Star Trek flies to 2009

The plot features some tinkering with time, so it seems somehow appropriate that JJ Abrams’ new take on Star Trek should fall through its own release wormhole, shifting from this coming Christmas to next May.

That’s the US release plan, of course – though given that the original UK date was within a day of the American schedule, chances are we’ll see a similarly close summer outing for Kirk and company.

Variety’s story indicates that studio bods think this will give the film a better chance at box office success – which is surely a thumbs up for the fledging franchise. As the trade mag mentions, this is likely just the first in a major reshuffle of next year’s movies following the end of the writers’ strike. Oh, and that sound you hear is a hundred effects technicians breathing a sigh of release that they have more time to finish all the visuals.

Source: ( Variety )