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Star Wars Battlefront is literally made from the movies

When Star Wars: Battlefront arrives this November, you can bet your best Corellian corvette that DICE's saga shooter will be aiming for the most authentic Star Wars experience yet.

In fact, it's gone as far scanning actual props from the original trilogy in order to capture the look, feel and atmosphere of George Lucas' Force-powered universe (which should add an extra edge to Star Wars: Battlefront's single player missions, too). In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, the Swedish studio reveals how it uses a technique called photogrammetry, which involves photographing an object from every angle before linking them all together on a 3D virtual model. With DICE confirming Star Wars: Battlefront will include 40-player battles across four iconic locates, this new method will certainly help every nook and cranny feel lived in.

That desire for ultra authenticity stretches to the soundscape as well, with DICE being granted access to the original film recordings. "That's like handing the Mona Lisa to somebody," says design director Niklas Fegraeus in an interview with OXM. "Our guys couldn't stop laughing!" So with the power Dolby's Atmos tech, DICE are able to make once flat effects form a, "bubble," of ambient noise. Considering characters such as Darth Vader and Boba Fett will be available in Star: Wars Battlefront as power-ups during matches, these extra touches will make the it all the more authentic.

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