Spider-Man Remastered has a new Easter egg for the low-poly boat people

Spider-Man Remastered boat person
(Image credit: Insomniac Games/SenoirTaco)

Spider-Man Remastered pays tribute to some of the most-loved NYC denizens of the first game: the unnerving yet noble boat people.

While Spider-Man was plenty beautiful even in its PS4 days, the boat people became something of an idiosyncratic mascot for the game, in honor of the sacrifice they made to the twin ideals of performance and optimization. Clearly, Insomniac games didn't expect most players to head out onto the water far enough to get a good look at them (especially since there aren't any buildings to swing on out there).

Boat people love in the ps5 remaster from r/SpidermanPS4

But players did head out that far, and they loved the low-poly oddballs they found sailing the chilly waters out there. And when SenoirTaco went to visit the boat people again, they found one wearing a sticky note that says, "Did you miss us? <3" Insomniac Games never forgot about the boat people, and neither did we.

Spider-Man PS4 Easter eggs were already chockablock throughout the game's virtual recreation of New York City, and it looks like we have even more to look out for now. Insomniac Games also added new suits to find in the game - including the tokusatsu-inspired Arachnid Rider - but they'll also come to PS4 later on. They aren't available in the PS4 version right now, but they'll be on the way eventually.

The only way to get a copy of Spider-Man Remastered right now is to pick up a copy of Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition. It's possible that Sony and Insomniac will start selling it separately in the future, but for the time being, that's your only ticket to seeing the remastered people of the boat.

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