How to find Mr. Hankey in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Mr. Hankey is one of South Park's oldest and most beloved characters. The talking pile of feces immediately showcased the type of humor Matt Stone and Trey Parker were going for early in the series - he debuted way back in season one, episode 9. Mr. Hankey is just an Easter egg / cameo in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, though he's still an excellent selfie partner. Here's how to find him.

First, make sure you have the Sandblaster buddy power. You'll need it to solve the puzzle waiting for you. Next, head to the South Park Community Center. Go up and to the left to enter the women's bathroom. Grab the trash can near the sinks and move it out of the way. Punch the wall to break through and reveal a pipe you can scan to interact with.

Select the Sandblaster buddy ability to call in Toolshed, who plugs his power tool into your butt. Increase your fart strength to the correct amount and you'll unclog the nearby toilet. You'll know because a giant splatter of poop will go flying up and start leaking out of the stall.

Open the door to find Mr. Hankey himself. He's grateful you've removed the turd that was blocking his path, and wants to take a selfie with you. Other than a simple Easter egg, taking a selfie with Mr. Hankey will increase your Coonstagram follower count, which will help if you're still trying to earn the title of "Master" of social media.

Just make sure to wash your hands after the picture.

Sam Prell

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