Starfield will be a "modder's paradise," says Todd Howard

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Starfield executive producer Todd Howard reckons Starfield will be a “modder’s paradise”.

Speaking to Kinda Funny Games, Howard points to Bethesda’s history as evidence enough you’ll have plenty of freedom to turn Starfield inside and out – I mean, hey, look what the community’s done to keep things ticking for Skyrim.

“I think Starfield’s going to be a modder’s paradise,” he says. “It’s part of our DNA here – we’ve been doing it for over 20 years. Our community around that – because look, we’ve usually been classically single-player. That’s been our community, and people are still modding our games and playing them. 

“So we’re doing a lot of it, and I think one of the things I’ll call out is that it’s not just important for us to enable that, but to participate, right? To make it easy for them, to make this not just a hobby but a career. We’ve had a lot of great success there.”

It’s good that Howard is so open to modding, too, as he also reveals that Starfield doesn’t have fishing – much to the pain of MMO players everywhere, surely. In some ways, that’s not too surprising, as it took Skyrim 10 years to get an official version of the feature. Come September 6; it’ll be time for you to do your thing once more, Starfield modders.

It's not the first time Howard has spoken about Starfield mods. The Bethesda veteran first assured fans back in 2021 that Starfield would launch with full-blown mod support, much for the same reasons as Howard now lays out. 

Elsewhere, Howard reveals that Starfield will only have four main romance options.

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