How to find the Stardew Valley Bookseller

Stardew Valley bookseller
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The mysterious Stardew Valley Bookseller now descends upon Pelican Town on rare occasions to sell an inventory of books that is incredibly advantageous to players. These are not only for reading in Stardew Valley, they also directly affect the player by granting them powers, XP, and buffs. Falling under the new ‘Special Items and Powers’ inventory screen, the books being sold by the Bookseller reward players for their purchase in a variety of ways. 

With such perks and benefits on offer, you’ll no doubt be keen to track down the Bookseller. Although unlike Stardew Valley mystery boxes and their random appearances, the Bookseller keeps to a schedule as to when he makes himself available. Here’s everything you need to know in Stardew Valley about where to find him, what books he has on offer, and what you’ll need to acquire them. 

Who is the Stardew Valley Bookseller? 

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The Bookseller, also known as Marcello, is a NPC who has joined Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town in the 1.6 update. Unsurprisingly, he sells books at his stall, but you won’t always find him there. The most important thing to know about the Bookseller is that he only comes to town twice per season.

To find the specific dates that he’ll appear, head to Pierre’s General Store and check out the community calendar on the noticeboard outside. His visit is symbolised by a blue hot air balloon. As well as being able to see when the Bookseller is due to appear in town, on the morning of the blessed day, players are greeted with a dialogue box stating, “The Bookseller is in town today.”

Where to find the Stardew Valley Bookseller? 

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The Stardew Valley Bookseller can be found on the northeast side of Pelican Town. Specifically, you’ll find him located just north of the Joja Mart. To find his stall, simply ascend the stairs found embedded in the hillside above the Mart.

Stardew Valley bookseller location

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On any day when the Bookseller isn’t in town, you will find an empty stall. But, if the Bookseller is in town, you’ll find his stall brimming with books available to purchase and a whimsical hot air balloon by which he arrived into town. 

You’ll be able to purchase a variety of books from Marcello, which will enhance various skills as well as upgrading your character. For example, Bait and Bobber will help gain fishing XP, Book of Stars will gain XP across all skills, and Horse: The Book will gain you extra speed when riding a horse. Once XP is filled across Stardew Valley’s five skills, reading these books will earn players Mastery Points under the new mastery system. 

Be aware though that with such power on offer, the books come with hefty price tags. You’ll need to save up your gold before visiting Marcello as his prices range between 3,000 to 30,000. Books can also be traded for rare items, but choose carefully whether the retail price is worth the swap. 

The books Marcello has on offer are random and will change each time he appears. So, if you’ve got your eye on a specific title, you may have to wait for a later date to secure it. There are sometimes alternative ways to acquire books such as finding them in golden mystery boxes, but some of them are exclusive to the Bookseller.

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