Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge toys, clothing, and merch inspired by the Disney parks are coming this August

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge toys, clothing, and merch inspired by the Disney parks are coming this August
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Hot on the heels of the wildly successful Star Wars: The Clone Wars Black Series figures (that sold out in minutes), new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge toys have been announced. Inspired by the Disneyland / Walt Disney World parks, these ones are exclusive to Target and depict everything from the Smuggler's Run Millennium Falcon ride to a Lego Rise of the Resistance set. You can even get a Black Series DJ R-3X figure, based on the droid found in the park's cantina and on Star Tours a few years before that.

These Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge toys - due to launch August 30, 2020 - are heavily inspired by the Disney park experience, with a focus on the rides you can find in the themed land. For example, the Millennium Falcon set - which costs a hefty $400 - is based on the Smuggler's Run ride that lets you take control of the iconic hunk of junk. Meanwhile, the Rise of the Resistance Lego set depicts the immersive ride of the same name, complete with park and novel character Vi Moradi. 

There's even a remote-controlled BB droid, much like the ones you can build at the Galaxy's Edge park (accompanied by a static but no less cool Funko figure). We can't imagine any of these will be available for long, so if you want to grab the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge toys for yourself, you'll need to move fast. A few are already sold out, for instance.

Missed the boat? Hopefully these will come back into stock. We'll keep an eye out and update this page as and when stock appears, and also if the items become available elsewhere.

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