Amazing Spider-Man goes "beyond" weekly in December with five regular issues and a Miles Morales tie-in

Marvel Comics December 2021 solicitations
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We've known for some time that Peter Parker will be out of the picture when Ben Reilly takes over as the main hero of Amazing Spider-Man in the upcoming 'Spider-Man Beyond' era, but Marvel's just-released solicitations for the publisher's December Spider-Man titles shed some new light on Peter Parker's fate - and it may not be as bad as previously implied.

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Though previous teasers for 'Spider-Man Beyond' have shown Peter in critical condition, possibly dying, it seems he'll be on the mend by December - although whatever's wrong with him can't be solved by "conventional means," according to Marvel's announcement. 

It all unfolds in December's six ... count 'em, six ... Spider-Man issues, including five issues of Amazing Spider-Man, and one issue of Miles Morales: Spider-Man.

First up, December 1's Amazing Spider-Man #80.Bey (as in Beyond, sorry Beyonce fans) from writer Cody Ziglar and artist Ivan Fiorelli has Aunt May searching for a way to cure Peter Parker's "ailments" through super-science - by reconnecting with her ex-fiance/Peter's arch-enemy Doctor Octopus.

Also on December 1, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #33 from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Michele Bandini will tie into the following week's Amazing Spider-Man issue, starting a confrontation between Miles, Ben Reilly, and the Beyond Corporation.

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Then, December 8's Amazing Spider-Man #81 from Ahmed and artist Carlos Gomez fulfills Marvel's previous tease of Miles Morales vs. Ben Reilly and picks up right after December's issue of Miles Morales: Spider-Man. In Amazing #81, the Beyond Corporation sends Ben to capture Miles in order to stop him from using the name Spider-Man - which they've apparently trademarked.

Up next in December 15's Amazing Spider-Man #82 from Ahmed and artist Jorge Fornes, Mary Jane Watson uncovers a mystery in the hospital where Peter is recovering, with the pair - including a convalescent Peter Parker - have to figure out why people are disappearing from the medical center.

Following that, December 22's Amazing Spider-Man #83 from writer/artist Patrick Gleason is billed as "one of the biggest Spider-Man moments in decades," with the "Web-Head" (Marvel doesn't specify whether they mean Ben or Peter, but that sure looks like Peter on the cover) facing off against "unbeatable odds."

Finally, December 29's Amazing Spider-Man #84 brings writer Cody Ziglar back into the mix alongside artist Paco Medina to put Ben Reilly in the sights of Doctor Octopus. Interestingly, the pair initially crossed paths in Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, in which Reilly was operating as the villainous Jackal, and even provided Doc Ock with a new, extra powerful body.

Here's a gallery of all the covers for December's Spider-Man titles:

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