Star Ocean 2 Cheats

Star Ocean 2 Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by Brian

    Easy Money

    First save. Then, use Reverse Side until you get a stock certificate. If you get a bounced check load your game or sell it quick! Once you have a stock certificate duplicate until you have 20. Next, Save as close as you can to the next minute. Once you get your cash load. The second will be the same, but you will still have your cash! Repeat as many times as wanted.

  • PS1 | Submitted by anabolic68

    Double level up trick

    Use super specialty skill reverse side until you get a forged medal, then reproduce it until you have many. Equip dream bracelet on character you want to level up, then use a forged medal on them, then de-equip the dream bracelet. In your next battle you will gain 2 levels instead of only one ^_^.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Jamie Le

    Easy Way To Level Up

    When you reach the second planet (Nede) find the town called Fun City. Pay to get in and go to the top left of the screen and enter the tournament choose survival mode and battle until you die (Note: You don' actually die). As you get defeat the enemies they get harder.
    As you get stronger you can defeat harder enemies. Some enemies can give you over 50,000 experience!! You'll level up very fast!!

  • PS1 | Submitted by nnnoooo

    Code for priest statue in castle at the end of disk 1

    The code for the priest is A-P-O-C-A

  • PS1 | Submitted by Silent Bear

    Easy Lv. Up

    This is a really over-used code considering the draw backs, but... WARNING: This cheat lowers the ENTIRE party's KJD (Emotional points) toward each other! Reverse side lowers the KJD every use! This cheat requires a Dream Bracelet and somewhere you can buy Vellum Paper.
    1. Learn Reverse Side
    2. Buy Vellum Paper
    3. Save!! Then enter a town or village that has a shop near the entrance and enter it.(Just in case)
    4. Use Reverse Side until you get a Fake Metal (If you get anything else, I'd reload the file to preserve the KJD at least somewhat, but if you want to keep the stuff, and get a bounced check, you can sell it immediately to the shop keeper). DON'T USE IT YET!!! Next, reproduce it with the copy skill multiple times so you can lv. up your characters to lv. 99! DON'T USE IT YET!!! Then, place a Dream Bracelet on the character you want to level up. Now you can use the Forged Medal, which will raise the character's (Let's pretend it's Ashton) EXP until they only need 1 to Lv. up.
    5. Leave the town and enter a battle, after which Ashton will level up and say something weird.
    6. Go to the status screen and you will then note, with either surprise or joy, that the EXP. meter now reads 0 EXP needed.
    7. Enter another battle and Ashton will level up again and yet again say something weird (like 'I'm a little embarrassed.. ::mutters:: weirdo..). You can now take the Dream Bracelet off and stick it on someone else. Ashton will now be two levels higher, and it only took two battles! Yay. NOTE: this cheat only works up 'til Lv. 99. After that, you'll have to go goof around in the hidden dungeon that is mentioned in some of the above cheats.