Splashy DOA Xtreme 2 videos

We've got new footage from Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2, the suntanned sequel to Xbox's 'vacation simulator." Check the movies tab above to watch the two main events- volleyball and jet-skiing -as well as looks at four of thebutton-mashing minigames.

The volleyball could be mistaken as being taken from the first game - right down to having the same speech and animation (although the motion of hair and the DOA girls' more prominent assets have seen some attention) - but this is the first time the new jet-skiing event has been shown off with actual gameplay footage.

Four minor minigames round out the DOAX2 schedule - a button-mashing beach sprint, an extended version of the first game's pool-hopping, a tug-of-war and a bun-fight-by-the-pool game, which is as close as the fighting gals get to actually squaring off. (Consider our hopes for a DOA4-engined pillow fight with a deep combo and counter systemofficially dashed.) The game's on track for a release in time for the holidays.

September 7, 2006