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Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star DLC will blow this thing and go home on Sept. 20

Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star DLC will arrive on Tuesday, September 20. EA and DICE shared the release date for the third, and definitely coolest, expansion along with the spiffy new trailer above. It mixes some pre-rendered scenes with actual gameplay to get you appropriately geeked out for recreating the most beloved action scene in cinematic history with dozens of other players. Or, if you're an Imperial, trying to prevent said moment from happening. Downer.

We already know how the Death Star expansion's new three-part Battle Station mode will work. The only question that remains is how the game will prevent every single Rebel from swarming into the trench to live their childhood fantasies of blowing up the Death Star. Some things just activate you on an instinctual level, you know?

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Connor Sheridan
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