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Star Wars Battlefront's teasing a new hero. Who do you want to see?

You'll spend most of your time in Star Wars Battlefront as Rebel Soldier #8 or Storm Trooper #14, but you do get to play as familiar Heroes and Villains in certain circumstances. Now EA is teasing the upcoming reveal of its next charismatic combatant, who will enter the battlefield along with Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Luke Skywalker.

Since we've got two Villains and one Hero in the confirmed group, it stands to reason that the next character will be a good guy or gal. That doesn't mean they'll be another goody-two-shoes, though - the most obvious pick is Han Solo. The quick-witted scoundrel is great in a tight spot, but then again, his raw martial prowess may not measure up to the galaxy's best bounty hunter, a Sith Lord, and a Jedi Knight.

We know that Battlefront will stick to the events of the original Star Wars trilogy (and slightly afterward, for the free Battle of Jakku DLC) so the next character probably won't be Mace Windu or Poe Dameron. Bearing all that in mind, who do you want to see from some of the most likely and/or amusing suspects?

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