Speed up your storage on Prime Day with these cheap external SSD deals

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As the size of games continues to increase, it's more important than ever to add extra space to our PCs or consoles, and thanks to these cheap external SSD deals there's never been a better time to bolt on some fast storage. The plug and play simplicity of adding an external drive to current and next-gen consoles makes expanding a breeze, and these Amazon Prime Day gaming deals take in our favourite external SSD drives from Samsung and Western Digital, plus other excellent offerings from SanDisk and Sabrent to meet all needs and tastes.

Of course, there are plenty of choices available for additional storage, with standard external hard drives being the cheaper option, but as we move towards the next generation of consoles with PS5 and Xbox Series X the extra speed provided by SSDs will be increasingly important for performance. Previously SSDs were considered a luxury and prohibitively expensive for most users, but progress in the tech has started bringing the price down and these Amazon Prime Day deals on external SSDs means you're getting even more bang-for-buck on rapid storage space.

We start with the Samsung T7 Portable, which is one of our favourite external SSDs and features in both our PS4 external hard drive and Xbox One external hard drive buying guides. These solid and reliable drives start at £87.99 for 500GB, or you can boost up to 1TB for £157.99.

The WD My Passport Go series offers a great and affordable way to get into the world of external SSDs, including a drop-resistant case to protect it from any accidental bumps along the way. Starting at just £59.99 for 500GB, you can also get 1TB for £99.99 or 2TB for £199.99 - it's rare to find a 1TB SSD for under £100, so this is an absolute steal.

If you plan to take your external SSD on the move, then the SanDisk Extreme Portable offers rugged protection against anything you can throw at it. With options of 500GB for £69.99, 1TB for £109.99, or 2TB for £209.99, you can transport your data anywhere without risk of damaging your drive.

For the ultimate in tiny transportable drives, the Sabrent Rocket Nano offers portable SSD speeds in a small package. At £119.99 for 1TB of space, this 7cm wonder can easily be stored anywhere, and its lightweight form means you'll barely know you have it with you.

If portability and protection from the elements are more important to you than speed, then we've also included the G-Technology ArmorATD Rugged range. This standard external HDD doesn't have the same zip as an SSD, but with up to 5TB of storage space for just £119.99 it's an excellent alternative for back up or transporting large amounts of data.


Samsung T7 Portable (500GB) | £99 £87.99 at Amazon UK
We are big fans of Samsung's T-series portable SSDs - they are easily some of the best going, all things considered. This is a superb price for one too, and they work with all consoles as well as traditional PC use. You can also get the 1TB version for £157.99 right now, and the same drives but in red are available for also £87.99 (500GB) and £157.99 (1TB) too if that's your preference.


SanDisk Extreme Portable (500GB) | £90 £69.99 at Amazon UK
This rugged portable SSD is not only shock-resistant, but it's also rated as water and dust resistant, plus the built-in eyelet means you can attach it anywhere while on the go. If you want even more storage space, you can get the 1TB version for £109.99 or 2TB for £209.99 - which is well over £100 off.


WD My Passport Go (500GB) | £80 £59.99 at Amazon UK
Western Digital drives always rate highly on our recommended lists, and the My Passport Go series provides an excellent entry level to portable SSDs. For more space, pick up the 1TB version for £99.99 or 2TB for £199.99, and if you prefer amber trim to cobalt then those are also available for £69.99 (500GB), £99.99 (1TB), or £199.99 (2TB).


Sabrent Rocket Nano (1TB) | £200 £119.99 at Amazon UK
If you're looking for an SSD with ultimate portability then the Sabrent Rocket Nano delivers as it's seriously tiny, being only 7cm long and weighing in at just 180g! It's available in black or for the same price of £119.99 in silver, just remember where you put it down or you may not find it again.

If you're less focused on speed and looking for something spacious, fuss free, and rugged, then these external HDDs are right up your street...


G-Technology ArmorATD Rugged (5TB) | £200 £119.99 at Amazon UK
Five whole terabytes of storage for just £120! That's immensely good value from a pound-to-terabyte point of view, but it also comes in the form of a tough, rugged, water-resistant, and shock-proof hard drive. Excellent stuff this. Other capacities are discounted too: the 4TB is £109.99, the 2TB is £74.99, and the 1TB is £59.99.

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