Starfield fans are really happy with everything in the Direct, except maybe the Adoring Fan

Starfield screenshots
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Now that the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct are officially over, fans are starting to let everything we saw yesterday sink in. 

It's been an exciting day for Xbox and Starfield fans as we've been inundated with new game announcements and insights into Bethesda's upcoming space RPG. There's so much to unpack about Starfield, but fans are already extremely happy with what they've seen so far. A search of the Starfield subreddit has revealed several fans are just happy that their expectations were met during the showcase. 

One fan has shared a collection of screenshots from Starfield with the caption: "This looks amazing" - which says it all really. This has prompted many other fans to share their delight at what they've seen in the comments of the post. 

"Seriously, it looked f****** incredible," one user writes, "I did keep my expectations in check, but they have done more work here in a year than I thought they would even be able to. The game now looks everything like what I hoped it would." Another fan shared their emotions during the Starfield Direct revealing: "I couldn't help but tear up a bit because I was so happy," with another adding: "I'm blown away by this conference."

This looks amazing. from r/Starfield

Not everything went down this well though. If you're a long-time Bethesda fan, you're probably all too familiar with The Elder Scrolls' most annoying NPC - well the bad news is that he's back, and in Starfield. The Adoring Fan, as he's known, made an appearance during the Starfield Direct and it didn't take long for him to appear on the Starfield Subreddit. "Oh god.. Not again!" a post reads alongside a screenshot of the character in question. 

"I can't wait to read about the creative ways people kill him," one Reddit user says, to which another responded: "I'm going to shoot him out an airlock at an enemy pirate ship." Several fans have already threatened the poor guy before Starfield has even released, with many future players also admitting that they're planning to "throw him out of the airlock."

Starfield is set to release on September 6, 2023, exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC. As we also saw during the showcase, there's a number of exciting things up for grabs including the Starfield Premium Edition (which gives you five days of early access), the Starfield Collector's Edition which comes with a themed smartwatch, and the Starfield-themed controller

Find out what else we've got to look forward to with our upcoming Xbox Series X games list. 

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