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Spring Breakers trailer arrives: watch now

Spring Breakers has finally released a trailer online, and naturally it shows off its bevy of lead actresses having fun on their college hiatus.

Things aren’t as bright and carefree as you might have expected though, given the hue of the bikinis seen in the promotional shots.

As well as the girls' bound-to-end-badly dalliance with James Franco’s Alien (a performance that could be one of the most divisive of the year), there’s an ominous tone that pervades the trailer, suggesting this won’t be a free-for-all frolic.

It’s hard to tell at this point if it’ll be a trash classic or misfiring dud, but if it’s a hit, it could dramatically alter the big-screen clout of former Disney stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez.

Check out the Spring Breakers trailer now:

Directed by Harmony Korine, the film opens in the UK on 5 April 2013. We’ll definitely be catching it when it comes out. For the cinematography, of course.