You won't have to pay for new Street Fighter 5 editions or DLC. Ever.

If you heard a great big cry of joy echoing through the atmosphere this weekend, it might have something to do with Capcom revealing that Street Fighter 5 will be the only disc you need to own. Or maybe it was the announcement of a new Street Fighter 5 character. Or it might have been that the fair is in town and those funnel cakes are delicious. I'm not really sure. Either way, it's a big change for Capcom and Street Fighter fans. Here's why:

The Street Fighter games' various editions have become almost a joke to those on the outside looking in. Super Edition. Ultra Edition. Turbo Edition. Cookie Dough Crumbles Edition. See what I mean? It's also a bit intimidating and confusing for non-enthusiasts to figure out which is the right version they need, and frustrating for competitive players since they have historically needed to pay to stay current. All that is no more. With Street Fighter 5, all balance adjustments will be released for free, and all "gameplay related content" (such as the new characters which will be released on a regular basis) will be earnable for free.

Players of Street Fighter 5 will have access to two currencies: Fight Money and Zenny. Fight Money is earned by playing the game and used to purchase post-launch content (see: new characters). Zenny is purchased using real-world money, but is otherwise used for the same purpose. Prices and earn rate of Fight Money have not been revealed, but Capcom is planning to test the economy in a beta for the game.

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Sam Prell

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