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Star Wars Battlefront hits Xbox One 5 days early with EA Access

EA Access subscribers can start playing Star Wars Battlefront (opens in new tab) five days early on Xbox One, leaving everyone else to let the hate flow through them. Microsoft announced the November 12 date for EA's Xbox-One-exclusive subscription program on Twitter today, along with several other games.

PC and PS4 players, as well as Xbox One players who don't subscribe to EA Access, can start playing on November 17. It's a particularly odd setup, since Battlefront has gone all-in with PS4-branded advertising (opens in new tab), but I guess this is what happens when Sony turns its nose up at publisher-exclusive subscription programs.

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Microsoft also confirmed that EA Access subscribers will get to play NBA Live 16 on September 24 (so today) instead of September 29, and Need for Speed on October 29 instead of November 3. They'll get Battlefield Hardline free (opens in new tab) as a new addition to the EA Access Vault in October, too.

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