Spider-Woman updates her classic Marie Severin duds with artist Pere Pérez

art from Spider-Woman #11
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Following Wednesday's announcement that April's Spider-Woman #11 will return Jessica Drew to a version of her classic Marie Severin-designed costume, the publisher has released a look at a variant cover for the issue by series artist Pere Pérez, showing off his tweaks to the classic look.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Additionally, Marvel has offered up a look at Pérez's design sheet for the updated costume, and a page of interior art from Spider-Woman #11.

"One thing I've been wanting to do for some time now has been adding my personal touch to a Marvel character, which I've been able to do now with this classic Spider-Woman costume update," states Pérez in the announcement. "It feels great to be a part of the legacy of creators who help shape the characters all of us love and enjoy."

"Aside from what you can see as the costume redesign, we have also included several surprise functional modifications that will also help to give a new fresh twist to Jessica Drew's heroic abilities," he adds. "Hopefully we are keeping the classic spirit of the character and also making the readers enjoy her adventures in a way they haven't before."

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Along with the new look at Pérez's Spider-Woman art, Marvel has announced that the artist has signed on for an exclusive contract.

"I'm very happy about my exclusive with Marvel. Since I began working here, I've had nothing but fun, good working experiences, and the chance to work with some of my favorite characters," Pérez states. 

"Working with this team of editors and creators working on Spider-Woman is probably the best working experience in my career. The editors are not only giving us a huge amount of creative freedom, but also encouraging us to push things further."

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"I can't say anything but good things about the immensely talented Karla Pacheco and Frankie D'Armata. I'll just say I am very lucky to be a part of this team."

Spider-Woman #11 is due out in April. Watch for Marvel's full April 2021 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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Just over one year after debuting a new costume, Spider-Woman is going to the back of her closet and is returning to her classic '70s duds.

Marvel has announced that, beginning in April's Spider-Woman #11, Jessica Drew will be reverting back to her original costume designed by her co-creator Marie Severin - albeit with some few tweaks by series artist Pere Perez.

The 2019 Dave Johnson redesign on a Spider-Woman #1 variant cover (Image credit: Junggeun Yoon (Marvel Comics))

"In Issue 11 we see Jess setting aside her latest suit (for now), and gearing up once again in the iconic red and yellow costume - albeit with a few new touches and some surprises - courtesy of the always inventive Pere Perez," series writer Karla Pacheco says in the announcement. 

"She's safely home and ready to resume her life with Gerry and Roger...but of course nothing is that simple for the one and only Spider-Woman. We're launching Jess directly into another over-the-top story, featuring incredible new villains, unbelievable action from Pere, and of course, me ripping everyone's hearts again as I chortle with evil glee."

Marvel has redesigned Spider-Woman on several occasions - including a 2014 Kris Anka design, and the aforementioned 2019 Dave Johnson design - but the classic hourglass design is seemingly timeless.

The classic Marie Severin design (with some tweaks by Pere Perez) for Spider-Woman #11's cover. (Image credit: Junggeun Yoon (Marvel Comics))

"We've taken Jessica Drew through a gut-wrenching, action-packed wringer these past 10 issues, and we aren't letting up as we head into our next adventure!" Pacheco says of the upcoming arc. "With the mysteries of Wundagore behind her, Jess is finally feeling like herself again, and longing to get back to a 'normal' life. But what exactly IS normal for Spider-Woman?"

Spider-Woman #11 goes on sale in April. Look for Marvel's full April 2021 solicitations next week on Newsarama.

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