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Stiller signs for Museum madness

As we reminded you a few weeks back, the dotted lines are currently being scribbled on for all the festive flicks heading to multiplexes for Xmas 2006.

The next candidate for your escape from a good old-fashioned family Christmas is A Night At The Museum, starring Frat Pack chairman Ben Stiller. The story focuses on a night watchman (Stiller, of course) at the Museum of Natural History in New York City who accidentally invokes a curse that brings all the bugs and animals on display to life.

The script was assembled by Herbie: Fully Loaded writers Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant, with a little help from Scott Frank (Minority Report). Shouting the odds will be Cheaper By The Dozen helmer Shawn Levy, who recently finished duties on Steve Martin’s remake of The Pink Panther.