Stranger Things season 2 kicks off production with cast photo: Eleven is definitely back!

The rumors are true! Stranger Things season 2 will see the return of everyone's favourite telekinetic Eggo fan, Eleven. Thanks to a cryptic post on the show's official Twitter - alright, it's not that cryptic, just upside down - we know for certain that Millie Bobby Brown who plays the lil' ass-kicker is back. And right in the thick of it: 

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Also, another hurrah for the simple fact that season 2 has started production! From the snap above we can see a bunch of familiar faces: all the youngsters are back - the kids and the teens - as well as a couple of newbies.  

The season will include Max, a 13-year old skater girl played by Sadie Sink; Billy, Max's 17-year old step-brother played by Dacre Montgomery; and an as-yet unconfirmed actor or actress playing Roman, a mysterious outsider. The first two are sat at either end of that gigantic table and it looks like Roman is yet to be cast.  

But nevermind all that: where the heck are all the grown-ups? David Harbour confirmed he's back as Hopper, so perhaps this was just a get-together for the younger cast members?... 

Images: Netflix

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