How to unlock the Spider-Man Miles Morales Spider-Cat suit

Spider-Man Miles Morales Cat suit
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The Spider-Man Miles Morales cat suit lets you fight crime with the Bodega cat you might have already met. Obviously that makes it the best suit in the game because who doesn't want a spider-cat buddy complete with mask. it even unlocked some special finishing moves where it leaps from the backpack to swipe at enemies as well. 

However, this isn't an easy get though as you'll have to finish the game first even though you meet Spider-cat much earlier. So here's what you need to do to unlock the Spider-Man Miles Morales Spider-Cat suit. 

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1. Complete the mission Looters!!!

Spider-man miles morales Looters mission

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After you complete the train mission for Uncle Aaron and destroy all the bombs, you'll unlock a side mission called Looters!!! in Harlem. This will eventually introduce you to Spider-Cat once you've rescued him. Head to the marker to find Teo's Grocery/Bodega, where Teo will tell you he was robbed and the thieves took the Cat. 

Head to the new marker that now appears and play through the mission. You'll need to battle a few waves of thugs and get the power back on, after they tried to turn it off. Once everyone's defeated and you've saved the day, you'll meet Spider-Cat in the fur. 

Spider-man miles morales spider-cat

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2. Finish the game to finally unlock the Spider-Cat suit

Spider-man miles morales spider cat

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You'll have to roll credits on the rest of the game before you can get the cat as a buddy. That will unlock another side mission called The Cat's Pajamas, marked at Teo's Store. Head over there and you'll be able to finally pick up Spider-Cat and unlock the Bodega Cat suit. Not only will your new friend pop out of the bag to take in the sights as you swing around, but he'll also throw a claw in whenever you perform a finisher. Good cat.  

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