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Should you tell Hadrian about her Dad in Starfield? The UC faction questline leads you to discoveries about the Terramorphs, in which you discover that Vae Victis, aka Francois Sanon, is still alive and responsible for the Terramorph attacks. Hadrian has no idea - but you can break that illusion and tell her the truth about what's going on. Should you, though? We'll go through the consequences of both choices below and cover whether or not you should tell Hadrian about her Dad in Starfield - which we've kept as spoiler free as possible.

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Telling Hadrian about her dad in Starfield ultimately doesn't make a huge difference either way, except that keeping Vae Victis' existence a secret allows for a little extra content. If you tell Hadrian about her dad, it effectively ends the UC faction questline one mission earlier than if you kept it a secret, though the rewards for completing the UC Faction remain the same no matter what you tell her. In the final (optional) mission, there'll be another chance to choose to reveal the truth about the Terramorph attacks, meaning that you can still get a more noble outcome without losing additional content.

If you keep Vae Victis a secret, the faction missions continue the full way through, though again you'll have the chance to spoil things for him in the final mission, A Legacy Forged. If you choose not to do so even there, there'll be some minor side missions you can do as a result past the UC faction questline.

With this in mind, we suggest not telling Hadrian about her father, at least not until the Legacy Forged mission that you might otherwise miss out on. You'll be getting slightly less content and no real reward for doing so, at least that we can see - you might as well pursue this to the end.

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