Star Wars' Daisy Ridley may go from scavenger to raider in Tomb Raider reboot

Looks like Rey might be stepping up from a scavenger to a raider. After Daisy Ridley was flung from relative obscurity to a headlining role in arguably the biggest movie saga ever she's now in the running to revive a dormant cinematic franchise. Prepare yourself for the possibility of greatness. According to Deadline, Ridley is being considered for the role of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot.

Before we get too overexcited and start cranking out Tomb Rey-der GIFs, which is tough I know, we must remember that at this stage it's very, very early days. It's so early that Warner Bros. and MGM confirm no official talks have yet to take place. Ridley is just one of several actresses on a list of potential contenders for the part. Regardless of how cautious we should be, it's still exciting to know that the studio is looking at new talent for the role.

Roar Uthaug (who directed one of our FrightFest highlights, The Wave) directs the upcoming movie and plans to make it a "modern action movie" in the same vein as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Can't grumble there. Transformers 5 writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet is working out a script that's said to be inspired by the 2013 game reboot and its 2015 sequel to focus on Lara's early adventures. So, modern action, a younger Lara... sounds to me like Ridley's the perfect fit.

Images: Disney, Warner Bros.

Gem Seddon

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