Street Fighter movie reportedly set to be directed by two indie horror darlings

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The recently announced Street Fighter film is reportedly about to secure its directing team in Danny and Michael Philippou, the indie horror darlings behind Talk to Me.

The Philippou brothers are in "final negotiations" to direct Legendary's Street Fighter movie, according to a report from Deadline. The duo has only previously directed Talk to Me, which has garnered very positive reviews after appearing at various film festivals ahead of a wide release later this year. "Sources say the duo was able to capitalize on the buzz and heat of their movie, which has a July 28 release date, and scored a lucrative low- to mid-seven-figure deal for Fighter," according to Deadline.

Plot and casting details are still unknown, and likely still undecided. Deadline says that "conversations with a short list of writers are currently underway," so the folks at Legendary are likely still deciding what direction to take the film.

Prior to Talk to Me, Danny and Michael Philippou have primarily been known for RackaRacka, a YouTube channel built on live action horror comedy shorts. Their Wikipedia history opens with a note that they began their filmmaking careers by recording backyard wrestling matches, and I don't know what could make for a better Street Fighter pedigree than filming literal street fights.

Whenever the new film releases, it'll be the third live action Street Fighter movie. The 1994 film, simply titled Street Fighter, was critically reviled, though it's gone on to become a cult classic. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, released in 2009, got even worse reviews, and the years have not improved its reputation.

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