Starfield hoodie leaks ahead of showcase as more merch is expected to be revealed

(Image credit: Bethesda)

A pretty spiffy Starfield hoody appears have leaked from a Czech retailer a few hours before tonight's Starfield Direct.

The hoodie, shared by Reddit user flametwist on the game's subreddit, has appeared on CZC, a major Czech e-commerce site. It comes in navy, with white sleeves. On the chest there's a small game logo, with the game's colour scheme on the other side. That colour scheme is reflected in the logo on the right arm of the hoodie, which references Constellation, the star-faring organisation that will form the crux of the in-game narrative, and is dedicated to the expansion of our understanding of the galaxy.

Just in case you didn't catch it on the arm, the logo appears again on the back of the hoodie, but this time just in navy and white.

Flametwist claims that the hoodie is "official" in their Reddit post, although a glance at that website (translated via Google) doesn't really seem to mention Bethesda or Microsoft directly. It does list the manufacturer as 'Difuzed', a B2B merchandise company that its feasible Bethesda could be working with.

CZC lists the Starfield hoodie at 1,099 Czech crowns (around $50), with a release date of October. Pre-orders are available now. While there's been no real word on Starfield merch up until now, it's very likely that could change in the next few hours. We're also expecting to see a Starfield controller and finally get announced after multiple leaks via retailers over the last couple of weeks.

Before that, however, we'll also have the Xbox showcase, which will kick off Microsoft's efforts at E3 2023.

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