The Star Wars Battlefront VR mission will tie into Rogue One, and it's free

Star Wars Battlefront (opens in new tab) will be getting a PlayStation VR (opens in new tab)-compatible mission when the headset launches later this year, and it should be of particular interest to anyone who wants to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (opens in new tab) in theaters.

The mission, EA revealed at Gamescom 2016 (opens in new tab), will tie directly into the upcoming film. You'll pilot an X-Wing in the depths of space as you fight to help Jyn Erso and her team complete their mission to steal the Death Star's plans. As for whether or not you'll tangle with the Death Star itself, the publisher is being coy.

The mission will be developed by Burnout studio Criterion, and will be free to download. If you want more side-story goodness, Battlefront will also get the Rogue One: Scarif update this holiday season.

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Sam Prell

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