How find the Starfield Mantis secret outpost and solve the puzzle

Starfield mantis secret base
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The Starfield Mantis mission can be easily missed, but if you complete the puzzle, you'll get a great ship and space suit. The reason it's easy to skip is because the quest is initiated by reading a note you can find randomly on some enemy bodies. Assuming you've got the note (you probably have, even if you don't realise it), you need to head to the Denebola system to begin uncovering the secrets of this mythical Mantis vigilante, which includes solving a puzzle to get past some turrets. Below I've got the solution to this secret outpost puzzle for the Mantis mission in Starfield and all the loot you can get.

How to start the Starfield Mantis mission

Starfield secret outpost note

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To start the mission to find the Mantis in Starfield you'll need to check your inventory for a 'Secret Outpost' note. It's dropped by the Spacer enemies, so if you haven't got it by accident just keep playing and look out for that particular enemy type. Hit a few random bases and areas on any planet until you find some Spacers and, once they're all gone, one of them will almost certainly have the note on them. 

Starfield mantis mission

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Read the note and you'll activate a mission called Mantis that directs you to Denebola I-b, in the Denebola system, which you can find here between Cheyenne and Kryx in Starfield

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When you jump to the planet you'll see a Secret Outpost landing option on the planet's surface, so land there and the outpost will be right in front of you (not so secret after all).

How to solve the Mantis outpost puzzle in Starfield

Starfield secret outpost puzzle

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When you enter the outpost you'll have to fight through a lot of Spacers to make your way down into an underground base. It's a long, battle-filled journey against a lot of high level enemies - a few in particular will likely be a much higher level than you, so take care and don't rush. Eventually you'll meet character called Livvey, ahead of a corridor you'll find with letters on the floor (shown above). There are four turrets at the end that will make extremely short work of anyone who steps on the wrong tiles. 

The solution to the Mantis outpost puzzle is in the note you can find called Sic Temper Tyrannis, because the word you need to spell is 'Tyrannis'

Starfield secret outpost Tyrannis solution

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Walk across the corridor carefully to step on the tiles that spell T Y R A N N I S as you go, and the turrets will remain silent. It's best to take it slow and really look at your feet to avoid any accidents.

You can also shoot the turrets if you can find enough cover - I managed it hiding just to the right of the gate into the letter corridor. However, how well that works for you might depend on your level when you get there as the turrets can shred even the toughest player quickly. There's also a master level computer just to the right of the gate you can hack if your Starfield lockpicking skills are high enough. 

Starfield Mantis rewards

Starfield mantis rewards

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There are four Mantis rewards you get for completing the secret outpost: 

  • Sentinel's Mantis Space Suit (legendary)
  • Armor-plated Mantis pack (legendary)
  • Mirrored Mantis Space helmet (legendary)
  • Razorleaf ship

The space suit has good stats, especially if you take this on in the early game. It also has some really good buffs that can cloak you when you crouch, reduce the weight of resources you're carrying, and add damage reduction. The pack has a range of protections against attacks and environmental damage, and the helmet has more damage protection and cloaking. The Razorleaf ship is small but powerful, and mobile for its size. It's good ship to get if you don't want to do any Starfield ship customization. Overall, all four rewards can be incredible boosts.

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