Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans are all making the same joke about two missing characters

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor got a new trailer at The Game Awards last night, and fans are all making the same joke about a few missing characters.

At the end of Fallen Order, protagonist Cal Kestis blasts off with his team of misfits. As well as perennially-adorable BD-1, Cal's new crew is made up of former Jedi Cere, pilot Greez, and Night Sister Merrin. It's a rogue's gallery, but it's a nice little found family.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, however, fast-forwards five years, and it seems that that family is splintered. We meet Cere, but it seems like she and Cal haven't seen each other in some time. We see Cal, not Greez, piloting the Mantis, with no-one in the passenger seat. Neither Greez nor Merrin appear in the trailer at all, seemingly replaced by another, more roguishly Solo-esque figure who aids Cal directly in combat. 

Those absences have the game's community worried, but they're all expressing that concern with exactly the same meme. At the end of Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader is complete, he's raised from the operating table to ask Emperor Palpatine about the fate of his wife; "Where is Padme? Is she safe? Is she alright?" It's that moment that Jedi fans have latched onto over on Reddit:

While the grizzled version of Cal revealed earlier this week suggests that it's been a rough few years for the Jedi Knight, I'd be surprised if Greez and Merrin had been wiped out off camera. It makes sense for this family to have splintered, but shattering it completely would be a harsh fate, especially given that they seem to be together in an upcoming book.

The new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay trailer also confirmed a leaked release date, revealing that the game will launch in March 2023. That means we won't have too long to wait to determine the fate of the Mantis crew.

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