: Source unknown

Photo by:d.Chan

Photo by:mhuang

Photo by:A. Seraphin


Cammy has appeared in a variety of comics, including Cammy Gaiden (released in the US as Super Street Fighter II: Cammy by Viz), Street Fighter Alpha,UDON's latest Street Fighter series, and a many others (including a slew of unofficial "doushinji" entries).

Above: Cammy as rendered by popular Korean artist Hyung-Tae Kim in UDON's Street Fighter series

Above: "Street Fighter" volume 7, again from UDON

Above: An odd-looking Cammy from Image

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