Street Fighter 5 1TB PS4 bundle comes with plenty of room for DLC characters

If you want to play Street Fighter 5 on console but you don't own a PS4, a team of expert bundleologists have invented the ideal product just for you. Sony announced a new PS4 bundle today which includes a physical copy of Street Fighter 5, a jet black 1TB "Ultimate Player" PS4, and a matching DualShock 4 controller. Ok, the ideal product would probably include a second controller for in-person throwdowns, but I imagine the budgetologists had something to say about that.

The new bundle will be released alongside Street Fighter 5 on February 16. The announcement was posted to the European PlayStation Blog and not its North American counterpart, though I would be surprised if it (or something like it) isn't sold on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sony also didn't specify a price point for the new bundle, but other 1TB bundles run around $399.99 / £329.99. Street Fighter 5 is the Street Fighter 5, with no plans for Ultimate/Turbo/Arcade/et cetera re-releases, so you'll want plenty of space to download years worth of DLC characters, costumes, and stages.

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