Here's how Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star mode will work

You didn't think you could take down the Death Star in just one round, did you? EA and DICE have published a full outline of the brand new Battle Station mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront in its Death Star expansion: each match is a three-part mini-campaign of space combat, boarding action, and a final desperate push to destroy the world-ending weapon. 

The first phase sets a team of Rebels against Imperials in a space battle around a massive Star Destroyer - presumably it's guarding the Death Star, or maybe it just looked at Admiral Ackbar funny. Rebels pilot X-wings and A-wings to clear the way for a detachment of Y-wing bombers as Imperial players (and bots) fight back in TIE fighters and interceptors. If the Y-wings manage to make their bombing run, the Rebels do the old Walker Assault routine and attack weak points until the Star Destroyer blows up.

Rebels board the Death Star and attempt to extract a VID (Very Important Droid) in phase 2. Charge through the space station's iconic interiors as you try to secure the droid / repel the Rebel invaders, and try out the new Rebel hero Chewbecca and Imperial hero Bossk (you know, the lizard guy). After all that work, Phase 3 should be obvious: Rebels try to blow up the Death Star from outside the non-moon, and Imperials try to stop them. That includes taking control of Red-5 himself, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced.

Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star expansion will be released some time in September. After that, PlayStation VR owners can play the exclusive Rogue One tie-in VR mission, while the dedicated Rogue One: Scarif expansion will be released alongside the film in December.

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